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Video: LeBron James’ Visit to House of Hoops London

Even across the pond, he’s still King.

Before the NBA season began, LeBron James got the chance to take a trip to London, where he hung out with fans, answered questions, gave out some free kicks, and launched his sneaker at a House of Hoops event. He even visited the London School of Basketball and dished out some advice to young players.

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  • The Truth

    Too bad they didn’t show the interview where he was ask who was better between him and Kobe, he got a bit sensitive! lol

    Last year Kobe was asked the same questions,who was better between you and Lebron? Kobe went straight in and said him. One on one was his thing, etc! Lebron James maybe the best player to never win a championship title! Even DeShawn Steveson has one over Lebron.

    Even Jordan said Kobe is the closest person that can be compared to him, in regards of this era! Lebron hasn’t got that killer instinct nor does he have that hunger that makes a Champion. Lebron comes short on every 4th quarter and with DWade out, what will he do even with Rupaul! lol