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He’s The, He’s The Best

We caught up with the one of the best boxers alive, Floyd Mayweather Jr.

by Nima Zarrabi // Images Tom Hogan – Hoganphotos/Golden Boy Promotions


Floyd Mayweather Jr. wants to ball.

A member of Team Mayweather has found a basketball and has Floyd’s attention. A smile widens on Floyd’s face as he rushes over to the nearby court with members of his team in tow. Trash talk begins and a few wagers will likely be placed as Floyd starts dribbling the ball in excitement. We’re standing near the NBA TV studio setup at the Dallas Convention Center, right smack in the middle of Jam Session. It’s loud as hell in here, with obstacle courses, shops and various booths throughout the massive room set up for various All-Star weekend activities. Before Floyd can get his makeshift game going, a few Jam session officials cruise over and stop the party. Apparently, the court is set up for some type of fan event and Floyd and his crew will not be allowed to do their thing. He’s a little disappointed and shocked, but the smile will creep back soon. No matter how angry or upset he gets, the smile can’t be denied. He’s ferocious, on edge and determined to prove to the entire world that no fighter on the planet can touch him. Through it all, that smile will flash because the thing to know about Floyd is this: everything will be done on his terms, and his terms only. He’s earned that right thanks to a magnificent career that is still headed for new heights.

Back over on the NBA TV set, Floyd patiently waits for his call time. Fans and employees of the convention center approach him for photos and autographs. He happily fulfills every request. When Floyd begins his NBA TV interview, his manager Leonard Ellerbe asks me about my plan for the interview. I tell him that we can get the interview done anywhere and it should be no problem. He’s hardly impressed and I suddenly realize why. The convention center is extremely loud as all types of activities continue to begin around us. Basketball games, shooting contests, free tacos from Taco Bell—soon enough this place is a madhouse and finding a private spot where I can shoot Floyd on a Flip camera and conduct our interview becomes harder than I thought.

When I first got this assignment from Editor-n-Chief Ben Osborne a few days ago, I was stoked. I’ve always been impressed with Floyd both as a fighter and entertainer, especially after watching HBO 24/7. Boxing doesn’t have the same vehicles as the NBA to showcase its talent. There aren’t 82 games plus to promote their product or a popular platform like SLAM where one can get an in-depth view of the boxing life on a consistent basis. But 24/7 changed the game. It gave us an inside look into the life of a champion boxer, both in the ring and off. When I watched the 24/7 leading up to the Mayweather— Oscar De La Hoya bout, it was a wrap. I was captivated by Mayweather or the “villain” as he was beautifully portrayed in the show. While Oscar showcased time with his family and a carefully crafted image, Floyd gave us a stream of consciousness flow that was absent of a filter. He spoke candidly about his relationship with his father, flashed scrilla and jewelry while talking all kinds of shit during training sessions. I was drawn to that. In a world filled with athletes full of shit (see Tiger Woods press conference today), it’s always refreshing to see a guy who doesn’t give a fuck what critics or media think about him—he’s going to say whatever’s on his mind and do as he pleases.

My plan for the sit down with Floyd was simple. I was going to fly in from SoCal to Austin, TX, on Thursday of All-Star weekend, spend the day visiting one of my best friends from college—Andy Cannon—over some incredible BBQ from Rudy’s and then make the three-hour drive north to Dallas early Friday morning. Mother Nature pulled a jack move on me and forced some changes. Dallas was hit with some record snow fall and traveling there had all of the sudden become dangerous according to the news. Rather than waiting until the next morning to drive to the D, I decided to knuckle up and drive that night, through the storm. I didn’t want to risk missing my call time with Floyd and since most of the storm had already passed through, my biggest obstacle became slick roads. Against the wishes of Andy, I jumped in my rented Pontiac G6 and began one of the most difficult drives I have ever attempted. Once I hit Waco, the roads changed as snow was present, forcing everyone to drive about 30 mph. abandoned cars lined various parts of the roadway and the snow was still coming and sticking in certain pockets. I decided to draft behind a huge big rig, hoping it could clear the path ahead. Although there were a few scary moments, I ended up making it to Dallas in a little over four hours, getting in about 1:30 am. I made a quick stop to Lakers scout and LA Defenders GM Bonnie-Jill Laflin’s party at Hotel ZaZa to give her the word, then headed back to the hotel to continue my prep for Floyd.


I do a decent amount of research before each interview I conduct, but I rarely if ever bring written questions to a sit down. I’ve always felt that if I kept my eyes on the subject and not the pad, I could engage in a much better discussion, essentially moving from interview into a conversation. Floyd was a different beast. As much as I love boxing, I don’t know the sport like I do the NBA or NFL. Furthermore, I had seen the interview Floyd did with Brian Kenny on SporsCenter early last year. It was an incredible back in forth that got heated on many occasions. This is not where I wanted our interview to go, so I decided to write down some questions. I don’t know what I was thinking.

While Floyd did his interview with NBA TV and a radio station, I went to work trying to find a private spot for our interview. I convinced a few security guards to set up my Flip cam behind a stage in a far corner of the massive room we were in. I pulled two chairs from the empty stage and hoped it would be quiet and decent enough for Floyd. It was an area that fans had no access to and the security guards nearby went out of their way to help me. After Floyd wrapped his radio spot, he was escorted over to my makeshift area, flanked by many members of Team Mayweather. Floyd was also wearing a wireless mic and being followed by a cameraman shooting for 24/7. He walks up and asks where he needs to sit. I point at my pitiful setup and he immediately sits down and is ready to go.

It becomes apparent that Floyd is a huge NBA fan. Gambling is our first topic and Floyd loves to bet on NBA games. I ask him if the Tim Donaghy scandal deterred him from betting and he’s unfazed, citing a $43,000 loss in the infamous game in 2007 where referee Joey Crawford ejected Tim Duncan during the 3rd quarter of a game against the Mavs for simply laughing/staring at him from the bench. Floyd had money on the Spurs that night, who went on to lose a close game. Tim Donaghy was old news in his book. Our chat quickly shifts to more pressing NBA topics. “I can tell you about any player, all you got to do is ask me about him,” Floyd proclaims. I try. But Floyd doesn’t have patience for my slow flow, so he takes over. “I’m going to tell you what’s good with the NBA and what’s wrong with the NBA,” he says proudly. “What the Atlanta Hawks need is this: we need to let Bibby come off the bench and let Jamal Crawford start. Anytime a guy can come off the bench and score 50 points in a game—he needs to be starting! He might be putting up 30 a night if he’s starting! The Hawks need to pick up Stoudamire. Phoenix is talking about getting rid of him. Steve Nash’s main go-to-guy is Stoudamire. That’s going to mess his chemistry up. His assists will drop a lot. We’re talking about—and I still like Steve Nash—but we’re talking about six assists.”

After more player breakdowns, our discussion moves towards the ring. Floyd assures me that the Manny Pacquiao fight will eventually happen. It’s the fight we’re all waiting for and is likely to become the most lucrative boxing match ever. But there is more money to be made before this epic showdown. Floyd is hoping to gross over $100 million over his next two fights. Next up, a May 1st showdown at the MGM grand in Las Vegas against Sugar Shane Mosley in a Welterweight showdown that should prove to be a great fight. Mosley has angled for his chance to fight Floyd for quite some time. He will now get his wish. Floyd will put his perfect 40-0 record on the line to face Mosley, who has won seven of his last eight fights dating back to 2005, including an impressive win over Antonio Margarito in January of 2009.

