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The Return of DRose Episode 1: ‘Belief’ (VIDEO)

adidas Basketball documents Derrick Rose’s road to recovery.

With Dwight Howard headed to the Lakers, Kevin Durant and the Thunder ascending to the Western Conference’s best and LeBron James and the Heat coming off a Championship, it’s sometimes easy to overlook the 2011 NBA MVP. If not for the most untimely and devastating of injuries, Derrick Rose may very well have led the Bulls to an Eastern Conference Finals showdown with Miami—and from there, who knows what may have happened. Now, DRose is recovering from an ACL tear that could sideline him for up to a year. But that won’t stop Chicago’s leading man from pushing his body to the limit on the road to recovery. Join adidas Basketball in following Rose’s way back to the court, starting with Episode 1, above.

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    “My darkest day and times it by 100″ – All he did was hurt his knee – people go through a lot more!!!

  • pposse



    “Your downest day and times it by 100″ – all he did was hurt his knee – people go through a lot worse!!!!

  • http://Www.slamonline.com Reggie96

    Respect brotha, you are going thru rough times and i now you and what kind of person you are and i know you will be better than before because you are probably working 24/7 to get where he was and beyond

  • Mike Gilbert

    would have been a great matchup, Bulls vs. Heat… I think the BUlls would have won. Assuming they got past Boston of course cuz they were playing SO good.

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    Again, you have to look at this through his eyes. Derrick is only talking about basketball. His career is basketball. He’s only played 4 seasons. He has a long career ahead of him. It was devastating because it put a snag in his life as a basketball player. This isn’t about what other people go through. It’s simply about a great superstar basketball player having a serious injury/surgery. Period. If you’re a fireman who loves being a fireman and you break your leg which disallows you to be a fireman for a significant period of time, it’s devastating. If you have any job and something happens that keeps you from doing what you love, it’s painful. That’s all the man was saying. Not that hard to understand.
    Great idea by Adidas and Derrick/his people. Rarely have his fans been able to go behind the scenes with him or his family. Now everyone is getting an opportunity to do that.

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    @Mike Gilbert I wish he would have been healthy this past season. I also was looking forward to round 2 of the Bulls/Heat in the ECF. I have no doubt the Bulls would’ve gotten past Boston. After that January game in Miami that was pretty exciting to watch, I was ready to see that matchup for at least 6 games in the postseason.


    Personally, he needs tos top feeling sorry for himself ! and @reggie96, hes not your brother, and you don’t know him

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    @BOOOO Stop being ridiculous. Are you unable to look at his situation with his viewpoint? It’s easy to say he needs to stop feeling sorry for himself when you’re not him. There’s no need for you to use the term “personally” because it’s not personal to you. You’re not Derrick Rose. You didn’t tear your ACL.

  • pposse

    man boooo you are being ridiculous. When you get injured, you don’t feel sorry for yourself when the injury happens? that’s natural. anyways, he definately doesn’t feel sorry for himself now, he is just trying to put everyone in his shoes and how he felt when he was getting his MRI done. D Rose already asked his fans to stop feelin sorry for him..get outta here with your hate! on a side note, the bulls would have never played Boston unless boston made it to the ECF…we was that #1 seed.

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    @pposse The Bulls, as the #1 seed, would’ve played Boston in the second round if they had gotten by the 8th seed Sixers.

  • http://www.michaelcho.com M Cho

    @BOOOO DRose didn’t “just hurt his knee”. To most people it’s just an injury – to an athlete it’s his livehood, his work, his dream, his way of making money, his way of expressing himself and representing who he is. Anyone would be down if they had a setback to those things.

  • pposse

    my bad, why did i think boston was the three seed?! anyways, how the hell would you feel Boo if you tore your ACL the same year you ink a 250 million dollar shoe deal and a max contract with your basketball team? A high character guy would feel the weight of the world on his shoulders, atleast i would like to think so.

  • http://Slamonline Kb24

    @BOOOO, stop hating if u don’t like what u saw why u still on this page ignorant

  • Feez_22

    … Why do people think the bulls would have beat the heat in the conference finals? The heat have the most trouble with veteran type teams come playoff time. although their playoff time has been short (only 2 seasons), its clear already that the veteran celtics and veteran mavericks gave the heat the most trouble while young cores in the bulls and even the thunder struggled to close games out v. the heat. btw, please don’t bring up the pacers in this… the pacers unlike the bulls have an all star caliber center in hibbert (which joakim isn’t) and a capable PF (which boozer clearly isn’t). with bosh being out, they exploited that matchup (not as much as they should have but nonetheless, they did) yet they still lost in 6. even with no bosh. If the pacers had a veteran type leader (west is good but granger imo has 2 b the leader) they would have beat the heat.

