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A KG Giveaway To Take You Into The Madness

The Big Ticket with UCLA, signing things like a madman.

adidas Madclima RDby Chris O’Leary

With March Madness looming, adidas has gone an interesting route on their college campaign this year. The stripes took four of their players who went to the NBA straight out of high school (Kevin Garnett, Dwight Howard, Tracy McGrady and Josh Smith) and had them each do something with a different NCAA program.

You can check out the videos below and wonder about what might have been, like KG playing at UCLA, T-Mac (who’s looking out of shape in the ad) with Louisville, Dwight Howard at Kansas or Josh Smith at Pitt.

Adidas is also breaking out a new shoe for March Madness, called the Mad Clima. Quickly, some specs on the shoe from adidas:

• ClimaCool upper and midsole for 360 degree cooling and ventilation
• Inserted mesh lining provides enhanced breathability
• Custom colors and logo styles for UCLA, Kansas, Louisville
• Additional non-logo Mad Clima footwear available in multiple colors
• Full patent uppers

In addition to the sneakers, team related product is hitting stores as well in replica jerseys and t-shirts. You can also pick all of this stuff up at adi’s online store.

Finally, the giveaway. We’ve got a UCLA package for you, with shoes and a jersey signed by Kevin Garnett. Since adidas is big on the brotherhood angle, I want to hear about your all-time favorite brotherhood moment from the NCAA tourney. Leave your answers in the comments below, and we’ll leave it open through the weekend, with the post closing at midnight, Eastern time Sunday night (or Monday morning, technically).

Enjoy the vids.

adidas UCLA Bounce Commander

adidas Louisville Bounce Commander

adidas Kansas Bounce Commander

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  • Ken

    Those Kansas kicks are hot.

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ TADOne

    My brotherhood moment would have to be Loyola Marymount and Bo Kimble after Hank Gathers passed away during their conference tourney. Playing on the emotion of Gathers memory, the team made it all the way to the Elite Eight before succumbing to eventual champs UNLV. I especially loved Kimble shooting freethrows left handed in honor of Hank.

  • http://www.mashon.com Miki Reynolds

    UCLA = brotherhood.

    The year was 2006…
    UCLA vs. Gonzaga…
    17 point defecit…
    UCLA comeback victory…

    UCLA = brotherhood.

    Icing on the cake was Arron Afflalo displaying the character and poise of true Bruin, by offering a hand to a defeated Adam Morrison.

    UCLA = brotherhood.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Justin Walsh

    I’m jealous of this contest. Whoever wins is lucky as hell.

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Eboy

    I’d give it to TAD already. Good call, kid.

  • underdog

    Selling basketball related products with T-Mac is not really … suitable nowadays.

  • Tyler Whitcomb

    The year Michigan got the Fab 5 and went to Championship and eventhough they lost to Duke in the championship, damn 5 starting freshmen bring there team to the Championship. The hype was unbelievable.This team went on to be remembered for alot of things. The baggy shorts, the Sweet Nike shoes, and the Black Nike socks. This team got me into basketball and made me a huge basketball nut. Thanks

    Chris Webber
    Juwann Howard
    Jalen Rose
    Jimmy King
    Ray Jackson

  • Tyler Whitcomb

    The Louisville all red is smooth

  • the rod

    Basketball is a brotherhood right?the most vivid memory of a brotherhood i can recall from the Dance is the run of George Mason as 11# seed trough the tourney,and i’m referring mainly to the game with UConn,granting the access to the final 4; that game gave u this feel of bonding just by watching it: by hearing the pregame speech of coach Larranaga(“they think they are supermen…well we are their Kryptonite!”),by seeing those players maybe short on talent compared to the pros on the other side fighting from down by as many as 12 just before halftime, and winning by playing as a single unit, always supporting each other and never fearing the opponent,winning simply because they were A TEAM. Well to me that’s what the brotherhood in basketball is all about.Peace

  • http://andrewamcneill.wordpress.com Andrew A McNeill

    My favorite brotherhood moment would have to be in 1983 when NC State beat Georgetown to win the NCAA Tournament and after the game Jim Valvano was running around the court just looking for someone to hug.

  • WhaHuh

    4 guys that didn’t play in college picking their favourite college teams

  • http://iwantoutofokc.com/ James the balla

    I will make this quick because I never win these things. And its not anything other then Chris Webber. You all know what I am talking about!!! *CHRIS WEBBER* … but anyways those top shoes, the dark red/brown, are effing amazing!!