The Mayweather-Mosley tilt will likely be the best boxing event of 2010. Floyd’s critics—who are endless—will never be satisfied until he meets Manny. While I can’t wait for that day to come, I must admit that I’m also interested in seeing Floyd battle Sugar Shane. The only boxing match I ever attended was De La Hoya-Mosley at Staples Center in 2000. It was an incredible win for Mosley, who later admitted taking a banned substance in preparation for the fight (EP0)—both Mayweather and Mosley have agreed to Olympic style testing for their upcoming bout. Floyd describes the bout as speed and power versus timing, comparing Mosley’s power and speed to Zab Judah, who he deposed of several years back. “We’re two Hall of Famers meeting at a legendary weight class, which is Welterweight,” Floyd says. “Sugar Ray Leonard. Roberto Duran, Tommy Hearns—the list goes on and on.”

Floyd will tell you that timing beats speed and that nobody can hit what they can’t see. Mayweather’s speed, technical skills and footwork are second to none. He is the Kobe of the fight game: a champion with supreme knowledge that has mastered the skills and movements needed to dominate his sport for many years, while doing so on his terms. Detractors call him a money whore and accuse him of dodging and ducking fighters. He will respond by reminding you that he fought his first 90 fights for free as an amateur and that he’s been dominating the sport for too long to be concerned with the newest flavor in your ear.

When our time together ends, I thank Floyd for the conversation. He pulls me aside and says, “I be knowing my basketball, huh?” We share a laugh and say our goodbyes after a quick photo op. You can check out some our discussion in the attached video and in a future edition of Dime Drop. Our discussion would have never occurred without the help of a few people behind the scenes. Many thanks to Floyd’s manager and CEO of Mayweather Promotions Leonard Ellerbe, Jeremy Silkowitz of Swanson Communications and Tzvi Twersky at the SLAM dome for all of their efforts. Cheers.

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  • Hussman25

    He’s scared of Pac-man… BOOOOOOOOOO THIS MAN!!!

  • http://slamonline.com Tzvi Twersky

    Great stuff, Nima. People, WATCH THE VIDEO. Some amazing things said by Money Mayweather, both from a boxing perspective and from a knowledgeable hoops perspective.

  • http://claydefayette@yahoo.com CDef28

    Cosign Hussman25. Did anyone hear this fraud liken himself to Martin Luther King Jr?

  • flash

    wether – castrated male sheep. no balls to fight pacquiao!

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    Yes Nima!! Thanks so much

  • name

    what was that all about? any substantial content?

  • Maurice Bobb

    This story on Money Mayweather was a “one hitter quitter”. Great job Nima. You should have snapped a pic of you giving him a nice “two piece” combo to the dome…

  • http://www.slamonline.com James the Balla

    I love Mayweather!! Shane is going down!!!

  • boy suplado

    hes still the most stupid boxer of all time

  • Jswan Alonshvut


    Great name and great job.

    Thanks for highlighting what many fans dont know, that Mayweather is a normal guy but an outstanding athlete. Too many fans forget that and you pointed it out.

    He also seems like a goofy chap, eager to demonstrate his hoops knowledge to a hoops authority. I appreciate that side of him


  • http://thacorner.net/forums Kevin

    PBF is gonna beat Shane and destroy Manny, haters still gonna hate though

  • Fight

    Pacman is scared to take drug tests!!!

  • DAMN

    what a sh**ty article . youre so amused by that clown man . you should get a life !

  • joebal

    Deep request to all pacquiao fans please don’t buy Mayweather PPV fight. Boycott his coming fight with Mostley

  • http://www.slamonline.com James the Balla

    The Kobe of boxing. So much hate lol.

  • Antonio M

    Mr. Nima, make sure you wipe your nose clean before you go outside. It’s so full of S$%T.


    “I live my life the way I live my life and I’m happy with what I do. I live for Floyd Mayweather. I don’t live for the fans. I love the fans but I live for myself. Self preservation is first. I must be happy first before I can make anybody else happy.” FMJ *** WELL.. FCK YOU FLOYD!!!! GET LOST MFCKER!!!1

  • riptear

    Uh, anyone else think this guy looks unusually similar to Ray Allen?

  • Russell Venz

    Nima your story is pointless boring and non sense. You’re just kissing his behind.

  • joebal

    I don’t want to watch the vedio I gonna throw up ir I warch it. Impostor! What Matin Luhter King? Markum X? Give me break you will not be like them Fraud?

  • Scrizza

    Its funny how he can say hes the best. Who again is the fighter of the year for the 3rd time and fighter of the decade? I do believe its not Floyd.

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    You guys aren’t real big on the personality required to be a big-selling boxer, huh?

  • http://slamonline.com Adam Fleischer

    Man that was definitely a tight video. Good stuff, Nima.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Nima Zarrabi

    Thank you for your comments. Definitely check the video. Tzvi did a great job editing that thang. It’s Floyd at his best. @ Maurice: Hilarious bro. As I stated in the piece, the Manny fight will happen. Boxing is all about hype. It’s about trying to make a fight bigger than life. That is what these cats are doing with this thing. Building it. Ever see the film “The Great White Hype” with Samuel L. Jackson? That film does a great job showing the power of hype. The future Manny V Floyd will not need any hype from our point of view. However, in order to build the purse and PPV buys, it’s needed. Both guys are likely hoping for $50 million each after the purse and PPV buys are all accounted for.

  • John Perkins

    Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the best of the best. According to him and to his handful of followers.

  • reg

    please don’t compare floyd to kobe

  • boxingfan

    the best fighters mayweather fought couldnt beat Cotto or Clottey. How’s that? even Diego Corrales. Size difference and what not. I hope this writer wakes up and realize Mayweather couldve fought Cotto, MArgarito, Kostzya, or Shane but failed to do so that’s the point that boxing fans are trying to point out and he should stop calling himself great because of that.

  • http://claydefayette@yahoo.com CDef28

    He’s not the Kobe of boxing. Kobe plays the best of the best, while this guy dodges the best in his profession. Anyways, why would an article be written on a boxer? Boxing is dead.

  • http://na Alfred Houston

    Mayweather is a big time coward. If Pacquiao or anybody like him picked their opponents, they would look much better than Mayweather. This is one guy claiming to be within the greatness of Martin Luther King. How could this egomaniac who flashes gang signs equal to one of world’s greatest personalities ever.

  • http://yahoo crabkiller

    It’s really funny….LOL… Floyd now is imitating the PACMAN…playing basketball. This boxer’s pathetic! He’s obsessed with ENVY of the PACMAN!!! Mabuhay PACMAN!!!!!!

  • lado

    Martine Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X are now turning in their graves, and if Kobe was dead also he’d be doing the same thing.

    Comparisons shouldn’t be made if what they’re comparing to is complete garbage or just complete @ss kissing in this case the writer.

    But hey can’t blame you for writing this piece, with all the negative press that Mayweather constantly puts himself in someone had to make him look like a decent guy, unfortunately for Floyd the majority of America doesn’t believe a hypocrite or a person that constantly contradicts himself.

  • johnl

    floyd still has the stupidest fans in the world.. pound for pound..

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/media/slam-tv/2010/02/hes-the-hes-the-best/ oinestep

    Manny is a punk……..he knows the deal messing with floyd he get a** done for real. Manny don’t want none floyd would put up a clinic on that boy, you see what happened the last fight, clinic all the way and it was supposed to be a good fight. you manny fans are wasting your efforts.

  • Ses

    In order to call yourself the Best or the greatest, you have to prove that…Mayweather needs to re-evaulate his position as a boxer, because he really doesn’t want to fight. If Berto did not dropped out of the fight with Shane, May 1st would not be happening. He got backed into a corner, now its put up or shut up! Cant run all the time, you will get caught!