  • Feez_22

    but ya i hope d-rose gets back to at least 90% of what he once was athletically. Good kid & a good player. I personally think that people are getting kinda agitated or bothered by rose though because he kinda… embellishing this injury. I know i know… this is a huge injury that used to be career threatening (not so much anymore because of the advancement in technology) but his demeanor would signal that he quietly recovers without video documentation? Now he has a series for everyone to see him rehab back (which btw is kinda cool esp. for bulls fans) and is making all these comments about the injury being as close to death as he’s been (which is pretty drama-queen ish if you asked me). I just think this whole yr in general has been an out of character year for him. Massive injury, critical comments about officials (which he got fined for), thinking people see him as a demi-god, not going with the flow in all star celebrations then commenting after saying he’s all business (its a damn all star game cmon now) to having a video series on the return of d-rose?

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    How do you embellish a torn ACL? People really are misunderstanding this. I don’t know why. It seems pretty easy to understand. Adidas is going to pay him $250 million dollars to sell sneakers and clothes. Do people really believe that they wouldn’t do any promotional work with him while he’s not playing? Are people surprised that they’re doing this documentary showing the progress of their most important athlete? His fans want to see and know how he’s doing. Knowing his personality, I’m 99% sure he didn’t go to Adidas with this idea. Just like I’m sure he didn’t wake up one day and decide to join Twitter. The injury may not be career threatening but it could forever change how he plays. He’s known one way to play. If he doesn’t get back to that, it’s scary for him. The man said he was crying and praying while waiting for the results from the MRI. Obviously it’s a huge deal to him. It’s not a huge deal to you so it shouldn’t be to him either? In what world does that make sense? Dude is basically carrying the entire franchise on his back. A huge contract from the Bulls and an even bigger one from Adidas. A lot of pressure riding on his knee. So for those who say he’s embellishing or putting too much on this, I’d say either you lack sensitivity to those who are under the kind of pressure you’ve never been under, or you lack the simple intelligence to understand why Derrick felt as strongly about the injury/surgery as he did and does. The comments about the officials weren’t out of character. If you watch him play, he does react to referees whenever he feels they’ve made a bad call or missed a call. The comments after the game were most likely made after he reached a point where he felt the need to say something. He has no pregame ritual unlike LeBron and Dwight so not dancing before the All-Star game was completely in character. I find it funny and silly that people still feel a certain way about him not falling in line with guys whose personalities aren’t the same as his. Who really expected him to dance? Has he ever danced before a game? Did he not throw the powder in the air along with the other Eastern Conference starters last season? He was cool with that. Dancing was too much for him apparently. Not a problem. I think folks really need to spend more time paying attention to how a player carries himself before making wild comments such as the one Feez_22 just made.

  • jayrose

    Why is boooo hating? Rose just wants to ball man. Its his passion. Take that away from him and obviously he will be very disappointed and down in the dumps. Rose is my favorite baller just for that reason. Playing and winning is his top priority. Very humble as well. I do belief he will come back twice as strong and take the bulls to the finals….granted that our front office stops being cheap and starts getting actual players that can help rose win.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Chinese Oppenheimer

    The only people who honestly think the Bulls had a chance are Bulls fans. They conveniently forget that they were also the no.1 seed when they lost to a Heat team together for the first time, who had no bench. With Rose at his best, the Bulls nearly got swept. Delusional losers.

  • jayrose

    Nobody asks Rose to be anything but himself, but he apparently thinks everyone should be like him. Criticising Dwight and Bron for dancing at an all star game demostrates that the kid has an overinflated ego. He takes himself too seriously. Saying that a non life threatening injury is melodramatic in the worst way. Life goes on with or without basketball, as hearbreaking as career ending injuries can be. He’s trying too hard to project an image that is backfiring, making him it hard to like him outside of his ball skills. Sorry but feez_22 is on point as usual.

  • jayrose

    My bad, saying the non- life threateniong injury is close to death is meloddramatic in the worst way

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    Also, a veteran leader wouldn’t have helped the Pacers get past Miami. Exactly what kind of veteran did they need? How long has Granger been playing? Is he not enough of a veteran? If anything, they needed him to stop trying to be a tough guy against LeBron and just focus on trying to score the ball. Nothing was going to stop LeBron or D-Wade after LeBron got him going in the series. Basically, they weren’t getting past the Heat unless LeBron and Wade couldn’t play. A collection of solid players couldn’t beat two great ones and the right mix of role players around them. That’s what happened.

