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Video: Ricky Rubio’s Top Plays from the Rising Stars Challenge

TWolves rookie ‘got a bag in his tricks.’

It seemed like Ricky Rubio was born to play in last night’s Rising Stars Challenge. The flashy PG dazed many a defender, turning routine passes into behind-the-back and between-the-legs looks.

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  • http://slamonline.com The Philosopher

    Jason Kidd Jr.

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    yeah this game was made for rubio

  • http://jasonkidd.com Jason Kidd

    ye, this kid resembles me a lot

  • Orpah the Prosident

    I wonder how many of the many, many, MANY haters that have spent the last three talking crap about Rubio will admit that they were wrong.

  • Fat Lever

    He threw a three quarter court behind the back pass that was on point that was the most impressive play he made, to me. This kid has got skills.

  • shutup

    I was wrong about his production, I thought he was going to do as well as he has, his passing doesnt surprise me, its his defense that i’m most impressed with. That being said the hype machine is still in effect, this post coulda been Kyrie Irvings top plays, or John Walls top plays but Rubio gets another article even though he was outshined by many others in this game, and that is why I still believe I was dead on about his hype being about more than just basketball.

  • http://slamonline.com YKnoT

    shutup keep talking lol, I was thinking the same thing. 8 for 8 from beyond the arc is pretty darn impressive

  • slim_dunkin91

    i agree with shutup, if there was 1 point guard that deserved his own top plays list it was def Kyrie Irving.

  • Startown

    Shutup; he was outplayed by one player, Irving…that is it.
    Lin looked slow, Cole looked very good as well!

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Kyrie Irving or John Wall should have this post. BOOK IT!!

  • Nora

    Irving is a dime a dozen. Who does what Rubio does? Nobod. That is why he gets a highlight reel. 8 threes are very nice but who wants to watch a 3s highlight reel in a game with no defense? Not me!

  • shutup

    In my post I meant to say I didnt think he was going to do as well as he has.Startown did you watch the game? Wall was killing it, I dont know what the final numbers looked liked, but the white boy from Utah coulda had a top 3, some of his dunks were unexpected. Sh!t even Landry Fields coulda got a better top 3. Lets review play 1- through the legs cute but nothing I havent seen done better on almost any park I’ve played in, but the slot machine dribble down the court, (one armed bandit) was ehhh and even the oop was basic, he coulda got cute with it like wade to lebron, he was throwing a lob to griffin, he coulda bounced pass the oop like the pistons back in the day. Play 2) it was an effortless steal, the around the back pass was nice but the play shouldnt have counted the guy walked his arse off, because Rubio hit him to early (maybe being to critical ) but who you pass to is as crucial as how you pass it. Play 3) a layup in a game where no body was contesting anything, wasnt even a good move to break his own man down, he caught it and just went right. Yeah somebody else shoulda really had this write up.

  • shutup

    Dime a dozen? smh show some respect when your talking about the rookie of the year Nora. That kid is special, Irving is a beast. I rather see 8 3′s then some overhyped bullsh!t plays.

  • startown

    shutup: Irving is a special player, but so is Rubio, why can you not admit that. Like Nora said who plays like Rubio?, nobody, is he the best young all around point guard, well maybe not, but he is a great passer and he is constantly on ESPN top 10 plays every night.

    He is popular because he prefers to pass, very refreshing in the shoot first NBA!

    Yes, I watched the game, lots of ahhs when Rubio passes, Wall is very athletic and can dunk, but how many were at the end of the game uncontested. Like the announcer said, if Wall could hit a 15-20 foot jumper consistently he would be an All-Star

  • shutup

    never said Rubio wasnt special, and I did admit that earlier in this post. and being on espn top ten is a product of the hype machine, not always due to the greatness of his plays, like I alluded to earlier in this post as well. but we definitely disagree about why he is popular, at least in part. Dont try to downplay Walls game, his rookie season was better than the year that Rubio is having in almost every way and he’s playing on a far worse team. and is prefers to pass a way to say he cant shoot consistently? Because Wall prefers to slash and create off penetration, their assist numbers are almost the same Wall -1, but he scores +5 points more per game.

  • shutup

    oh and Nora said Irving wasnt a special player, “dime-a-dozen” is what was said, show me 10 other rookies avg 18 ppg and 5 apg on a crap-tastic team like the Cavs.

  • slim_dunkin91

    nora is a bigger idiot than skip bayless, if irving was a dime a dozen why is he still outplaying rubio???

  • dannyb

    Good thing they weren’t calling walks in this game. #s 2 and 3 were both travels.

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    Okay, I’m just gonna say it…if Rubio were black, he’d be considered brash, arrogant, and all style over substance. But he’s not, so an unnecessary yet flashy behind the back pass is considered “refreshing” and “throwback to pass-first pgs”. Like I’ve been saying since his first week, he’s got great vision and anticipation, and he tries on D, but when espn finds his free throws highlight worthy and Slam considers an 18 foot uncontested Rubio jumper a “Top 10 Play of the Night”, some of us know what’s really up .

  • AL

    He’s a stud, and he belongs. Quit the hating already.

  • shutup

    I see you Meat Hook, thats exactly what I’m getting at when I say I like him as a player but the “hype” is crazy, John Wall put up the same numbers Rubio is doin but with more points yet all you hear is he needs to work on his mid-range jumper, or he needs to be a more complete player, or some other lame comment. One thing I gotta point out is he does more than just “try” on defense, he’s leading the league in steals, (by a slight margin)not that I consider him a lock down defender but his numbers are impressive none-the-less

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    No one’s hating on Rubio. I actually love watching the guy play. I like no look dimes and pass-first pgs and i actually think his play this year has been a pleasant surprise. I’m just saying that the media chooses who they want to push for and who they don’t…and sometimes, they glorify someone for the SAME reason they flame someone else. Certain players can do (Rubio’s flashy/unnecessary behind the back passes) and say (Dirk admitting that he started the season out of shape) things that players named Lebron and Javalee would get flamed for. Just my opinion.

  • Startown

    John wall is a great player but he was the #1 pick in the draft and he plays on the worst team in the league. Rubio was labeled as a future bust by many, so he has exceeded the story….neither Wall or Rubio has received the attention that Lin has??

    Personally they should all receive attention, my opinion Lin will fade out as the season progresses.