Tuesday, January 25th, 2011 at 11:30 am  |  4 responses

Video: Brook Lopez Wins it for New Jersey

It looked like only a few hundred people showed up for this stinkfest — despite the comically low ticket prices — but Lopez sent them home happy:

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  • Ryanrapsfan

    Look mommy, its bad vs. worse!

  • robb

    The most skilled center in the league.

  • Rainman

    ^ msot skileld big man in the League?

    Andrea Bargnani is better than dude, he avereages soemthing liek 4 more points a game, and sucks jsut as bad on the boards.

    and he plays on a better team.

  • Rainman

    not Saying Bargnani is the most skilled center in the league…jsut proving he aint even more skilled than Bargz, who most ppl dont pay much attention too.