    Kobe wants to be the greatest, its never about how much money he can make (And I really dont like Kobe, but I can respect a winner willing to do what it takes or beat whoever to get the recognition as the best)

  • Gayweather

    Floyd “The CASH COWard” Mayweather Jr. – The Greatest “COWARD BOXER of all Time”

    Floyd “The MONkEY MAN” Mayweather Jr. – The Richest Gay Boxer in History

    Floyd “The Mighty Duck” Mayweather Jr. – The No 1 Pound for Pound “DUCKER of all time”

    Floyd “The Cherry Picker” Mayweather Jr. – 100% Naturally Grown Picker from NeverNeverLand

    Floyd “The Hybrid Gay Boxer” Mayweather Jr. – 1/3 Monkey + 1/3 Chicken + 1/3 Duck

    Floyd “The Xylocaine Man” Mayweather Jr. – The next “X-Men” sequel

    Floyd “The Half Blood Prince” Mayweather Jr. – The next “HARRY POTTER” sequel (Half Chicken / Half Duck)

    Floyd “The Chicken Run 3″ Mayweather Jr. – The next “CHICKEN RUN” sequel

    Floyd “Malcom Xylocaine” Mayweather Jr. – The next Malcom X

  • metal storm

    NSAC should ban “XYLOCAINE” as illegal substance…
    NSAC should ban “XYLOCAINE” as illegal substance…
    NSAC should ban “XYLOCAINE” as illegal substance…
    NSAC should ban “XYLOCAINE” as illegal substance…
    NSAC should ban “XYLOCAINE” as illegal substance…

  • JD

    @oinestep: sound like you’re one of those ignorant Floyd’s followers who just can’t handle the truth.

  • #1floydfan

    The MAYWEATHERS (aka THE THREE STOOGES) – Floyd Jr. “Larry” / Floyd Sr. “Curly” / Roger “Mo”


    Knucklehead Fraud Chickenweather (KFC) – We Do Chicken Right !!! For your Safety – All of our chickens are Xylocaine injected and randomly blood tested (Olympic style).

  • Chicken So Scared of the PacMonster

    Mayweather just talked himself out of his zero by fighting Mosley and Mosley will shock the world by knocking out Kentucky Floyd Chicken. Then when he fights Pacquaio, he will have to take a 30/70 split in Manny’s favor!

  • http://www.slamonline.com James the Balla

    lol everyone hating on FMJ doesn’t know much about boxing. Floyd beat all the top notch boxers before Pacman did. I am not even going to get into it.

  • Malcom X

    Floyd “Malcom Xylocaine” Mayweather Jr. – The next Malcom X

  • Gayweather

    Manny Pacquiao Achievement Awards (Part 1):

    Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA):
    * 2009 Fighter of the Year
    * 2008 Fighter of the Year
    * 2006 Fighter of the Year
    * 2000-09 Fighter of the Decade

    * 2009 Fighter of the Year
    * 2008 Fighter of the Year

    * 2009 Fighter of the Year
    * 2009 Knockout of the Year
    * 2009 Star’s Champion of Champions
    * 2008 Star’s Champion of Champions

    ESPY Awards:
    * 2009 Best Fighter (Boxing)

    * 2000-09 Fighter of the Decade

  • http://slamonline.com Tzvi Twersky

    Bigger fan of Pacquiao than Mayweather Jr., but both are among the best of the past decade. And both have personalities that are inimitable. Both are great for the sport of boxing. So let’s get that fight done! Only way to settle PacMan-MoneyMayweather argument.

  • Johnny


  • Farman

    Great article Nima. To get him to flow like he get with you is priceless. He could have kept talking for another half an hour. The man truly loves to hear himself talk…..good stuff.

  • carolinas

    Some people are duped into believing something that came from somebody whose character is questionable. Floyd has had troubles with the law these past few years and most recently, the IRS. One might want to consider the source of these insinuations first and ask themselves if the source truly believes it himself. Pac never failed a test in his entire career and has showed his willingness to be tested before and after the fight (urine and blood) His only request is that the testing should not be done close to the fight because of a bad experience in the past where he was tested the night before the fight and he lost the bout (he contributes his losing for feeling weak because of blood taken out of him). I know he is superstitious, but that’s because his culture is very much so. That is something some people refuse to understand. The fact is, he is a rare talent and his achievements are questioned by a man whose motives are suspect.

  • reg

    “what fans don’t know is that the pistons used to beat the bulls all the time”

    what the hell?! is he the only one to watch nba games in the late 80′s? what a f’n moron?

    he can’t even put his thoughts together to properly communicate the nonsense in his head.. stay in school kids!

  • Bodidis

    This is what he said on his recent interview but Floyd fans still brace him. Your mind was poison better wake up guys. He doesn’t care about you as a fans of him. he he he he wake up, wake up
    (“I live my life the way I live my life and I’m happy with what I do. I live for Floyd Mayweather. I don’t live for the fans. I love the fans but I live for myself. Self preservation is first. I must be happy first before I can make anybody else happy.”)

  • reg


  • ArtiZt

    “Mayweather’s speed, technical skills and footwork are second to none.”

    You obviously do not know your boxing. Pacquiao matches Mayweather’s speed, but crushes it in terms of quantity and power. Pacquiao also has better footwork. Mayweather is better than Pacquiao in defense and technicality.

    “Floyd will tell you that timing beats speed, and nobody can hit what they can’t see.”

    While Floyd times his opponents and hits them with his pillow-punches (the man’s power is just underwhelming compared to his Welterweight counterparts), Pacquiao times his opponents and unleashes relentless bursts of power combinations with ridiculous angles so his opponents don’t see where the punches are coming from. Everyone expects a decision win from Floyd, while a K.O. is expected from Pacquiao (he has almost as many K.O.’s as Floyd has wins). Mayweather is a pistol compared to Pacquiao’s machine gun.

    Great defense vs. relentless power offense; defense doesn’t get you points. Do you think Mayweather will be able to dodge and run from punches he cannot see coming? Pacquiao only needs one good left hook to end it all, and Mayweather knows this. Mayweather is too concerned about his health, longevity and his perfect record to risk getting in the ring with such a big threat. He’s only fighting Mosley because 1.) he didn’t have a choice, 2.) Mosley surpassed his peak, 3.) Mosley has given in on every demand, and 4.) Mosley has not fought in over a year. Put all this together, and it equals a perfect set-up for Mayweather. That is, if Mayweather goes through with the fight. The best Welterweights of the decade aside from Floyd are Pacquiao, Cotto, Williams, Margarito, Clottey and Mosley. Floyd has not fought any of these men in the “legendary weight class.” Don’t be surprised if he pulls out of the Mosley fight.

  • reg

    he keeps talking about pacquiao like a jilted lover!

  • boxing101

    Star strucke’d reporter who ends up nuthugin Floyd!

  • tengbits

    Kenducky Fraud Chicken is gay. He’s in love with Pacquiao. He’s so obsessed with the Pacman! He’s truly incredible!

  • Siciliano

    I think Manny will beat PBF in the ring and on the court… Manny will be on the offensive drive then pretty be on the defense and then he talkin fast smack to deter Pac , Then Pac just say “what??” cause he dont understand how PBF dribbles off with his talking.. then manny does a Paxton/ Pete maverich crossover and then shoots….nothin but the net … then PBF goes …CRAP!

  • pedro

    is this article supposed to be funny? this writer is a moron like floyd. how can he be one of the best if he duck the best and fight the rest. this article is one of the worst a have ever read. this nima must be an idiot or a drug addict like floyd.

