Tuesday, May 15th, 2012 at 9:25 am  |  15 responses

Video: Kevin Durant’s Lefty Dunk Over Andrew Bynum

The above was just one of many, many, many signs from Game 1 last night, that the Los Angeles Lakers are in major trouble when up against the buzzsaw that is otherwise known as the OKC Thunder.

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  • Holiday

    All I got to say is “LakerNation” has been unbelievably quiet, but I guess a 29 @$$ whoopin will do that ;) Thunder scored more in 3 quarters than LA could all game, plus Westbrook and Durant rested up sitting the entire 4th quarter!!!

  • http://www.twitter.com/_dfrance dfrance

    That kid is loooong.

  • S Kemp

    Pretty much impossible to dislike Durant, pretty much impossible to like Bynum…nice dunk.

  • Yesse

    How about that defense now, Drew?

  • Truthtell4r

    Wooow!!! #Sarcasm LAKERS all the way #MarkMyWords

  • MAS

    Game 4 is going to be easy for Bynum. #sweep


    Watch out at this pace the closing out game is going to be too easy. Nah nah nah. Itl B way TOO EASY ! Phuk it i dont wanna play no more !! I will say sweep coz it will B. Laters Lakers.

  • http://minusthebars.blogspot.com Don

    Say it again – Lakers are in MAJOR trouble in the series.


    Artest just lets him waltz right by him. Andrew was late with the help defense too. Nice dunk by KD. Lakers will win game 2. Book it.

  • What

    Sweepy sweeps


    nice no call

  • R_ckGl__chm_nn

    Almost looks like a layup to him. Hear the sound. It’s a swish. Like those early day Wade dunks. Swish…

  • Matt Park

    Love it. Artest thought that KD would pull up and KD reacted and curled nicely. This just shows how hard it is to guard KD well.

  • Jerome

    This play is a Microcosm of this series. Nice hELP D by Kobe then Bynum.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Fresh Prince Robert Horry

    i wonder if pau was caught laughing running back down court??