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    Nice to see adidas promoting their relationship with these great programs.

  • http://kb24.com Bigi

    Camp Chen-A-Wanda…That’s what I’m sayin’

  • Roberto

    My brotherhood moment would be the 1966 NCAA champs Texas Western Miners. They were the first “major” DI college who started 5 African-American players. They probably had to go through more $hit than any other basketball team had to go through. They could have given up on each other after all the racism and other hardships they were put through, but they stuck together not only as a team or BROTHERHOOD, but a family. They outworked eveyone they played and it showed.Still, after a 23-1 regular season record they still got no respect and everyone thought they would lose in each round, then when they reach the championship they would get their butts handed to them by the better trained Adolf Rupp Kentucky team. They really showed who not only the better team was, but the classier one. That is what real brotherhood is.

  • Dan Ilika

    Hands down, the most brotherhood moment of all-time has to be the 1966 NCAA Champion Texas Western University team. Sure, it sounds cliché, but think about the adversity that the team struggled through all year. They battled hard against a top-ranked UK team to take home the Championship with the first African-American starting five in NCAA history. The entire year is my all-time favourite brotherhood moment because it proves that a brotherhood can face anything together.

  • Ken

    My favorite moment was also the 66 Texas Western Miners, but not for breaking any race barriers or anything. I just like seeing Pat Riley lose.

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  • http://www.ojhoops.blogspot.com the baconator

    My favorite brotherhood moment was the D2 championship between Winona St and Barton. Winona State was riding high on a 50+ game winning streak and was the clear favorite to win it. They were up 7 with 45 seconds to play. Despite the odds, Barton refused to give up and quit, coming back to win at the buzzer by Anthony Atkinson, who picked up his game for his team. That to me is brotherhood, trusting in your team to win despite the odds

  • BostonBaller

    WOW, there are a few to choose from and you can’t go wrong with any of them. I really liked the moment when Coach John Thompson hugged Freddie Brown after he literally threw the ball and game away to North Carolina. If you were a GTown fan you went from cursing Brown to feeling bad for him during that moment. If you hated GTown you went from laughing at him to ALMOST feeling bad for him. That one moment sealed both of their legacies in different ways and hen you see it to this day and they are playing that song called one shining moment you still get that feeling inside. (sniffle sniffle, lol)

  • michaelangelo

    It has to be the Fighting Illini in 2004-2005.
    They went 29-1.Luther head, d-will, dee, james augustine, and the reverend was the best brotherhood i’ve ever seen. especially in the ncaa tourney.and we were against arizona.we were down by like 15 points and i thought we were gonna lose. (i was watching the game on the megatron at the assembly hall). but in about a minute we were 3 points down, and d-will hit the three, and the crowd went crazy.i started crying lol.i think there is no better brotherhood than this.you saw how close the team was. i felt like i really knew the team because i could feel the brotherhood.i felt like a part of them.at the end of the game, everybody was just crying and enjoying the moment.this was perhaps, the moment ever of the ncaa tournament of all time.

  • thesubwayconnection

    My favorite moment in the NCAA March Madness Tournament that shows Brotherhood would be Adam Morrison crying his eyes out. He knew his stay at Gonzaga was done, and he knew his time to move on had showed up, but he didn’t want to leave. That Zags team was so tight, it was a family, a brotherhood, and they did everything together. It’s sad to see he’s such a different player now, but the emotions ran high that day – higher than most. Tons of people ridiculed him, but I saw something a little different. Commitment. Love, even. Family.

  • Pic

    I was gonna go the Hank Gathers and Bo Kimble route, but I guess Tad beat me to it!

