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Video: Kevin Durant 2011-12 Season Mix

A look back at KD’s incredible season.

Kevin Durant has made a serious case for ’11-12 MVP honors (as has Maxamillion in the mixmaking realm) and the above mix features some of his best dunks, buzzer-beaters and game-winners from the past season. Does KD get your vote?

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  • drew3

    LBJ is the MVP. his PER is the best the league has ever seen. that decides it right there

  • Rik Smits Mullet

    Kevin Durant is an amazing player. Everybody says he is a great player. But I was wondering if anybody knows or is a hardcore Durant fan?
    especially outside of OKC.
    i have never seen anyone on the slam site go bezerk about Durant like they would over rose, kobe, lbj.
    Could Durant be the only superstar with overall respect from every fan but no hardcore fans outside of okc?

  • Cooper peterson

    Well I am from Idaho and I say that Kevin Durant is the best player in the league right now and he will one of the top 5 best players to ever touch a basketball. Also he is a scorin machine he can not be stopped by anyone because he shoot from anywhere, he can get to the rack at will, and he is money from 6 to 18 feet. Lastly he is so humble and he is a great human being I don’t se him goin not one not two not three not four not five not six because he let’s his game do the talkin. It is also amazing how he averages 28 a game on such a talented team. That is why kevin Durant will be top 5 ever when it is all said and done. And one more thing rik smits thinks that no one loves kevin Durant from outside okc well I no a ton of people who love him from Idaho so do some research on it before you say something so dumb.