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Video: Cappie Pondexter Q+A

On basketball, her fashion/style company and image.

SLAM’s own The Basketballista, caught up with Cappie Pondexter before the Liberty’s 85-75 win over the Atlanta Dream. The Liberty star had much to say about playing in New York, her style company and the importance of defining an image.

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  • nick

    LOL @ Slam. This is absolutely a fall from grace from what was once the best basketball publication out there.

    If you want to cover Cappie Pondexter, please do so if it’s about her playing basketball or what she does on the basketball court.

    Aside from being horrific journalism, it’s a blatant slap in the public’s face to present them a story – in this case a video feature – with Pondexter talking about the importance of image and ‘being your own brand’. As asinine, bigoted, insensitive and completely ignorant as her comments regarding Japan were, her ‘apology’ was even worse.

    When I saw the subhead with what she talks about, I clicked thinking she’d be talking about her image and how it was effected after she decided to tweet why there was a devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan a few days after. I was sorely mistaken.

    The worst part of it all is that Slam would send their gimmick ‘basketballista’ to essentially give Pondexter a free video advertisement plugging her company that specializes in helping people with their brand. LOL – you can’t make this stuff up!!

    If anyone reading this is curious about her sentiments regarding a disaster that killed over 10,000 people just google, ‘Cappie Pondexter Japan’.

  • carolina25

    Great video and interview!! Great questions and terrific answers Branding, image, fashion….. this interview really covered so many important aspects of sports, business and how to combine them with a passion.

  • nycbballfan

    Nick might think that basketball players should just play basketball. Maybe you should realize these are people that have short careers in basketball and they are allowed to think about and have careers in things other than basketball. They are allowed to do other things than entertain you. No one says the correct thing all the time, especially when you are in the public eye. Even you, Nick.

    In case you couldn’t tell, I liked the interview. The questions were interesting and so were the answers.

  • nick

    It wasn’t that she said the incorrect thing. It was vile and she even threw in a racial epithet as the cherry on top. It’s not like she was drunk and someone caught it on their camera phone – or secretly recorded off the record. She didn’t say the wrong thing out of nerves in front of a camera or on the radio. She wasn’t caught off guard. She saw the news of at least 10,000 people dying in Japan from the disaster, thought about it and tweeted it herself for the public to see. Several times.

    She said God did it because of the way Japan treats their people (which is ignorant to begin with because you could argue the Japanese government’s social programs make the US look awful, and she probably was thinking of China), and it was payback for Pearl Harbor. When someone questioned her she called them a ‘jap’. Her apology showed no remorse, and in fact, reaffirmed her conviction.

    Not once have I said she shouldn’t be allowed to play basketball, or infer she couldn’t do other things besides play basketball or make as much money as she wants doing whatever she wants because of her comments. I was merely pointing out how silly it was for Slam to put it’s name on a story like that given the context. It’s an embarrassing slap in the readers face. If Slam wanted to do a feature on her off the court, talk about her background coming from Chicago or maybe other hobbies/interests that ARE NOT overt examples of hypocrisy. Anything but a clip of her preaching the importance of her image with no mention of her inherent prejudice and equally putrid, subsequent, backhanded ‘apology’.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    Whoa now, nick, I agree 100% that her comments were asinine and hateful.
    But “she probably was thinking of China”? What the hell is that supposed to mean? She said it was pay back for Pearl Harbor–meaning around the time of WWII.
    Now, this next point has absolutely nothing to do with the tragedy of the Japanese disaster. Nor does it justify any of her comments whatsoever.
    But are you actually aware of the atrocities committed by the Japanese in the decades leading up to and during WWII? They were the Nazis of Asia, only they invaded more territories and slaughtered more civilians. Oh, and several of their scientists (namely Shiro Ishii, Japan’s version of Josef Mengele) in charge of the “research” done on Chinese civilians and soldiers (ie. testing biological weapons and carrying out live torture) were never prosecuted for war crimes. Instead, they were hired by the US to develop biological weapons for the West.
    So… She was thinking about China? That’s kind of insulting, don’t you think?

  • nick

    One of her tweets separate from the Pearl Harbor one said it’s God punishing them for how they treat their people. The Chinese government is notorious for treating it’s population poorly. I can’t say for sure that’s what she meant because the Japanese currently treat their population wonderfully. I was just trying to connect her flawed logic.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    I also agree that her apology was a load of BS. What she said was vile–and she even had the nerve to use the “God did it for a reason” line–but it’s not the end of the world. Athletes fake their image all the time.
    It had to be said though (your comments).