  • Mountain God

    Nima Zarrabi came all over himself what a load of crock, he’s praising the excuse expert i hope Shane beats him if not expose him and Paquiao will beat the piss out of Floyd if not Shane more like the lather

  • pedro

    floyd is the dennis rodman of boxing. both love fake wrestling, both are gay and both had sex with carrot top.

  • Hooman

    Good questions Nima. Mayweather did know a lot of NBA info. Its funny he lost 43,000 because of Donaughy.

  • http://PACLAND Lanski


  • Jake04

    LOL! Floyd was asked about the shoes and he started talking about Pacquiao! WTF! He just couldn’t get Manny out of his mind. He’s jealous coz Nike endorses Manny not him. He said it himself: If the company thinks you’re number one, it’ll endorse you. Nike knows who’s #1 that’s why they endorse Pacquiao!

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    Where are the Floyd fans? I like all the comments this got, but it just seems like a lot of Manny fans…I like Manny, too, though I guess to the hardcore boxing heads you love one and hate the other.

  • Jam321

    Nima Zarrabi dont worry about some of these comments, most are new fans to boxing and are just filipino fans of Pac. They spam all over the net from the site pacland.com.

  • http://www.aasas.com Roger

    XYLOCAINE boy… oh yeah he is great. I wonder why he is not fighting in Dallas? may XYLOCAINE can answer…

    Gayweather..he is the best in all self proclaim!!

  • Bruno

    where are all the slamadaday from yesterday???

  • Paul

    Floyd The Greatest HYPOCRITE in BOXING. Dig Deeper about Floyd, you’ll know the real person inside this guy. CRIMINAL, COWARD, FRAUD, DRUG TRAFFICKER, WOMEN BEATER, and SELF PROCLAIM BEST in BOXING. The only boxer who says he is the BEST who RETIRED to “avoid” PURE WELTERWEIGHT FIGTHERS/ REAL THREAT FIGHTERS. The only fighter who was BOOOOED by fans in a fight and self proclaiming he is the BEST. If he is not scared to fight Manny Pacquiao “The ORIGINAL FIGHTER OF THE DECADE” take the fight and Blood Test right after the FIGHT.

    He is complaining about Manny 10mil for every excess pound….FIGHT FANS REMEMBERED the fight vs Marquez. Floyd went OVERWEIGHT in the FIGHT. Marquez was 145ib fighting FLoyd Mayweather 160ib. Very fair right?

    IF YOU WANT the TRUTH GO DEEPER about this ISSUE. Pacmans TEAM even Challenge Mayweathers TEAM to present MEDICAL EXPERT infront of EVERYONE and Debate the ISSUE…Mayweather TEAM BACKDOWN coz once the EXPERT will start their debates…Manny is the CLEANEST LEGENDARY FIGHTER WINNER of WORLD RECORD 7 titles of Many DIVISIONS.


    that way…WE WILL KNOW THE REAL DARK MOTIVES of the Mayweather Camp….

  • Paul

    this will be a VERY VERY GOOD TEST to SEE “THE CURRENT AMERICAN VALUES.” Which one should we give our IRREPLACEABLE TRUST as a FIGHT FANS. Lets see what kind of MORAL VALUES DO WE “AMERICANS” HAVE?


    Manny Pacquiaos Man of DIGNITY, PRIDE, HARDWORKER and HUMILITY values?

    WHICH ONE AMERICA? i know which side i am but how will the MAJORITY of America Decide….lets find our in the PPV rating…which one DESERVES our SUPPORT

    God Bless AMERICA
    and the WORLD
    PEACE :-)

  • http://www.slamonline.com Nima Zarrabi

    I think Manny is a phenomenal fighter in his own right and a great human being. I think he and Floyd are both great for the sport in their own unique way. Tzvi dropped a great piece on Manny here at SLAM a little while back: http://www.slamonline.com/online/nba/2009/11/pacman-vs/

    I like Floyd. That is no secret. A couple quick things: 1) Writing in caps doesn’t make your argument any more profound 2)Most of the comments here are appreciated regardless of which fighter you are down with, but stay on topic and dont go the racial/homophobic route. That’s weak.

  • J Tolentino

    ya ur da best its all about money coming from floyd. money money money u want to be da best fight the best.

  • http://www.slamonline.com J Tolentino

    im da best? ya rite. u wanna be da best fight da best im pretty sure floyd knows whos da best and thats pacquaio. 1 mo ting everytime pbf opens his loud mouth its all about moneyyyyy.

  • Collins

    Stupid article from a stupid writer.Where have you been all these times? Are you living in a cave or something? Manny Pacquiao is the best and the greatest boxer of this decade.Awards and recognitions,products endorsements, the biggest of which is NIKE.And now here you are praising this Stupid,Coward Prick!Whatever you say intelligent boxing fans and writers (excluding you) knows who’s best.Can i ask how much Gayweather paid you lately?

  • jess

    In the interview, Floyd Jr. is his usual self of being a liar. He wanted Pacquiao to undergo the RBT Olympic style to level the playing field. WHATTTTT????? What level playing field he is talking about when everything is stacked in his favor. He said in the interview boxing is whole life when asked if he started boxing at 5 years old.Isn’t this a big edge over Pacquiao? He was born into boxing with a father and uncles as professional boxer. Pacquiao on the other hand, was 16 years old when he first fought and he did this out of extreme poverty. Floyd jr had an illustrious amateur career culminating into an Olympic bronze medal (Floyd, why bronze only, what went wrong?). Pacquiao only has a few amateur fights. Floyd is bigger, weighs more, has longer reach than Pacquiao. Isn’t this a very huge edge? But the biggest edge of Floyd over Pacquiao is he is promoted by Pacquiao’s part time promoter GBP, talking of “stab in the back”. Pacquiao, by the way, agreed to blood testing even if it is not required by NSAC but not on the terms of Floyd. Floyd does not run NSAC and what is needed is a compromise not his imposition. Another reason for RBT is to clean the sports. Why do this only now after 40-0 and at the time he is facing the boxer who poses the gravest threat to him (Floyd)? How convenient of him. Why not do this before when boxers were found guilty and others by admnission of taking PEDs. Floyd is the greatest liar of all times in boxing.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Pardeep

    Man Floyd is way better than Manny and Floyd is pound for pound the best fighter ever and Floyd is right on with the Kobe v.s. Bron debate

  • sacramento boy

    How much are you paid as pr man for this distorted article by the drug addicts, convicted criminal and dysfunctional family.

  • Steve

    Wow. Good job Nima. Good to see that Floyd still has a few fans left. I was beginning to think he’d virtually alienated everyone. And to actually get ‘stoked’ about interviewing him – that’s incredible. The comment at the end, “I be knowing my basketball, huh?” just underlies the brilliance of the man. It amazes me that some people fail to be impressed by Floyd. He’s just such an incredible human being

  • team pacquaio

    team mayweather the best ducker team in the worid. I’m sure Ellerbe is fed up in covering Jr’s little girl ass. So they have two fights before Pac? This tells you they did not want fight pac in the first place! Oh and he is again asking for 65/35 take it or leave it deal for a pac fight! Just get in the ring pussy boy!

