Sunday, September 9th, 2012 at 5:16 pm  |  27 responses

Blake Griffin Dunks All Over an Oklahoma University Guard (VIDEO)

Too easy.

Oklahoma University guard Buddy Hield, in a moment of hilariously foolish confidence, decided that he could get high enough to stuff one of Blake Griffin’s patented in-your-face throwdowns. LOL.

[H/T: BallisLife]

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  • Richard Head

    He’s getting in the habit of guarding/pushing off and I hope the refs start calling it

  • danpowers

    i hope they wont. if he doesnt hed get hurt too often and we (fans) wouldnt see this kind of action for most of the season ;)

  • Caboose

    Do you really think they will? Rules change for marketable players.

  • Rainman

    he pushes off even on college youngins lol. OBviously its a habbit he cant help (as he has stated) but damn.

  • Max

    Deja motherF**kin vue!!

  • Guest



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  • TO

    Uhh he didn’t push off in this instance (look closely)

  • http://www.facebook.com/qcollingwood Interdico Scriptor

    I hate how people think cutting/pasting Wiki somehow makes them look intelligent. How is any of that relevant? Also i understand physics so don’t cut/paste anything as a response.

  • http://www.facebook.com/qcollingwood Interdico Scriptor

    BG does not push-off. Look before you comment.
    SLAM. Where old ballers go to write smack about MJ and Griffin and praise LBJ and Kobe.

  • Jeremy

    Cool Story bro.

  • www.whatisagolfhandicap.com

    I agree with Richard Head, it is a foul when he leads/pushes with his other hand in the act of dunking.

  • Irondan21

    Blake is a coward who rarely takes on people his own size. Dunk on td kg or howard i dare u. No h8 on on athleticer dudes but u dnt impress me. I once dunked on dude 7in taller than me. it wasnt as pretty as him, but when u do then i will be impressed.
    #dunking on guards aint youtube material



  • errday

    Yes, just like those NBA guards Kendrick Perkins & Timofey Mozgov.


    is there a way to like this twice?

  • m3lo


  • Irondan21

    Did u even read my comment? I said guards. He dunks on guards and acts like that’s impressive.

  • Irondan21

    Your both illiterate.

  • errday


    Couldn’t resist that one.

  • Drig

    Just take all my likes. lol….

  • spin

    I love how he yelled out “hey I’m Timofey Mozgov”

  • Fat Lever

    Says the guy who makes up words like “athleticer”. And I don’t think you understand how the hashtag thing works there.

  • fruizm

    take it easy on the poor kid haha!

  • Jeremy


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  • Francis

    it’s call an armbar and it’s a legal move as long as he doesn’t push off which he didn’t… tell your other buddies below I don’t want to repeat myself…