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Turning Rookies Into Pros: Part 2 (VIDEO)

NBA Baller Beats and SLAM set out to transform your handles.

Here’s Part 2 of the NBA Baller Beats SLAM Transformation Project, in which we welcomed one lucky gamer onto the virtual court inside the SLAM Dome for a chance to improve his ball handling skills. In Part 1, our subject, AJ, began his journey from “rookie” to “pro.” When AJ started off, his skills were at a “level one or two”, and after a few days of playing Baller Beats, his skills increased to a level five.

Over the past few weeks, AJ honed his touch by playing the game. In Part 2, we check back in, and not surprisingly, AJ has improved to a level seven. He says the game has solidified his left hand because it requires the user’s eyes to be fixated on the screen at all times, in turn developing hand-eye coordination and muscle memory.

Baller Beats is the first video game of its kind—a full body motion-based participative basketball video game that lets you perform like a pro using a real basketball. The user dribbles a ball in accordance with what he’s told to do on the screen (cross-over, behind-the-back dribble or ball fake), and with repetition the game will almost definitely yield positive results. The NBA Baller Beats and Spalding ball bundle, playable exclusively on Kinect for Xbox 360, will be available for the retail price of $59.99 on September 11, 2012.

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  • ab40

    The reason why it’s called baller beats is because you better be a baller who has no neighbours when you but this game. If you live in an appartment building you’re bound to get pissed neighbours when you play this for about an hour a day.

  • Max

    I can’t see anyone above the age of 15 playing this seriously..

  • Fat Lever

    The official song should be Boyz 2 Men by A+, Canibus, Mr. Cheeks.

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  • SpacexGhostxJesus


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