  • Paul

    “Original Fighter of the Decade,” The Legendary Humble Manny Pacquiao

    WORLD TITLES BELTS by Divisions:

    1.)Welterweight Champion
    2.)Junior Welterweight Champion
    3.)Lightweight Champion
    4.)Super Featherweight Champion
    5.)Featherweight Champion
    6.)Super Bantamweight Champion
    7.)Flyweight Champion

    Lineal Championship Titles of Manny Pacquiao:

    World Flyweight Champion
    World Featherweight Champion
    World Junior lightweight Champion
    World Junior Welterweight Champion


    2000-09 Boxing Writers Association Of America Fighter of the Decade[104]
    2000-09 Philippine Sportswriters Association Athlete of the Decade[105]
    2000-09 HBO Fighter of the Decade[106]
    2000-09 The SweetScience.com Fighter of the Decade [107]
    2006, 2008 and 2009 Ring Magazine Fighter of the Year
    2006, 2008 and 2009 Boxing Writers Association Of America Fighter of the Year[108][109]
    2006 and 2008 SecondsOut.com Fighter of the Year[110]
    2008 and 2009 Ring Magazine number 1 Pound for Pound (year-end)
    5-Time PSA Sportsman of the Year
    2008 University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) Honorary Award for Sports Excellence[111]
    2008 and 2009 BoxingScene.com Fighter of the Year[112][113]
    2008 Sports Illustrated Boxer of the Year[114]
    2008 and 2009 TheSweetScience.com Boxer of the Year[115] [116]
    2008 and 2009 WBC Boxer of the Year[117][118]
    2008 Yahoo Sports Fighter of the Year[119]
    2008 and 2009 ESPN Star’s Champion of Champions[120]
    2009 ESPN Fighter of the Year [121]
    2009 ESPN Knockout of the Year [122]
    2009 ESPY Awards Best Fighter[123]
    2009 TIME 100 Most Influential People (Heroes & Icons Category)[124]
    2009 TIME Magazine cover for November issue [125]
    2009 Forbes Magazine Celebrity 100 (ranked 57th)[126]
    2009 Sports Illustrated Fighter of the Year[127]
    2009 The Ring Magazine Knockout of the Year
    2009 World’s Greatest Ever Featherweight [128]
    2009 World’s Greatest Ever (ranked 2nd) [129]

    “There will more EXCITING INTERTAINING ROUND1 to ROUND12 PURE ACTION FIGHTS to come in Manny Pacquiao ERA”…..fans AROUND THE GLOBE are LOOKING FORWARD to it.^_^

  • Paul

    Recognitions Recieve by Manny Pacquiao:

    2000-09 Boxing Writers Association Of America Fighter of the Decade[104]
    2000-09 Philippine Sportswriters Association Athlete of the Decade[105]
    2000-09 HBO Fighter of the Decade[106]
    2000-09 The SweetScience.com Fighter of the Decade [107]
    2006, 2008 and 2009 Ring Magazine Fighter of the Year
    2006, 2008 and 2009 Boxing Writers Association Of America Fighter of the Year[108][109]
    2006 and 2008 SecondsOut.com Fighter of the Year[110]
    2008 and 2009 Ring Magazine number 1 Pound for Pound (year-end)
    5-Time PSA Sportsman of the Year
    2008 University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) Honorary Award for Sports Excellence[111]
    2008 and 2009 BoxingScene.com Fighter of the Year[112][113]
    2008 Sports Illustrated Boxer of the Year[114]
    2008 and 2009 TheSweetScience.com Boxer of the Year[115] [116]
    2008 and 2009 WBC Boxer of the Year[117][118]
    2008 Yahoo Sports Fighter of the Year[119]
    2008 and 2009 ESPN Star’s Champion of Champions[120]
    2009 ESPN Fighter of the Year [121]
    2009 ESPN Knockout of the Year [122]
    2009 ESPY Awards Best Fighter[123]
    2009 TIME 100 Most Influential People (Heroes & Icons Category)[124]
    2009 TIME Magazine cover for November issue [125]
    2009 Forbes Magazine Celebrity 100 (ranked 57th)[126]
    2009 Sports Illustrated Fighter of the Year[127]
    2009 The Ring Magazine Knockout of the Year
    2009 World’s Greatest Ever Featherweight [128]
    2009 World’s Greatest Ever (ranked 2nd) [129]

  • Ace

    Good read, Floyd is one of the best boxers today. Floyd is not dodging Pacman. Pacman was calling Floyd out before he came back to boxing, and he really wanted to to fight Floyd so badly like he claimed then he would have just taken the same random drug tests as Floyd and get on with it.
    Nobody could put on a show like Prince Nas. shame he’s not boxing still.

  • White Sheep

    Blah! Blah! Blah!…. Black sheep :P

  • http://www.slamonline.com Nima Zarrabi

    @ Collins: “Where have you been all these times?” What kind of sentence is that? Re-read your own words and decide if you understand what stupid means.

  • ardinpadua

    Yes he’s the best BOXER, skills wise, but there are lots of skilled boxers out there…

  • josh

    Not much in it. Floyd’s dream of earning 100 million bucks will never come true unless he fights the best boxer in the world. Until then, Floyd is only second to Manny if he get past Mosley.

  • Lol

    Floyd sounded very jealous of Pacquiao. You see… Nike came to Pacquiao. You have been inviting them, but no one comes. Stop bragging about your 0 losses… You’re the only one who appreciates it.

  • Richard ESQ

    Boxing fans are a sad group of lowlifes. Not people who like to watch boxing, but “boxing fans,” who are the type of people that will bet their yearly salary of $18,000 from McDonalds on a fight, and then when they lose, blame it on the fighter and search for a new guy to “back”.

    Pac fans, get a grip, Floyd is a great fighter, and you don’t know who is better until they fight. Im surprised some of the Pac fans have been able to learn how to type, much less get the access to the internet.

  • Paul


    “HIstory is and WILL ALWAYS BE THE JUDBE.”

  • Paul


    Floyd is the Greatest Hypocrite of ALL TIME.

  • veni

    @Pardeep……wayweather fight the best fighter of his era only after they are not peak on their boxing career.. but he will not get away to my hero..pacman will always be ready. who’s the best fighter ever in this era? who’s pound for pound best fighter? who’s boxer having 7 division title? i hope everybody know’s who is this boxer…huh! extra test…olympic style…many excuses…blah..blah..blah….huh! i’m tired reading not interested article…i want action fight and this will happen only bet. MP vs FMjr..NSAC rules..same venue(?)..no more excuses.. blah blah blah…this is your era guys…show to the world who’s the best fighter…and this is the right time..common..common..

  • Paul

    Marquez will not even last 3 rounds against Manny Pacquiao. WAtch let Manny and Marquez fight the SAME CONDITIONS and SITUATION in FLoyd FIght. Manny vs Marquez in 147 ib fight, Marquez will not even last 3 round. THATS A PROMISE

  • boxmeister

    Artzt’s comments about Floyd and Pac are based on his observations. In part, I totally agree with him. The only thing that he missed the most is
    Floyd’s abilities are not improving while Pac has in recent years. His retirement and his age will take it’s toll. He may be smart in the ring but if his body could not really sync with it, he will fail. JMM was his gauging barometer of his abilities. He knows Pac is capable of beating him that’s why it didn’t happen. Being smart correlates with being scared for his preservation. Fans will be lucky if the fight
    between Pac and Floyd eventually happens. No doubt Shane might not be able to do the job as well as Pac. Floyd will get over Shane and inevitably face Pac provided Pac don’t retire in two years.

  • lado

    The best? Best boxer yes! But not THE best at the moment or ever in that case. MP is the best at the moment, I don’t see how the writer could have missed that. Its really pitiful that some people still back a hypocrite and a person that constantly contradicts himself but hey such is life. Besides the writer only wrote this so he can get some hits, that’s obvious enough.

  • bolo punch

    he’s the best and biggest loudmouthed hypocrite in all of boxing.

  • http://pangalawangaccount@yahoo.com Wacky Jabber

    mayweather is insulting many respected people by comparing himself to them.

