Monday, March 15th, 2010 at 4:34 pm  |  28 responses

Video: Brandon Jennings–Protect This House. I WILL.

Check out Young Money (and his Prototype 2) in Under Amour’s new full-length video campaign “Protect This House. I WILL.” (via Counter Kicks)

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  • money

    i dont like it. its to long and boring…

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    I like it. I gotta say, even with the SLAM cover, the Rookie Game, the Under Armour hype, people are still kinda sleeping on what Brandon can do. He is NICE. And the Bucks are fun to watch again…

  • Joey E.

    it’s like jennings settled. i need him to be better. i know he can do it. it’s ok, bucks are winning and he’s still really young

  • TheMagician10

    Bucks are on fire as of late. Much credit due to Brandon Jennings aka The Takeover aka Doo Be Doo

  • Reflex

    cosign joey E. Like the ad as well, it’s got a good feel to it.

  • http://slamonline.com negative kreep

    I like it. He blazed his own trail.

  • the_baller20

    These commercials give me chills each time i see it. I love Under Armour and I always will. I WILL.

  • the_baller20

    These commercials give me chills each time i see it. I love Under Armour and I always will. I WILL.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    Co-sign Ben. He’s already proven most of the doubters wrong, and he’s going to get SO much better.

  • Da Real

    This is really begining to become a huge waste of $$ AND time. I am sure that a few people will loose thier jobs AND hurt thier careers by being involved in this big mess.

    The bottom line is that Brandon is having a “best-case scenario” season and they still couldnt spin that into a sucessful launch with thier already commited partner Foot Locker. Were they scared? Were there product issues?? I mean K1X launched with streetballer 187 and did ok, Pony with Wilson Chandler. Both those brands tanked, BUT UA has way more marketing and recognition so whats the deal?

    Bottom line is that thier best bet is to get aggressive and hire people who know what they are doing. Players werent even wearing the UA shoes at the Elite 24, thats an epic fail.

  • http://www.another48minutes.com Gerard Himself

    I really like it. Him watching himself playing in Rome, the workouts, it looks good.

  • magicmic

    God Damn boy…2 mins and 7 sec’s all for, I WILL???


  • donnell

    it was aiight. but honestly i think it was to long , and a little bit boring. And if this is Under Armours attempt to really finally push a bball product, i must say it did not appeal to me. Its worth noting that LI- NINGs Baron Davis in New York commercial was incredibly well done. And this is poorly done in comparison to Li ning

  • donnell

    i also would like to add, i dont think the commercials portrayal of Brandon Jennings personality is the best they could do. I feel like they were tryin to make him out as this stone cold basketball soldier. From what ive seen, he seems to be a person with a very dynamic personality. I think under armour should market his personality, so the public gets to know the person behind the product, and introduction of sorts, since he is a new player in his rookie year. If you think about some of the early IVERSON, PENNY , ADIDAS KOBE, TMAC commercials, they were a little more direct and real,they did not use any of the EMPTY GYM, LITTLE OR NO DIALOGUE SCENARIOS. I think Under armour should take those things into consideration

  • donnell

    i think the WHEN IN ROME , internet vids did a good job of showing his personality a lil bit, but those were released only on the internet, and even before he played in an NBA game. Seems im writing a lot, but i really enjoy the player and person Brandon Jennings is to the league, and i believe Under Armour has a quality product aesthetically and performance wise. I would hate to see them fail due to poor marketing.

  • Th3_R3al_Chris

    Only knock on his game right now is the inconsistent jumper mid-range jumper and his ability to finish at the rim. Those are two things he will improve upon greatly over the summer, I believe.

  • http://www.three60degrees.net NAS

    @donnel – your comment is absolutely on spot; here is their problem, the UA brand personality is serious hardcore athletics and doesnt allow for any fun

    BJ is fun, skinny and has an elegant game with floaters and crossovers and doesnt work on that level at all – i would suggest they create a sub brand (like the jordan brand) for brandon and let him be himself under the UA umbrella

  • underdog

    Dude needs a new nickname.

  • http://www.jewelzlopez.com -Mas-

    4 stars out of 5. I like The short story told in only 120 seconds. From his time in Italy to his team workouts and so on. Good player and best part about it is that the Knicks let him go to the Bucks. Oh well we will have a high lottery….oh forget it.

  • DS44

    they need to put the damn shoes out already and stop making commercials about them!!!!a

  • davidR

    ds44 speaks the truth. also gotta agree with some of the other comments. what good does it do for UA to keep teasing us with pretty dope bball kicks (sponsored by jennings nonetheless), and not put any of them for sale? you would think they would take advantage of brandon having a pretty good rookie season.

  • http://slamonline.com Spaceship Jay

    Give it another 4 years max. He’ll sign on to Nike.

  • Stillballin

    Brandon.. The next AI..

  • Bobby

    Anybody else think there are some problems with the basketball fundamentals shown in this video? EG at 0.53 when he’s making overhead passes, he brings the ball back behind his head so he can’t see it (minor I know, but I remember my coach picking up on me doing that when I was a kid). Again at 1.38, doesn’t he travel on the catch? Seems to me he lands, then does a little one footed-hop backwards. Not so impressive.

  • Bo Diddly

    He definitely travels on the pivot just before the dunk. But I think that’s allowed in America right??!

  • Dallas

    Commercial is dope. The dude’s got game.

  • str8 from samoa

    this brand is so underated.

  • http://nutte.de erving

    does anyone know where i can get those shoes?