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Video: Dwyane Wade Alley-Oop to LeBron James

The two superstars display their chemistry.

Almost without fail, the Miami Heat’s dynamic duo seems to end Playoff games with mind-bending feats of skill and athleticism. Last night was no different.

(H/T: @blazersedge)

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  • http://fkjslf.com Jukai

    I originally thought this play was drawn up, but now I’m not so sure.
    It starts cause Terry is so distracted while watching Wade that Lebron just wanders off to the side. Wade makes his move and Chandler immediate comes off Bosh to show. Lebron sees there is no one on him and makes a really deep cut to the basket. Bosh sees that Chandler has moved out of the way and boxes out Terry early, leaving Lebron a clean drive. Wade sees Lebron and as Chandler comes over, throws a clear alley-oop.
    This is just an example of three incredibly intelligent players. Wow.


    ^^^ let’s disect your first option Jukai^^^ I think it was drawn up. Notice how nobody else moves on the baseline on Wades drive, while Bosh sets a slight pick on Terry before Chandler even moves knowing Dirk is not going to challenge Wade (coz he a chump like dat) so Tyson has no choice but to come over, leaving Bron open & CB4 is not even suprised when he SPANKS !! The art of DISStraction perfectly executed. Not the first time this has happened & certainly not the last. I just like the Texicans reaction. SHELLSHOCK !! goodnite. The Big 3 runnin thangs proper.

  • BronHata

    TRAVEL !!

  • http://www.twitter.com/dfrance21 DFrance21

    That ending just seemed too perfect. Illuminati! lol.

  • http://www.twitter.com/dfrance21 DFrance21

    Definitely looks drawn up. You can see Bosh and Bron setting the screen up. Bron started sprinting for the lob before Wade even had a clear view of the lane.