  • adbphilly

    There hasnt been too many memorable brotherhood moments in the NCAA in recent memory that I can think of, so lets wind the clock back a good 24 years to the 1985 National Championship. A game that would go down in ages as one of the biggest upsets in NCAA basketball history. The Villanova Wildcats face the defending champs, Georgetown Hoyas. Everybody’s saying this game was going to be a joke, Hoyas will get back to back championships. The game took place on April Fools Day. A joke? Yes. The game a joke? Not so much. Villanova, coming in as underdogs gave Georgetown a taste of their Brotherhood. The Wildcats came out as one, and controlled the game from the opening tip. Keeping the ball out of Ewings hands, chewing up as much shot clock as possible. Playing together like brothers, trying to win one for the family. After the Wildcats shot an amazing 90% from the field, the brothers accomplished what needed to be done. When the clock hit 0:00, a whole nation was stunned, but one family from the city of BROTHERLY love were ready to celebrate. Fans flocked the court, flooding it with navy and white. Players and coaches hugging each other in pure happiness. Players like Gary Mclain, hogging the camera, telling the nation their #1. How ironic. Brotherhood coming from the city of Brotherly love. Nobody thought these group of guys could pull it off, except the brothers themselves. They never gave up. Coming from a city with a long line of underdogs, and a hunger to win, it was a perfect cinderella story with an even greater ending. BEST BROTHERHOOD MOMENT AT ANY LEVEL OF THE GAME. 1985 VILLANOVA WILDCATS. P.S. Let’s Go ’08-’09 Wildcats! ‘Nova Nation, BABY!

  • http://slamonline.com/ Tzvi Twersky

    I remember the Flintstones at Michigan State being such a close-knit group, under the leadership of Mateen Cleaves. As for my hometown squad, I remember Temple about 8 years back with Lynn Greer, Kevin Lyde, and a few others play together under John Chaney like they had been together forever. That team, I think, lost in the elite eight to Michigan with ZBo as a frosh killing them. I hope whoever wins enjoys this prize.

  • Tommy Vercetti

    Can u imagine if those guys went to those colleges…wow. That would be a sight to behold.

  • http://www.kicksonfire.com Anton

    Seeing T-Mac in a basketball uniform is strange

  • big bad boss

    funny thing is all of these 5 players never experienced college ball and adidas choose them to represent a college game..

  • I am the walrus

    T-Mac looks huge in that picture…

  • I am the walrus


  • chintao

    Co-sign adbphilly. It’s either that, or watching Adam Morrison bawl his eyes out.

  • http://sportzin.com Joey E.

    Yeah TMac looks fat. Oh how I miss the Orlando Mac. These commercials blow. I hope I dont see any on TV

  • BostonBaller

    Andrew A McNeill, The Wolfpack beat the Houston cougars not the GTown Hoyas in 1983 on that airball turned alley oop. lol, as far as Nova’s shock of GTown it was great but how much of a shock is it for any Big East team to beat another on any given night regardless of record. I thought their shooting was incredible but I wasn’t shocked. The Big East is still like that.. 6 OT’s baby!

  • jack

    ya i would want the UCLA ones for sure!

  • Hussman25

    Im a true hoops fan; and being from philly where “THE BIG 5″ reigns, there are two teams I would have to say that truly define brotherhood (even in defeat). The 1999 Temple Owls were molded in the ways of then coach John Cheney; hard nosed D was there game and all about 5! Other than fmr McDonalds All american Kevin Lyde(and possibly Pepe Sanchez for his international roots)this team was constructed to move as one! None of the starters (other than Sanchez played in the L, Lyde plays in the D-league)really made a huge professional impact, but that’s how coach cheney was. He never gave in to the temptation for going for the 5-star recruit. They can have too much baggage; he wanted his guys to play on the court not for themselves and individual goals, but for team…
    The next would be my boys on the main line the 2004-2005 Vilanova Wildcats; led by Mr. Foye and Mr. Allan Ray. Although these two led the team, this team would not have not gotten within and ref’s whistle of the final four w/o C.Sumpter, J. Frazor and a young K. Lowry. Brotherhood to me means togetherness, complete working as one. Although these teams may not have won too much, they achieved what they did together.

  • God Shammgod

    Jim Valvano and the Wolfpack.
    Nobody taught they were any good.
    They weren’t even supposed to make the NCAA Tournament, but they did, on the strength of an ACC Tournament win, betaing Wake Forest, Jordan’s UNC squad and POY Ralph Sampson’s Virginia.
    Wins over Pepperdine, UNLV, Utah, Virginia and Georgia propelled them to the final game, which was supposed to be a coronation ceremony for Houston’s Phi Slama Jama.
    Instead, Lorenzo Chalres did the dunking, slamming home Dereck Whittenburg’s miss, to give the underdogs the national championship.
    For just a while, the Wolfpack were invincible, and Jimmy V was forever young.

