Tuesday, May 15th, 2012 at 3:22 pm  |  3 responses

Video: John Wall Crashes College Open Run

Dunks all over defender on first play.

Wizards PG John Wall recently returned to North Carolina and got some run at the Garner Road YMCA. The Raleigh native set the tone by taking it strong to the cup on the first play of the game (1:50 mark).


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    Tim Grover was unavailable I assume Wall?
    Get in with someone that can actually teach you a thing or 2 buddy. Not trying to be harsh, but enough with these pick up games.

  • J.C.

    I swear I remember reading somewhere this guy saying that he regrets spending so much time last off-season playing in easy summer league games and not training properly… Ah well I guess it’s just one game.

  • juicy

    That weak a** run man I’m from DC and I love the kid’s game, but c’mon son use this time to be out there working on your J and tryna network with other players to get them to come to DC. Do ANYTHING to better yourself and your team or end up another talented player stuck in an NBA wasteland… I know its just a fun run at a local rec center which is cool, but after last season you should be hungrier than all this….