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Video: Clippers Angry Over Robin Lopez’s Flagrant Foul on Blake Griffin

Robin Lopez was kicked out of last night’s Clippers/Suns game in Phoenix, but following the tough loss, Blake Griffin and his teammates continued to steam over the hard foul. From the LA Times: “The Clippers were more angry about the strained neck Griffin suffered because of the play that got Lopez ejected than they were about not being able to execute late in the game. ‘You can push all the way up to that line. The line is pretty fine,’ Griffin said. ‘Once it gets crossed, it becomes real dangerous, I guess. But that’s the way it’s been going.’ [...] ‘I don’t know what he said,’ Mo Williams said about Lopez. ‘I was mad about the whole thing. It just don’t make sense. You’re on the break and you want to stop it, beat him down the court and put your body in front of him. And if he runs down the court and beats you and you can’t get to him, you can’t get to him.’ Griffin was asked if he felt Lopez crossed that line. He paused before answering the question. Griffin had missed a potential game-tying three-pointer as time expired, another sore point for him. ‘I’ll let every individual be the judge of that,’ Griffin said. ‘I know what I felt and I know what the impact of the play was.’ [...] The Clippers dropped one game behind the third-place Lakers in the Western Conference playoff race and are 11/2 games ahead of fifth-place Memphis. The Clippers also have lost 10 straight games on the road to the Suns, last winning in Phoenix April 17, 2007. None of that mattered to the Clippers. They are tired of Griffin getting beat up by opponents. ‘[Suns Coach] Alvin Gentry told me to tell Blake that they don’t stand for that,’ Chris Paul said. ‘I don’t know what Lopez was thinking. I actually went to the ref and asked if they could keep him in the game rather than not get ejected. He didn’t want to get dunked on so he decided to do something crazy.’”

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  • http://slamonline.com badnewsballer

    Whammy juice

  • http://minusthebars.blogspot.com Don

    Blake Griffin’s forearms to his opponents heads are just as flagrant. I like where the announcer claimed that back in the days that play would’ve been called a travel. LOL!

  • abaci

    Blake and the Clippers want to make such a spectacle after some of his dunks, it makes sense that other teams would go above and beyond to put a stop to it. All sports have a way to police themselves, if they feel they have been disrespected.

  • AM

    The answer for every defensive play towards Griffin cannot be “he doesn’t want to get dunked on” as Chris Paul states. Blake is going to get hit and held just like LeBron because he can be a dominant player, but shooting 50% from the line makes it easy for teams to foul. Lopez should have stayed in the game.

  • Jared

    Okay, was it me, or was that some great acting by Mr. Griffin. Didn’t seem like that hard of a foul to me. All the aching neck look, and grabbing his neck was getting annoying after 2 mins.

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/tray-5 T-ray

    Nice hard foul in my opinion. It looked like he went acorss his body for the ball not just knock his a$$ out. Chuck hit on a good point that I’ve been saying all season. Why don’t his teammates step up and do something about it? Someone needed to knock the sh*t out of Nash later in the game just to say “look you hit our player and we’ll hit yours period.”

  • LP

    Can’t stand when the teammates don’t stand up for Blake. Nick Young could have jumped all over Lopez as soon as it happened, but he waits until everyone gets between to act tough.

  • bike

    Just a hard foul. League is soft as Charmin.

  • Isaac

    He grabbed him around the neck and threw him down.. You guys are idiots.. thats a blatant flagrant. After seeing the replay Webber retracted his statement and said it was the right call.


    that and james jones ejections were pretty soft

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/tray-5 T-ray

    Word to bike people need to pull those panties out their camel toe.

  • EJ

    NBA needs agitator type of players, like in hockey. If somebody hits your star player, there should be somebody to hit them back to send a message. But that can’t happen cause of the ridiculous Ts and fines.

  • @boweezy24

    I Think BG Made It Look Like A Hard Foul…. S/O Bike Tho! ha

  • jimmer

    All of this why don’t teams jump on people and ‘get one back’ stuff is the biggest pile of absolute balls I have ever heard in my life. You may recall the NBA auctioned off the Suns championship in a dogs**t finals in ’07, with the worst ratings in history, because it would rather suffer that than have players doing all that stuff. It ain’t the NHL, there is no glass wall between the 6’10 250 pound guys and the 5 year old kids in the front row, and that goes both ways, cos there is nothing to stop drunk kn*bheads walking on the court and starting a brawl ala ’04. Go watch Mayweather if you wanna see a fight. The best thing the NBA can do to stop all this is hire physically imposing refs. Get ex players who scare the sh*t out of people in the zebra uniforms, simple as.

  • http://www.yahoo.com berkamore

    I said on another thread that Blake needed to man up but this is not playing physical, it is playing dirty and it is dangerous. Blake could have been hurt. That’s the way people get injured. Physical? i am all for it, Dirty? Absolutely against. And anybody who understands the game knows the difference.