    RIP Coach, your fight with cancer will always be an inspiration to us all.

  • Tuvan Gumrukcu

    t-mac looks mad fat in that video man…

  • LBJ23

    The biggest brotherhood moment was Bob Knight’s Hooseirs in 1987. It was the first time Bob Knight had the five starters average double figures. The team made it to the NCAA championship because of their brotherhood. This showed the closeness and unity the team had all season long

  • Eric

    It kills me inside to say this but my brotherhood moment is the 2007 NCAA championship game.It was a picture perfect way for the Florida players to go out with Horford, Noah, Brewer, and Taurean Green all entering the draft that year and getting their second consecutive championship

  • Corey L

    Brotherhood took place in the spring of 1985. What was it exactly that marks the greatest moment of underdogs, who came together as the ultimate TEAM? The 8th-seeded Villanova Wildcats. They are the lowest seed to ever win the Tournament and defeated two #1 seeds and two #2 seeds along the way. The legendary Coach Massimino rallied his team in the championship by defeating the defending champs in G’Town, a game in which they were given no chance. THAT is brotherhood.

  • Austin Picano

    the year was 1995….UCLA
    THE O’BANNON brothers

    EDNEY’s full court drive against Missouri

    thats brotherhood

  • Sean V

    My brotherhood moment place in 2008 as Cinderella came in the form of the Davidson Wildcats, 10 seed. They were underdogs in every game they played in the tournament and pushed eventual champion, Kansas, to the limit before losing a nailbiter 59-57. While the Bob McKillop-led Davidson had star power in the form of Stephen Curry, arguably one of the best players in America, they came together as a TEAM(Together Everyone Achieves More) to slay the Goliaths of the NCAA. These men genuinely loved each other and played together on both sides of the floor while never giving up. They are the epitome of Brotherhood.

  • http://jameyburke.blogspot.com KobeWearsAPurpleThong

    My favorite NCAA Brotherhood moment I remember watching took place in 1992. I (and everyone else) thought Duke was finally going to lose. Kentucky was going to knock them off the pedestal. Then came “The Shot.” Grant Hill throws a beautiful baseball pass to Christian Laetnner and the rest is history. Remember Thomas Hill crying because he was so shocked..? Now those guys were brothers-and Coach K was Dad. That team had such a bond between players/players and players/coach it was ridiculous. You had the “little brother” Hurley, the “older wiser brother”, Laettner the never shakeable “rock of a big brother” G.Hill, and the list goes on. But don’t forget “Dad”, Coach K. As much as I disliked that team because they were just so damn good, they had an unbreakable bond. They always knew what each other was going to do next, and would do anything for each other-true “Brotherhood”….

  • http://slamonline.com Gardi Royce

    The Brotherhood moment I remember most is the finals of 1979. Before this, the NCAA was having record low attendence and people weren’t caring about the college game anymore. There were better things like the NBA and NFl. But then two magical players came into the NCAA. Magic Johnson and Larry Bird brought back to America what true basketball is about. It’s about the passion and love for the game which makes teams defy odds and play past their preditirmined future. It’s the Eddy Curry’s of the NCAA, the Juan Dixon’s. But most of all, the legendary final between Bird and Johnson will forever be remembered as the greatest finals of all time, and one that brought the NCAA basketball back onto it’s feet and into the spotlight.


    It has to be the Fighting Illini in 2004-2005.
    They went 29-1.Luther head, deron williams, dee brown was the best brotherhood i’ve ever seen. the best brotherhood moment had to be illinois against arizona.They were down by like 8 with about 1 minute left all my friends thought they were gonna lose but im like naw illinois gonna come back.then luther Head hit a 3-pointer down by 5. then they steal the ball and Dee Brown hits a though lay up 3 points down, then they steal the ball and d-will hit the three, to tie then illinois ended up winning in O-T i think there is no better brotherhood than this.You saw how close that game was. After the game i told all my friends i told illnois gonna comeback. Thats the best brotherhood momment

  • http://jameyburke.blogspot.com KobeWearsAPurpleThong

    @adbphilly: You forgot to mention one other memorable part of ‘Novas 1985 run-Dwayne McClain was on coke through the whole damn thing…lol *NCAA Champions