  • http://wnbamovement.wordpress.com/ NikeKid

    I truly hope you people are not older than 13! Wasting your time talking about something that happened at the beginning of March? Kind of irrelevant as well as immature don’t you think. If you dislike Pondexter so much, why even come watch the video? But thank you for the view, you’re making the ratings go up!

    –GREAT Interview SlamOnline! Interview more WNBA players please!

  • Jscottbbuggin

    See…Nick and Teddy-the-Bear…obviously don’t know God! His wrath is real, but besides that…get off of what she said already…Get OVER it, it’s in the past! Damn, why even watch this clip if you dislike her so much?! Cappie, they don’t know about God’s favor, matter of fact, they don’t know about God…look who got a video interview with SLAM!!! Nick and Teddy-the-Bear…she just made her enemies her footstool…LOL…CP23 ALL DAY!

  • pwrebll

    Teddy-the-Bear has the history correct. It is kind of amazing what discussions can be generated by an article, feature, etc. That is a good thing. Thanks Slam for a WNBA video feature. I liked it very much and will be following Cappie’s business progress as well as on the court work. She seemed genuinely interested in the reporter’s questions and answered them enthusiastically. Looking forward to some more WNBA features like this.

  • nick

    Nike Kid and Jscottbbuggin —

    You both asked why I watched the clip, but I explained it pretty thoroughly in my post. I was under the impression she would be commenting on the past remarks because as far as her ‘public image’ that is ALL she has.

    It is ironic though that she decided to weigh in on Don Imus’ comments regarding the Rutgers women’s basketball team when she wasn’t part of it. But I don’t expect you two to see the hypocrisy in that either. I don’t dislike her either, which also is something you both said and something I didn’t. I look forward to Slam’s next video interview where Eddy Curry talks about his training company that stresses work ethic and Darius Miles’ consulting firm that helps athletes stay out of trouble with the law. Also Jscottbbuggin – you say I don’t know the reality of God’s wrath or about his favor but I wanted to make sure I knew which God you were talking about? The Christian one? The Muslim one? The Jewish one? A different one? Let me know.

  • IntheSun

    NikeKid – March really wasnt that long ago…..is your attention span really that short?
    Jscottbbuggin – are you really trying to suggest that you and Cappie understand “God’s wrath”? So you understand why millions of innocents starve to death while the rich ruthless and shameless live so well? Id be interested to hear it….

    I for one wouldve liked to hear her explain her comments on Japan…..

  • nick

    pwrebll – I agree that is amazing, and equally important, to have discussions like this from an article. However, her tweets inferred the disasters of March was God’s wrath for the way Japan treats it’s people (in the present…which is way off base…she didn’t imply she was referring to how they treated their people and others in the 40′s)… in a separate tweet she said it could also be God getting them back for Pearl Harbor. I’m hoping ‘The Basketballista’ or one of Slam’s editors can chime in as to why no question was asked to Cappie in the interview regarding it. Seems completely relevant, and the most obvious question on the topic for her.

  • pwrebll

    I understand what you are saying. There are so many people that have said or done things that I do not agree with. I understand how passionate you feel about this. I do believe that an interview can be about a different topic other than the controversial one.

  • http://wnbamovement.wordpress.com/ NikeKid

    All three of you people are imbeciles. I feel nothing but pity for you guys, that are acting worse than a girl. You seriously think that speaking negatively towards Pondexter is the mature way to go about things? March in fact is a VERY long time ago InTheSun, hell even the economy has drastically changed since those 5 months, would you not agree? Pondexter made one statement, which was the correct statement to make. Who are “we”, as nothing more than the human race, to question our creator about why bad things are happening in life?? Was that not what you were taught as a child as well? Or did actual common sense come after your date of birth? Pondexter should not even have to apologize for something that is not only the truth, but also the correct truth. Is it her fault that the majority of the world is too brain dead to see the bigger picture of what she was trying to say? Or is it just the fact that since this woman who is speaking the truth, something the world hates for any woman to do, is darker in skin tone? You people would NOT be attacking Cappie Pondexter if she was a little white lady, who was a stay at home mom raising 8 children, living on a farm. THAT is the truth. You cretins should really get your back out of your rear end look around at the world. If Pondexter saying something partially offensive, even though she IMMEDIATELY apologized, makes you that uncomfortable; then you should just commit suicide now. There are so much more devastating things that have accrued in the world since March, things that need to be discussed on another website..Gee, i dont know, maybe the fact that our President just risked his re-election for the better good of the people, but yet people still are not a fan of his? GET OFF this subject, or jump on the bandwagon! There is plenty of room on this ride for the WNBA 2011 Championship, which Cappie Pondexter is clearly going to attend! Enjoy your life bigots! #TeamCAPPA

