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Video: Manu Ginobili’s Heroics on Both Ends

For the second straight night, Ginobili saved the Spurs in the game’s dying moments, this time doubling his workload:

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  • Overtime

    That was the correct call. Manu is playing BIG this year

  • Brahsef

    I hate to see calls on either side when the games on the line. Let em play, unless its a complete muggin goin on.

    Especially when its a bang bang play like a charge/block. They got the call right, but how many times do they get those wrong?

  • Drew

    That was some BIG TIME plays by GINOOOOOBILIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.peopleofwalmart.com/ Jukai

    You know, the more I watch that charge call, the more I don’t like it.
    Manu’s right foot is still SLIGHTLY in the air. He’s not COMPLETELY set. No way for a referee to know that, but… I really don’t like it.

  • http://www.twitter.com/dfrance21 dfrance21

    He was not completely set at all. You can actually see him raise up a little and lean into Melo to make sure there was contact. If the refs are gonna swallow their whislte on the obvious travel he had the night before, they should have done the same on this call. The NBA needs to do away with the charge/block line. Its a bailout for the refs and the players as well. A charge is a judgement call, it can’t be, “oh hes in front of the line its a charge, he’s on the line its not.” It’s never that cut and dry.

  • HoodedxSaints

    @Jukai it’s close, but the front of his right foot is on the ground. That was a very smart play by Ginobili.

  • ck

    Absolutely the correct call. Good to see the refs step up and make a necessary call in the closing seconds. I agree you like to see the players play it out, but too many times it gets a little out of hand. Correct call all the way. Doesn’t matter if both feet are firmly planted on the ground. People that have played basketball before would know that rarely are both feet ever flat on the ground. It’s an athletic stance. Doesn’t change the fact that Anthony hit Ginobili quare in the chest. Sorry Melo

  • permaculture james

    That man is a stud — he just plays ball. And to think that I sort of assumed that he’d be a little more showy/diva being a porteño. Pop likes him and he’s a tough critic.

  • robb

    man, this guy never gives up

  • Trevor

    Props to the ref for having the balls to make that call

  • jinjin

    The NBA picks its favorites at the end of games w/ favorable calls (i.e. Lakers, and others) The Nuggets are not on that list we have seen this in the 08 WCF, but they (Nuggets)tend to play stupid and sloppy at times and blow leads so I understand that they are on the receiving end of bad calls at times… IMHO Manu was leaning in, and a call like that is not made with less then 4 seconds, and there needs to be some common sense when reffing a game (Melo’s weight>Manu’s weight) that should have been the game winner, but should I explain my favorites theory again?

  • Jackie Moon

    Both refs made the call. And it was the correct call. Should teach offensive players to pull up to avoid a charge.

  • http://www.need4sheed.com Tarzan Cooper

    Because hes manu ginobili…………..

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    The charge/block line is the best thing about the NBA, and it’s not hte only determinant in figuring out if a play is a charge. It depends on if the player is set, when the defensive player arrives in position, and even where the offensive player catches the ball.
    I don’t like seeing games decided by this, but I can see why the refs made that call.

  • Lz – Cphfinest3

    Exactly Tarzan, I was going to post that. Pop has had some mean one-liners over the years.

  • kelly

    Come on now. It’s very widely known that the NBA favors certain players, mostly the veterans and the more popular players to keep fans satisfied. Lakers will get the benefit of most calls because they are so well liked. That being said, overall Ginobili is one of the most hated players in the league. Manu isn’t going to get a favorable call on the road, least of all against Carmelo Anthony. It was an obvious charge. Young players are taught to pull up to avoid an offensive foul. Props to Ginobili and the ref.

  • OvaChicken

    How tight was that ! Man that must have hurt , but it was GOOD hurt. Ginobs must have heard Reggie:-)He read that ish like a good book. As soon as Melo put the ball down he was gettin to that spot in time Sir Charles says it best GINOOOOOOOBLI !!!

  • OvaChicken

    & Kenny

  • OvaChicken

    not so much earnie , he’s a tit

  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    you don’t make that call at the end of the game…period….he shuffled his feet too….you just swallow your whistle….I know Melo was pissed

  • Paxton.

    Perfect play by Ginobili to draw the charge. I don’t like when refs make last second calls but that was too blatant of a charge for them to ignore. Carmelo hammered him.

  • http://www.need4sheed.com Tarzan Cooper

    Maybe the best part is when manu said he had to be there, its his job. He said it with a tone of fear, like he knew if he wasnt there, pop would have waterboarded him.

  • Ronald

    Yeah, sure. It’s the last two minutes of the game. Forget about rules. Let’s just let them to their “thing”./s Gutsy call though, and a gutsy charge too.

  • Tim

    I watched on Ronnie Nunn’s program last night- it doesn’t matter if the player raises a foot– he was still at the spot before Carmelo and was knocked over- remember there are charge/block scenarios involving verticality (being in the air). I think it’s the right call.

  • http://www.fiba.com Darksaber

    THIS is one of those situations where i’d agree with Spanny on one of his favorite rant topics here:
    Manu Ginobili, WORLD CLASS BALLER.

  • http://www.fiba.com Darksaber

    Manu is so clutch, when he was healthy last playoffs (sort of) i knew Dallas was gonna have their hands full.
    And i just luv Pop’s late game inbounds plays, he and Doc Rivers have such skill at making the right call late in crunchtime.

  • rex81

    haters wanna hate,ballers wanna ball. Manu 4 mvp.