  • Nakware Howard

    My favorite brotherhood moment sill forever remain watching dee brown and deron williams take a spectacular illinois team to the championship game after a fantastic year only to have there hearts ripped out in the end in a thriller of a game. It was amazing just to watch the emotion through their fantastic run the comeback win over arizona for instance was PHENOMENAL it was just an amazing run and will always stick in my memory

  • Nakware Howard

    still* and remains* my bad on the spelling error guys

  • http://tiger.nwsc.k12.ar.us Clark13

    March 19, 1966. It was the day the brotherhood was born. It was a day before public relations and marketing campaigns. It was a day before color TVs and a colored president. It was a day before racial equality. It was a day when a movement began. Not only a basketball revolution, but an entire social outcry was observed. On paper it looks like any other game. Texas Western. Kentucky. 72. 65. What paper cannot capture are the ramifications of that liberating contest. In 40 minutes an entire nation was changed within a gymnasium. Through the looming masses of hecklers and infinite mounds of hate mail, the Miners dug deep into America’s unjust core. Many attribute them with blazing a trail for Los Angeles’ Showtime and Michigan’s Fab Five, but to simply credit them with changing a sport is blatant disrespect. From biographies to a feature film, the El Paso emancipators will forever be remembered for their unified opposition of irrefutable racism throughout the country, on and off the court. Much like adidas’ new sales pitch, Michael Jordan to the Tar Heels and Tubby Smith’s championship with the Wildcats would have only been a dream. Without their courage, Cinderella stories like Loyola-Marymount and George Mason would have struck midnight long before the game ever began. Hill. Lattin. Artis. Worsley. Fluornoy. Shed. Cager. Haskins. This brotherhood not only saw past prejudice to ignite the hopes of athletes from young to old and black to white, they also wrote history with one lineup. One lineup inspired a society. One lineup served as a beacon for civil rights. One lineup reminded everyone in a country’s promise that all men are created equal. One lineup defied the death threats, defeated the doubters, and triumphed over Goliath. That lineup became the precedent of all brotherhoods to follow. And it all started on March 19, 1966.

  • Aaron Harrison

    Ive gotta say we’re talking about a BROTHERHOOD where the TEAM comes together not just a player… My moment is 1987, the Hoosiers had at least four of their starters score in double figures in every game, five in two contests – now thats playing as a BROTHERHOOD, as a TEAM. Amazingly in the playoffs the team’s fifth-leading scorer with 11.2 points per game was Keith Smart & he supplied 21 points in a 74-73 final against Syracuse, including that basket that will live forever — a game-winning jumper from the left baseline with five seconds remaining. now thats a true BROTHERHOOD moment

  • Kurtis Startt

    My favorite brotherhood moment was last years Memphis team. Coming out of a “weaker” conference, the Tigers made a run to the Final 4 with Chris Douglas Roberts and Derrick Rose working together to shock the world. Even though they lost, the season was full of brotherhood moments that made up a large moment.

  • Tristan Elledge

    NCSU Cinderella run upsetting the favorite Houston. NCSU had the old crew of Lowe, Bailey, Lorenzo, Whittenberg and the late Jim Valvano. The Brotherhood is still working out. Lowe is the head coach and Bailey attends almost all of the games.NCSU is still what many call a “underdog”. I find this hard to believe since NCSU has one two championships.

  • Josh

    My favourite brotherhood moment was Mario Chalmers and hitting the 3 ball to send the game against memphis to overtime where they upset memphis and won!

  • Cizzo

    Adidas know how to represent thru marketing, and the Brotherhood and the Climacool BBalls are what March Maddness means!

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  • Taranvir

    is this still on

  • serevei

    my favourite brotherhood moment would have to be exactly the same as Clark13s

  • Anthony Sneed

    One of the most memorable brotherhood moments was when DePaul entered the 1981 NCAA Tournament as a No. 1 seed and the best team in the country, but the Blue Demons made an early exit when John Smith of No. 9 seed St. Joseph’s made a layup in the game’s final seconds to give the Hawks a 49-48 second-round win. It’s moments and upsets like that make the tournament great. America loves the underdog and lower seed teams get confidence and can call themselves a brotherhood.

  • Roemello Golden

    those shoes just fit my feet perfect well and kg’s that video fits my personality and kg’s that jersey fits me and kg but its only one thing that we dont have in common provity i need those shoes dont feel any sympathy if some one has a bettter blog let them when but i need them bad