  • Otis

    What is wrong with you people? That wasn’t a “good hard foul”, it was a b*tch move. It’s got nothing to do with “disrespect” or anything else. Lopez deserved to get thrown out, and I’m generally a Suns sympathizer.

  • http://www.yahoo.com The Fury

    Anyone here saying that those kind of fouls are “soft”, maaaan you guys certainly doesn’t play basketball…at all….try getting fouled hard by some 250+ pound guy and you’ll feel pain 100% guaranteed.


    That’s barely a flagrant 1.

  • Otis

    Wow – so the Blake backlash is in full swing now, is it?

  • BuzzerBeater

    Even for a flagarant foul which I agree, Blake is still acting like he’s been foul hard. It really wasn’t that much. But anyways, do anything to win I guess.

  • Mas

    However thinks that Lopez deserved to get tossed has not played a really basketball game ever or at least in a longtime. Maybe HS. If Blake, Paul and co. think its cool to live in Lob City; you better get used to the bumper to bumper traffic of the City. You will get hit. You will get bumped and you better not bitch. That’s how it is in my City.

  • robb

    hard foul, Blake’s reaction was exaggerated

  • Mp7three

    Teams got fed up with Griffin dunking them (a few times using his off arm to vault defenders) and how he & his Clipper teammates taunt them afterwords. The Clippers get CP3, a winning record and in the playoffs and all the sudden they act like they are the sh!t. Yet, thise teammates that over hype/celebrate those dunks sure dont back up Blake when he gets fouled hard. So when Robin Lopez knock you down and he probably learned that from a Punisher trade paperback, you know the league is tired of Blake’s act.

  • bike

    He went for the ball. Blake lowered the ball to avoid the block and got clobbered. Lopex drew his hand back after the contact. If they want to make an attempted shot block from behind illegal, then do so.

  • barnabusb

    Guys need to take a page from Dwayne Wade — sure he thrashed his body around a lot when he was younger and exaggerated things to get the call, but he’s paying for it now because his body is breaking down. Take the foul but stop thrashing and potentially hurting yourself more just to make it look worse than it is. Go up strong, land securely, and stop whip-lashing your own neck.

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/tray-5 T-ray

    Cosign barnabusb
    Well said sir.

  • http://www.twitter.com/_dfrance dfrance21

    While it was a hard foul and a flagrant by todays standards, I gotta also co-sign barnabusb on Blake adding extra theatrics everytime he gets fouled. He makes a lot of things look way worse than they are. If he can go through a big guy like Perkins and dunk on him, there’s no reason to believe that he can’t take a foul like that and land on his feet. And I don’t think Lopez pulled him down. He pulled his hand back once he wacked him across the neck/face.

  • EJ

    There’s not supposed to be a brawl, but maybe a little shove and few words or something, and that shouldn’t be a T and a fine.

  • Missy

    Griffin is an actor and that was just a plain old hard foul, it was not enough to get Lopez kicked out of the game. Blake can put his elbow in someone neck and not even get a foul called. He’s a fake player with athletic skills and no basketball talent, if you don’t believe me watch him play without looking for one of his dunks.

  • iknowmybasketball

    did he at least apologize? lol

  • Jerome

    Two shots and the ball. If Blake went up strong he wouldst went right through Lopez, but I guess he was trying to display his versatility. Haha. Whoever it was that said go after Nash is an idiot.

  • dahon

    soft league

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    Blake goes up. Lopez (bare in mind this is a man who is no more a ‘strong-arm’ type than he is intelligent) tries to reach around for the ball and gets his hands across his chest, he is completely out of position and rightly so draws a foul with BG in the act of shooting. Blake however sells the call for even more than it’s worth and manages to get a Flag 1 called by reefing his own head back – from behind (the third camera replay makes this foul look so much worse than it was, and thats exactly what Blake was after) it was an easy call to make but notice the footage from all angles? Blake did not get his head torn off his shoulders, and it was HIS OWN OVER-REACTION that’s produced his neck strain. Blake goes down clutching his head over his left eye…To which Robin never even reached…!?!? Blake Griffin is a dunking doucheman.

    In other news there was a 2nd gunman on the grassy knoll.

  • Clippers909

    I think it’s time for the Clippers to start taking guys out. Blake Griffin is just as much as a flopper as anybody else in the league. (Ok maybe just a tad more) With everybody talking about blake, have you heard him say one thing about anybody else. He keeps his mouth shut and plays the game flopping or not. Everybody that opens his mouth about Blake wants to be Blake spinning a ball in a Kia commercial. Now Blake might sit there and stare but isn’t that like Kobe flying down the court with his wings out, or Gasol doing the macaulay culkin everytime his gets in the paint, every good dunk in the nba is followed by a stare down. The only problem Is, Blake and somewhat Lebron are the only ones who can do it 5 times a game. The only professional (man) in all of this is Kendrick Perkins, he took it like a man and said hey I’m a center and it happens. All you guys say he can’t play in the 80′s but for as much as he gets foulded he still is going, oh and it’s 2012.