  • Gayweather


    Al Bernstein – Sportscaster/Writer/Boxing Analyst (Showtime/iBN Sports)
    Amare Stoudamire – Basketball (Phoenix Suns)
    Ana “The Hurricane” Julaton (Fil-Am) – Female Boxer (WBO Super Bantamweight Champion)
    Andre Royo – Actor
    Allan “Apl de Ap” Pineda (Fil-Am) – Singer (Black-Eyed-Peas)
    Arsenio Hall – Actor/Comedian
    Bernard Hopkins – Boxing (ex Ring Light Heavyweight Champion)
    Bernie Osuna – “Blow-by-Blow” Announcer (Telefutura Solo Boxeo)
    Bob Velin – Sportswriter (USA Today)
    Brad Cooney – Sportswriter (Mississippi Fight Sports Examiner)
    Brandon Jacobs – Football (New York Giants)
    Brandon Marshalls – Football (Denver Broncos)
    Brandon Roy – Basketball (Portland Trail Blazers)
    Brandon “The Truth” Vera (Fil-Italian) – UFC Fighter (Light Heavyweight)
    Burt Sugar – Boxing Writer/Historian
    C.C. Sabathia – Baseball (New York Yankees)
    Calvin Pace – Football (New York Jets)
    Cassie (Fil-Mexican) – Singer/Model

  • Dagul

    nice article to “polish” the chicken’s image to the fans.

  • Ed

    Fraud is the ducker of all-time, cherry picker and a chicken.. Tell me who fraud fought above 135lbs?? Washed up Oscar/Hernandez.. Hatton? he was careless..

    Diego is the only one good fraud beat (lightweight at that) !! and look and how he wins his fightss.. tko?? boxing?? boring?? who did fraud knock-out/destroyed??

    Shame on you fraud fans for calling him one of the all-time… pls. look at the quality of his opponents and how he won them compared to the PACMAN !! have a look at his fights and compare to the Pacman’s//Look at all the awards and accolades.. What if Pacman was american ?? OMG ?? don’t get me started on why PACKY turned down $ 40M or drug test.. this could take a whole book..

  • mike

    all floyd fans, bandwagoneer (including the writers who praise Floyd for his achievements and lies)are nothing but a bunch of outcast ignorant morons. None of them are boxing experts, nor are they boxing fans. They are purely Floyd fans who are paid to lick his balls. Floyd’s crusade to clean up boxing from illegal drugs is freakin pathetic. If it is a hype then Floyd gayweather and his hoodlums consists of Oskie Delahommo are doing a good job. Floyd is nothing but a big fat joke thats all there is to it.

  • AJ



  • joshua


  • jay

    hey floyd, i watched this video..and the time u start talking about manny pacquiao..i could sense from your facial expressions..the great fear to fight manny..ur afraid of manny..ur a big shame to boxing..now, u just have shown that u are bigger than boxing, bigger than nsac by getting your demands thats not written in the rules..u made fools of the boxing public, u made fools of arum and the golden boy promotions, u made the boxing world fool….and most of all, u manifested this act by making the greates of fools , the writer of this article

  • http://bulls.com airs

    okay okay, can we get ONE thing straightened out that i haven’t seen come up in the comments yet.
    manny agreed to THREE, yep, THREE drug tests just right AFTER the fight.
    it ridiculous to try and justify why mayweather wants olympic style drug tests when its 1.) not necessary and 2.) randomly chosen BEFORE the fight, meaning it could be RIGHT before the fight.

    mayweather is, and always has been a punk. weak.

  • cougar1975

    Floyd Mayweather is now obsessed with Manny. Most of his recent interview, he always talk about Pacquiao even though he is not being asked about the guy. Always making Manny stupid for not accepting his demands. Always telling everyone that Manny didn’t want random blood testing (even though everyone knows that Pacquiao accepted to take the blood test 24 days before the fight and right after the fight). Always talking “nonsense” about Pacquiao, always trash talking, and making himself the hero.

    Imagine comparing him (Floyd) to Martin Luther King and Malcolm X because he wants to clean the boxing world. He wants to fight clean and fair. Maybe he forgot his own fight with Marquez, fighting the bloated Marquez 2 lbs higher; and please watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAIQBcpHpSs. Is that what he called “fairness” in boxing.

    Floyd said in his latest interview: “No 50-50 purse split for Pacquiao if Mayweather-Mosley sell more PPV than Pacquiao-Clottey”. Mayweather-Mosley are both Americans compared to Pacquiao-Clottey which are both non-americans. PPV sales are only based in America, what can you expect. If both fights will happen in the Philippines, do you think Mayweather will say about PPV sales?

    Another thing, if Pacquiao wants to fight Mayweather the latter is now asking $7-10 Million more than Pacquiao’s purse (as if he is better than Pacquiao (maybe by trash talking), as if he is the P4P best, as if he is the Fighter of the Decade) else blood testing will be conducted daily.

    How about this challenge by Freddie Roach: “We’ll fight him (Mayweather) for free. Winner takes all!”

    Anyway, just keep on dreaming Floyd about fighting with Manny.

    I hope these things are just to hype the fight. But for me, I don’t think Pacquiao vs Mayweather will gonna happen.

    Thanks Nima for this article.

  • M.Azlan

    Do we still need to hear or get any more “trash” infos from maywither? Just drop him, and concentrate on REAL NEWS! Having him coming from fake wrestling-gig-show out-of-retirement just show this trash-talker just in it for the money, so hyping-up his bout even when fighting small out-of-his-division guys is his prime “WORK” cos that’s what his fans are coming from; hi-ego, trash-talker, PED-drug-users liars! He’s not going to give a good-boxing fight, he just want to give a SHOW, a show that he’s the smart-winning boxer against sure-loser opponents. But guess the trash-talks are gearing for higher speed cos this time against Sugar-Shane, maywither can feel it in his bones, this just could be his 1st LOSS. So hype up the bout, get in as much PPV and ticket sales cos after this 50-50 chance LOSS, he aint got nothin else to SELL! MAY 1st, yeaah baby, your money-may 1st LOSS! Go! Go! Shane, hit him hard even if there’s only 50-50 chance of you WINNING! The boxing world need REAL fighters in the boxing ring, not empty trash-talker xylocaine-cheater fan-ripping ego-gun-totting-gangster with records of ducking THE best challenger of the division! Who cares if you lose, who cares if Pac, Cotto, Clotey, Hatton, Oscar, Khan, Sugar-Shane, JMM, Marquez, Barrera and all those REAL fighters lose…. It’s the great boxing fight that is the MAIN EVENT that these GREAT BOXERS put on show is what the boxing public wants; the fans, the boxing-writers, the promoters, the general viewing public and especially the REAL fighters themselves! For us non-mainstream boxing public, getting interested and “BUY” PPV to see the fight just show one thing: there’s something in the boxing sport that is pulling the general public to see more! Not empty-trash talkers and duckers, to see the REAL boxing fights. For these recent years, Pac has generated boxing-show awareness of this especially for non-American viewers. Heard maywither now is counting the dollars to outstage Pac so he can deal a bigger purse in case they do decide to negotiate another showdown. Pity may! But there you have it, may only interested in the money first, not to give a good fight. Unlike others, like Pac, who would rather go to Cowboys Stadium to give more people access to his exciting fight, win or lose, the money will come if you’re the real deal. It doesn’t necessary come while you’re still active boxing, there are other ways, right PELE!?! Anyways, this is proof may needs the money more than Pac! Pac just do what he knows best, give the fan a good fight!


    Speaking of the NBA… Manny is Jordan; Floyd is Gary Payton. They are both All Stars, but one is just simply the best.



