Tuesday, March 16th, 2010 at 3:38 pm  |  27 responses

Video: Kyrie Irving – Top PG In The Nation?

As they say at BallisLife, there’s truly nothing Kyrie Irving can’t do with the rock. All they ask is 1:51 of your time to prove it to you (they convinced Ed.!):

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  • Ryan

    can he pass? doesn’t look like a point guard, more like a small 2 guard. at his size, if he wants to make it, he’ll need to learn pg skills.

    too bad he’s going to duke where development doesn’t happen. he’ll leave better at what he already does… thats it, thats all.

  • papa

    dude can ball no doubt.. but for a PG, they should have shown more than one pass

  • http://slamonline.com GotHandles?

    best Duke PG since Jay Will.

  • Diesel

    Seems like your standard above average high school point gaurd. Best in the nation doesn’t come to mind when I see this clip.

  • James

    yo have any of yall seen him play live? exactly! kyrie is the best pg in the nation…even though he has one of the slowest jumpshot releases ive ever seen

  • Andrej

    seems like he cant finish with his left, i excpected this mixtape to be absoloutley insane though

  • S. Ward La Flair

    Hmm… nice, but his release is very slow. Also, he only seems to finish at the basket with his right hand? Good player though.

  • lowblow

    he looks like mike conley

  • Da Real

    too small and not an elite athlete. he will need the media beast behind Duke to make him a star , otherwise he would be just another nice all-conference player

  • Da Real

    can anyone say dexter strickland part dux, haha

  • nastierthanu

    Lil curry gonna be on this duke team as well this should be interesting

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/category/blogs/farmer-jones/ Ryan Jones

    People who know are legitimately saying he might be the best guard ever out of New Jersey. The critiques on here from dudes who have probably never been the best ever at anything ever are cracking my white @ss up.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/category/blogs/farmer-jones/ Ryan Jones

    And I HATE Duke.

  • Diesel

    Ryan’s right guys. He’s qualified to look down on all of you because he’s good at…..I can’t think of a single thing now but I’m sure his mom told him he was the best at something. Other than Lang, slam staffers need to get over themselves. You guys are all regular guys that can write just slightly better than the average person. I didn’t know you had to be a pro scout to make an assessment on a player. I’ve played in high school and college. I haven’t seen this kid in person, I’m just going off of this clip. That being said the clip is not impressive. He’s a good player, but doesn’t seem special for all the reasons stated above, small, not super athletic, slow shot, no left. What’s your opinion for liking him Ryan other than saying other people like him so I will too.

  • TyMo

    Nice handle, solid athleticism. Double-pumps a bit too much on his drives to the basket though. In college, he’s just gonna have to take that stuff up strong.

  • matt

    Most of the people who watch videos nowadays think a good pg needs to have ankle breaking handles, and a 40 inch verticle…..WRONG. Kyrie irving too small? He’s 6’2 175 how in the world is that small for a pg? If you supposedly played high school and college you’d know that plain and simple. The video shows kyrie scoring because thats what his team needed of him this year. He obtained the all tourney mvp at the torrey pines maxpreps classic and is plain and simple the best pg I’ve seen this year. Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of good ball players that can do some amazing things, but kyrie is a level up on all of em. He almost single handily beat findlay prep, thats why ryne can say what he said.

  • Diesel

    @Matt – 6’2″ is big in high school, not at any other level. And yes, a pg needs to have ankle breaking handles, contrary to what you wrote above. They don’t have to have a 40″ vertical, but they do need to be able to get a shot off. It doesn’t look like,based off the clip, he’ll be able to use his speed on smaller gaurds, and bigger gaurds will be blocking that slow release that he telegraphs before he even thinks about letting it go. I’m trying to analyze him at a college and possible NBA level. That is what I would expect from “the best pg in the nation”. I’m just not seeing it in this clip.

  • http://slamonline.com/ Tzvi Twersky

    Damn. Diesel hurt my feelings for real. Why the hate?

  • matt

    Tyreke Evans has a quick shot? I didn’t know that. And come on, 6’2 is labeled as THE height for a pg, either 6’2-6’4 is an ideal pg height in college and the nba. Derrick Rose is listed at 6’1? Brandon Jennings is 6’1? Stephen Curry is 6’3? I could name a ton of pg’s in the league who are in that height range. Also 6’2 is not big in high school. Also on terms of shooting, have you seen leandro barbosa shoot?

  • Diesel

    the dude is listed at 6’2″, which means he’s really probably 5’11″. tyreke doesn’t need a quick release because his size and athleticism make up for it. You have to have one of them..size, speed, athleticism…you can’t have none of them. Rose and Curry measured 6’3″ in the NBA. But that’s not the point…they all are great at at least one aspect of the game. This dude doesn’t seem great at any…that’s why I listed like 7 things he wasn’t doing well in the clip yet you focused in on just his height.

  • Diesel

    Tzvi – ur actually alright. Most of my hate is for Ryan. I stopped posting on Slam for a while(not that anyone cares) because Ryan pulled some similar sh*t here

    I just don’t get the whole mock the posters that visit the site and keep it growing thing. If the smart@ss feels like its all “people with no lives” and “people who will never be great at anything” posting, then why waste his time responding?

  • matt

    I only focus on the height cause you said he was too short. Rose was actually about 6’1 when he was measured in at pre-draft workouts. Kyrie is def not 5’11 though, im about 5’11 with shoes on and he was def taller than me by a good 3 inches. Kyrie has deceptive speed as well, idk why we are arguing, my bad for getting heated. We will just see how he pans out this next year in college.

  • http://twitter.com/ryanbiddulph Ryan

    I’ve been following ball in NJ for the last 20 years. I’ve played against guys like Tim Thomas and Brevin Knight. Kyrie is the best all around guard that I’ve seen in NJ. Wagner was stronger but Kyrie the better shooter and all-around player. Also plays great defense. He was good for at least 1 ridiculous rejection on the break per game.

    He’s en excellent passer. Wait until you see him next year at Duke when he has bigs to pass too. He doesn’t have John Wall’s insane athletic ability but look for him to have a John Wall type impact on college basketball, finding a perfect fit with maybe the best team in the land next year.

  • kg

    how bout ryan harrow. really underrated , more of a point guard and he is entertaining to watch.

  • Ty

    Did any of you actually see the McDonald’s All-American game? If you did and you doubted him, he made you eat your words! His passes were tight, his release looked good and his moves were sick.

  • Mike Keys

    Marquis Teague … enough said !

  • d

    I saw Kyrie play a few times in person!! he definitely has a left..I saw him dunk on a kid with his left hand. He is the complete point Guard shoot, pass dribble.defense .A+ He was the mj classic co-mvp and team usa mvp last summer what more does he have to prove??