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    I’d like to know when D-Rose criticized those guys. The video exists on YouTube still I’m sure. All he said was that’s who those guys are but it’s not who he is. He also said he can dance but it’s something he doesn’t do for attention or to have fun in front of people. After hearing him say all he really needs is his family, his friends and the Bulls organization, I’m guessing he only dances when he’s with those people. This is the same guy who says being who he is has brought him a kind of fame that he doesn’t really like. So why would a guy who doesn’t really like being a famous person dance in front of a lot of people? How is that consistent at all? LeBron and Dwight have pregame rituals. Carmelo is close with LeBron. D-Rose has no ritual and isn’t a part of any clique in the league. Who, by now, doesn’t know how he is? Also, he said the injury was as close to death as HE has come. The loss of breath, feeling the tear. He didn’t say it’s as close to death as anyone could get. These are basic things that people are missing. He has an “overinflated ego”? That’s hilarious to read. Saying life goes on with or without basketball is easy for someone to say who isn’t one of the 10 best players in the world. Sorry, but Feez_22 is off by quite a bit and if there are people who don’t like Rose off the court, I’m afraid they’re in the minority.

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Rose is the truth, People always forget when somebody gets injured. Rose will be back and the Bulls will be a team to be reckon with. I would take Rose over any point guard in the NBA not named Deron Williams. I love Rose attitude and like Kobe stated in a quote only two people in the NBA has his competitiveness gene—CP3 and Drose.

  • http://www.xvideos.com nbk troll

    Rose is a scottie pippen away from ducking spit up.

  • Baller4life

    Rose is getting himself together and just want to play the game he loves again.But why is yall talking bout ppl been thru worst,yeah alot of people have been through wors, but this is the worst he’s been thru so jus give him that.if that’s the best way he can describe it ,then just let it bE!!!

  • http://slam flight9

    ROSE 2013-2014 MVP PERIOD. Just have a feeling he will wreck havoc when he comes back.

  • rob stewart

    Boooo when you truly love something and God puts it in your heart, then maybe you’ll understand

  • http://www.slamonline.com Nima Zarrabi

    Thank you for your comment Rob Stewart.

  • pposse

    yo Feez_22 who in their right mind would hope that anyone comes back “atleast 90%” i smell a hater in the house, you should be hoping he comes back atleat 100% or like the doctor in the video said he can come back %125. In the MIami series 2 years ago, the bulls were in every game..very similar to how the Thunder were in every single game against them in the Finals. But yall dont want to remmeber that. Like what ByAnyMeans just said, he signed a damn 250 million dollar contract with Adidas!! are you guys clueless, marketing, and sales must go on. I think this was a good move from D Rose’s crew, social media is the way to engage fans, and haters alike. He still is coming out with a shoe this year, and they need to get bought! Chinese Opp, was Tim Legler a bulls fan or Brent Barry? I thought they was picking the bulls to win? Just cause you or your fellow slam commenters didn’t pick them doesnt mean that the rest of the world agrees with you. Hell Adidas doesnt agree with none of yall cause they paying d rose better than any pg in the history of the game, including the ones you think is better than him.

  • ThaWindy

    First he will notice that his speed and quickness is gone. Gonna f’d up his mind not having the ability to do something that was natural. Then he’ll realize he has the speed of a normal human being and that will make him better. Once he forgets the injury he’ll be killin DWill all over again. Seeing how the bulls have f’d up his team, I don’t know how long it will take to get back to making ECF appearances.

  • jayrose

    He DID criticise them when he said “there’s a time and a place for dancing and that wasn’t the time”. He was implying that they were doing something inappropriate for the moment and it isn’t rocket science. There isn’t anything so difficult to understand about that comment. Even if he never said that, his looks of disgust at them said enough. If I wasn’t able to practice law, something I’m damn good at that has made me a ridiculous amount of money, I’d be sad but I’d be realistic. I’m not as young as him but even when I was his age I had more perspective on life than to compare the loss of any talent or skill to death.

  • pposse

    jayrose your an idiot. Are you his psycologist? I saw them dancing thru the tv screen and immediately i thought in my head “what a bunch of clowns” i saw d rose look at them with what you call disgust and i said to myself “there you go d rose keep it real” your looking waay to deeply into a couple words and a look of a disgust..talkin about “he has not perspective on life” wtf is that?! for you to hold some petty things against a basketball player says enough about your perspective on life..smh

  • pposse

    so dwight and lebron does not have an over inflated ego, but d rose does? what planet are you from? If your a lawyer then you should realize that you categorically stated d rose has an overinflated while lebrons and dwight dont have that issue. What a stupid comment from a young and dumb lawyer.

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    @jayrose Read/listen to the whole quote. He meant it wasn’t the right time for him…not the other guys. He wasn’t implying anything about the other guys. I saw D-Rose simply do what he does and be himself while the other guys were being themselves. Not that hard to see. And what kind of lawyer can’t spell the word “criticize”? And who cares about how much money you have?