  • globalpinoy

    pacman will pawn and destroy pretty boy!!! his face ain’t pretty he looks like a wet behind the ears bum on the streets…pacman is filipino pride!!! mayweather must be scared the shit out of pacman’s mom…hehehehe…don’t compare yourself to martin luther king, MLK is a hero not a total faggot…

  • AsianMayweatherFan

    Mayweather has been dominating boxing for a while there’s a reason he was p4p king for 5 years

    People who have only been watching boxing since Manny became big need to stop pretending that Mayweather was the boss. He was knocking out everyone left and right before his hand problems caught up to him and he became much more conservative and speed-focused.

    You sound like a pack of wild rabid dogs barking the same note-STUPID PACMANFANATICS

    Even Freddie Roach thinks Mayweather would be Pacquiao’s biggest test ever–but you stupid f*cks won’t even give him the credit of being a great fighter just because you’re so in love with Pacquiao and hate his personality so much.

    Irrational. Arrogant. And soon depressed. Watch CLOTTEY UPSET THE UNDERRATED FILIPINO SENSATION. At the very least Manny’s gonna be black and blue all over at the end of the fight.

    After a tough TKO or decision victory over Sugar Shane with both men taking huge shots Mayweather will win a TKO or decision win over Pacquiao, retiring him and his legion of stupid fanatic fans forever.

  • globalpinoy

    I’ll dunk over your ass pretty boy…you are scared sh!t of pacman…he needs to do drug tests, way cool man!!! now you compare yourself to MLK??? well, ain’t it so freakin funny, man you need to take those drug tests, not pacman!!!

  • LetsGetIt

    wow lots of haters. this is a basketball site so it makes sense nobody knows a thing about boxing. educate yourself before you start talking s***

  • LetsGetIt

    and whats with all this gay talk? Didnt know pacman had so many fans still in middle school.

  • sikoyavej

    its awesom man… u have done a nice work.. u have showd to the world that monkeys indeed evovled.. who wud thought that a creature from the heat of africa, cud able to talk about “the best”, “greatness”, etc.. man this is awesome..

    However, mayweather really showd that he is living in his own world..and the big EGO was so obvious there man.. he is obviously envy of manny.. he could not stop talking about manny.. and i cudnt blame him..

  • ArtiZt

    @boxmeister – To Mayweather’s credit, he doesn’t have much to improve upon. Sure, he can output more offense and somewhat improve on his already-great footwork, but his style is not about offense, but rather about timing, dodging and running. His lack of power is underwhelming due to his brittle hands, and with or without Xylocaine, he knows he can’t risk injuring his hands too much. There’s really not much “improvement” he can integrate with that aspect. Pacquiao, on the other hand, had plenty to improve upon, such as defense, technicality and the ability to use both hands as threats. And he surely did improve beyond expectations. But it is not something worth comparing between both men, as Mayweather’s style seldom needed improvements like a textbook. Ironically, there are textbook athletes, and there are freak of natures that seemed to be custom-built by God to fit the sport. Pacquiao is one of those freak of nature, and shreds Mayweather’s textbook apart.

  • Joey E.

    Sugar Shane is kicking his ass.

  • http://www.lkz.ch Darksaber

    As a longtime fan of heavyweight boxing, i hardly cared for these lighter dudes on a, but i loved watching Roy Jones Jr. do his thing back when he was lighter. But damn if there aren’t many Manny fans spewing some insults on this piece! Haven’t seen most of the commenters here on anything else b-ball related on this site. Hope Nima’s got thick skin, cause the hate’s flowing right now.

  • myk..

    whhaatt????!!!who is it again?..oh..reaallllyy?!!since when?..ah..i see…but whhheeree??in his ddrreeaaammmsss????!!!you gotta be floyding!!!how? hhooowww???!!hhhoooowwww much nirma?! HOW MUCH?!!!

  • myk..

    @ darksaber..
    she ask for it..it must be the face dude

  • myk..

    @ oinstep.

    good thing you don’t talk too much..xylocaine causes bad breath.

  • myk..


  • Asiano

    Sugar Shame will beat the chicken crap out of the Fraud gayweather..the PBF (pity Boy Floyd) will stop talking..

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Mayweather is the best boxer out, those on Manny’s band wagon have to understand, Money Mayweather has been boxing best for a while, Manny just came on the seen, where was he at six years ago. People always say Mayweather has not fought anybody, because he wins, but if he would have lost to Golden Boy, the dude that beat Zab Judah or even the last dude he beat up, people would have said that he finally fought a good person. Shane is the tougher fight, I actually believe Shane has the better chance than Manny to beat Mayweather. Because if Mayweather beats Shane, everyone will say Shane is over the hill, but who has Manny fought an overrated Cotto, an even older Golden Boy, or Hatton, which everyone thought was going to beat Mayweather. Give this dude his props, Remember Manny would not do Olympic testing like Shane would do, that should tell you alot about Manny, What does he have to hide. Because if he was not scared he would do whatever to get in the ring to meet the real Pound for Pound King.

  • davidR

    look — mayweather is supremely skilled. BUT! he has NOT faught the best in their PRIME. sure, he’s faught big names, but not the absolute best in their primes. no doubt, he is very good. but we’ll never be able to truly gauge how great he is. you wanna talk about who faught the best during their best? look at the list of fighters oscar de la hoya fought. real talk. don’t disrespect boxing by pretending to believe floyd fought the best, cause that’s bullisht.

  • davidR

    for the record, i’m a manny fan too. but my main knock with him is: once he moved away from 130lbs, his next fights were strictly to inflate his rep. also, he never truly beat marquez (who i feel is his main rival). their 1st fight could’ve gone either way. their 2nd fight came down to a 1-point split decision. when they started moving up, manny demolished david diaz (?!), while JMM KO’d both casamayor (the undisputed light-weight champ) and juan diaz. sure, manny killed hatton, but don’t let his record fool you. the big difference between manny and JMM is their athleticism. while manny doesn’t look that great at welterweight (compare him at 147 vs cotto to 140 vs delahoya), JMM at welterweight has no shot at winning.

    all in all, even as a manny fan, i’d still give the edge to mayweather if the fight is at 147lbs, cause manny didn’t look that great at the weight. if it’s at 145 or lower, manny takes it no doubt.

  • davidR

    the seed,
    6 years ago was 2004. manny was starting his war with the mexican legends at 130lb. if you don’t think morrales, barrera, or JMM aren’t note-worthy opponents then you need to do more research

  • davidR

    nima & tzvi,

    this was a great read (and watch). thanks for throwing us something new, and hope to see more!

  • davidR

    lastly, as a fan of great boxers (floyd & manny included), i just have to say: a lot of you manny “fans” are trash. manny is pretty humble, yet here you guys are running your mouths off more than floyd, trying to defend his honor or whatever. at least make your arguments discussable.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Nima Zarrabi

    @Darksaber: The skin is thick. I knew what was coming once this article made the pacland site. Jam321 noted the manny army in the comments above. Some of these comments have been flat out hilarious. I gotta give Antonio M. some love for his. That made me laugh out loud. Brilliant two lines. I think cats like Artizt, boxmeister and DavidR bring up some very good points/observations/knowledge in their comments. Thank you for moving the discussion forward. According to the comments, many are turning in their graves due to my work and that surely includes English teachers all over the world that have come across a handful of these sentences. @Lado: We don’t write articles for hits at this site, although they are appreciated and so are the comments. We write articles for our loyal readership. It’s that simple.

  • the world

    these people who likes mayweather are just so stupid to show to thier children that their idol is unlikely a role model to them which obviously practices evil deeds…what stupid floyd fans!