  • Tracy

    Hi Nick,

    Thanks for the comments and for checking out the interview. The focus of the feature was her style company, fashion and building a foundation for her post-basketball career. I wanted to cover that in addition to her thoughts about this season. I understand where you are coming from, but it was not something I had intended to ask her in that interview. Again, I appreciate your comments and conversation.

    To everyone who posted–thanks for checking out the piece.

  • nick

    NikeKid – What an embarrassing post. I won’t even address how dangerous your thoughts on the God issue are. Race has nothing to do with this, other than Cappie’s comments being inherently racist. But if Cappie were white, asian, hispanic or any other race, I would have raised the same exact opinion. Judging by your entire post it’s evident either your reading comprehension skills are subpar at best or you have no deductive reasoning ability. The entire premise of my initial post was about the shock she wasn’t questioned about her statements after she talked about the importance of her image. Not the statements themselves. It is funny that your message is racially charged while no one else’s have been, nor should have been. But then you call us bigots. It’s all starting to make sense now. LOL

  • nick

    Tracy – Thank you for responding. But reporters shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions if they are wildly pertinent to something the interview subject just said, even if the reporter didn’t intend on asking it in the first place. Just my two cents.

    Also while NikeKid accomplished the full checklist of things to get banned, I request he/she doesn’t so he/she can continue to respond. Thanks

  • LimitLessKid

    Everyone should just shut up. You guys are making yourselves look bad. Trying to out smart the next person, what point are you making? Cappie Pondexter is the best in the WNBA, hands down. And if she feels she did nothing wrong,who are we to tell her she did. Now I am not a “blind follower” as people say, but i do have common sense. What Cappie said clearly was taken as offensive to some people. However it is funny to see how many people can attack her for saying something so minor, but yet they did not donate money to Japan. NikeKid I understand where you are going with the race color, no one will admit it, but that is what the whole world consist of, is it not? I am very much aware that we still do live in a prejudice world. People are prejudice and do not even no it. Cappie being African American of course has not added on anything nice to the issue. However is she were another race, there would of still been some back lash. But honestly, this was a while ago, bigger things can be talked about. If you want to waste your time talking about old news, that will NEVER be erased…then that is honestly pathetic. I came on this site to watch a hard working woman, that also happens to be one of the best mentors on and off the court—— Great Interview Slam! As always!

  • NikeKid

    Getting banned from something normally consist of you actually doing something wrong. If I did not use foul language nor did I say anything sexually explicit, how in the world can anyone ban me? Gee “Nick” sure seems like Slam Online kisses up to you. I don’t care if you are the creator of WNBPA, or if you just sit at home on your computer all day, bottom line is you are waisting your time and energy. There is nothing you can say that will make this issue come back into life. Pondexter can not be punished for this, and she can not do anything else besides say sorry continuously. How do you think it feels to have someone continue to bring up something you might regret, nothing can ever make it go away. Even though you have this perfect act up, I am sure you have done something you regret in your life. Would you like to be reminded every day about it? Please do people that were taught to actually “forgive and forget” a favor, and just shut your face. Cappie Pondexter is a basketball player, not a nun. Point blank. I will be clearly the BIGGER person and stop talking to you. You people are all the same, just attack attack attack, attacking so much before you even get to know the person. Well I do know this person, and she is not as evil as you people make her seem.Who emptied their pockets when there was a time of need? She did, what about yourself? Good day to you sir.

  • nick

    Do you even read what I’ve written? I’ve never asked for Pondexter to be punished in any way, shape or form. Nor have I even said it was necessary for her to apologize. No use reiterating my point because you haven’t gotten it the first five times. Oh well. I’ve exhausted my what was on my mind. Hopefully anyone who read all of this sees where my issue with this whole thing lies (hint for NikeKid: it is NOT with Cappie’s tweets).