    Manny is such in an enviable position. Look at his fans here, really rooting for their idol. At the rate he is having these endorsements (Nike etc as Maywather confirmed) and these broadbased global (some say “with money to spend”) fans, compared to Floyd, Floyd is sounding like a has been retired boxer. Did I hear it right, he is comparing himself now as the Lebron James/Kobe Bryant of Boxing, after Martin Luther king and Malcolm X, now basketball greats? The Boxing writers group should have declared him instead of Manny as boxer of the decade, we would have been spared of these idiotic self proclamations we’re getting now.

  • sportsaddict

    pure nonsense

  • http://fjkld.com Jukai

    Pops to Nima hardcore for addressing the comments like a professional writer and an adult, unlike some other cats on this website (cough Sandy cough)

  • http://fjkld.com Jukai


  • M.Azlan

    @NIMA, @JUKAI…. get real, as all websites churning these kind of “boxing remarks/news”, hits/views/comments are the norm, on either side of the fence, that these writers are looking for… probably for self-preservation and self-glorification of their “opinions”. But facts are facts, get the records straight and don’t get blurred by “in my opinion” comments against on-the-record facts; eg…”JMM won those two fights against Pac”…DUH? and at whose Championship record is that “WRITTEN”.. NIMA, maybe you could chip in at this kind of comments, IF you’re really that good in FACTS, and clear us on issue like this!

  • myk..

    @ nima, you have named five or less?..is that all you’ve got??lol..look nima, you have more than 100 comments here and you can name only less than five? i was not surprised that it weight much to you or you can say till your hearts out that they are more “brillant”. but the fact is numbers don’t lie. You must accept the bitter truth that majority (always) rules. and yeah Jam132 was right..it’s an ARMY.

    At least you got hits. Oh, i’m sorry it’s not about hits. But about loyal readership? oh, Nima get real!
    or..you can tell it to the marine (if not to the ARMY) lol!!

    The good things about you and your (a) handful of colleagues is, you’re an endandgered species. Mayweather’s should take good care of you. He should increase that paycheck.

    You’re doing good in advertising your stupidity on your own article. The next check must be fatter.

  • myk..

    @ jukai..don’t mind the clerical error, anyways..it was not only “props” but the whole thing and it’s not clerically, it’s terribly.

  • http://www.euroleague.net/competition/all-decade/main-page/i/65216/4259/euroleague-all-decade-candidate-dimitris-diamantidis?lang=en&itemid=65216&mid=4259&tabid=1143&itemname=EUROLEAGU DIMITRIS DIAMANTIDIS(click on my name)

    He’s the best…???? I really don’t know, i got no idea about boxing, all i know that TODAY’S BEST (or at least one of them)is definitely Josh Childress that played great defence yesterday limiting Spanoulis for the whole game and stopping Diamantidis in the most crucial moment in the end and also giving us some great high-lights especially a block at a Spanouis lay-up at around 3.5 m and a terrific dunk that you’ll enjoy when it gets past moderation….Teodosic was our scorer and MVP(covering also for a so-so performance from Kleiza), Papaloukas our mastermind, Bourousis and BIG-SOFO our “towers of power” but Josh was the guy that took us to the sky!!!!

  • http://www.euroleague.net/competition/all-decade/main-page/i/65216/4259/euroleague-all-decade-candidate-dimitris-diamantidis?lang=en&itemid=65216&mid=4259&tabid=1143&itemname=EUROLEAGU DIMITRIS DIAMANTIDIS(click on my name)




    LAST MINUTE. Check Josh’s Defense on Diamantidis from 3:14 to 3:25 and Diamantidis 3-pointer at 5:51 with a stretched Bourousis(6-11) all over him.


    CEREMONY. Check Fotsis,Kalathis and Yasikevicious(2:40) sadly watching Papaloukas and the Aggelopoulos brothers(owners) lifting the trophy(4:28).


  • http://www.euroleague.net/competition/all-decade/main-page/i/65216/4259/euroleague-all-decade-candidate-dimitris-diamantidis?lang=en&itemid=65216&mid=4259&tabid=1143&itemname=EUROLEAGU DIMITRIS DIAMANTIDIS(click on my name)




    LAST MINUTE. Check Josh’s Defense on Diamantidis from 3:14 to 3:25 and Diamantidis 3-pointer at 5:51 with a stretched Bourousis(6-11) all over him.


    CEREMONY. Check Fotsis,Kalathis and Yasikevicious(2:40) sadly watching Papaloukas, and the Aggelopoulos brothers(owners) lifting the trophy(4:28).


  • http://fjkld.com Jukai

    What’s hysterical is that Childress was the poster boy for Spanny to claim that NBA players are less skilled and wouldn’t dominate the Euros, and yet here we are…

  • http://slamonline.com dmonz


  • http://www.lkz.ch Darksaber

    Juk’s, guess even a tiger can change it’s stripes…hehe…

  • http://www.euroleague.net/competition/all-decade/main-page/i/65216/4259/euroleague-all-decade-candidate-dimitris-diamantidis?lang=en&itemid=65216&mid=4259&tabid=1143&itemname=EUROLEAGU DIMITRIS DIAMANTIDIS(click on my name)

    @Jukai/tavoris….:and what’s typical is that i have to explain even the most basics to my kids..,At the same time,these are my kids so here i go: Josh wasn’t the MVP of the game, Teodosic was. He is actually our 3rd best player this season (behind Milos and Linas) which is a great improvement since last year(and we are all happy about it) BUT at the same time nowhere near “dominating”….he is still unable to shoot the ball (by the way son, still waiting for super-guffy to develop an offensive game..??!!) or make his free-throws…..anyway, he is a funny guy, good character, and a spectacular athlete and we really love/thank him for this. When the going gets tough we got Papaloukas,Teodosic and Kleiza.

  • http://fjkld.com Jukai

    Lord knows, you’d never admit you were wrong, Spanny. Tip of the hat to you.

  • Bobby Bagoong

    I wish the writer would have tried to at least ask a couple of tough questions. It would be a more informative rather than just a fluff article. No teeth. Floyd is the one who craves attention, I say give it to him and let his rants and raving continue to bury his legacy.

  • Sven

    “I’m the greatest”, “All roads leads to Money Mayweather”, “I will clean up boxing with my drug test”!

    I used to be a Floyd Mayweather fan until 2 years ago then he retired without fighting the best in the welterweight. He’s good at playing the bad guy role but he crossed the line too many times that i feel he disrespected a lot of people. Floyd is as delusional as his father that it now makes me laugh everytime i read or hear their statements in the media. A sad, pathetic ending to a questionable career.

  • 3STARS n da SUN

    wait a minute. I thought we were talking basketball here?

    someone please explain to me how it ended up about pac?

    he’s fighting sugah shane. why is he talking about pac?

    is this a public declaration of insecurity towards the BWA ‘Fighter of the Decade’ awardee slash nike endorser?


  • http://myveryownwebsite.com Art Vandelay

    Seeing all these posts here, I guess it’s easy to say that fan-wise, Manny Pacquaio is the Yao Ming of boxing…

  • Larphy

    Manny Pacquiao can even beat FMJ in basketball, Manny can ball for real.. haha

  • Nathaniel

    Floyd Mayweather should focus in fighting Manny Pacquiao, not basketball! He’s a fan, sure..but “hey buddy, what about that fight with the man you mocked eh?? What about it? are u waiting for pacman to reach 66 years old or what? oh, wait, you rather make a scene on the news on getting in trouble for dumb stuff, instead of training and dedicating your time into fighting the best pound for pound, common man, wake up”, …people want to see mayweather fight congressman from phillipines pacman! not mayweather sharing his thoughts on the 94×50…Go and spar at your gym and focus!