Sunday, October 21st, 2012 at 2:18 pm  |  13 responses

Jeff Green’s Monster Block on Mychel Thompson (VIDEO)

‘He waited on me, and that’s what he got.’

A third-quarter Boston turnover led to what, at first glance, looked like an easy layup for the Knicks’ Mychel Thompson. But Jeff Green had other thoughts: “I didn’t line him up; he waited on me,” Green said. “He waited on me, and that’s what he got.”

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  • spit hot fiyah

    evertime i see that nr 8 i have to double check to make sure it’s not antoine

  • Incepted

    No way Antoine is that skinny

  • Pacman13

    Traveled and then gets blocked!

  • danpowers

    that just hurt watching

  • Shifty

    Pretty sure Doc had him playing the 2. So he may play 2,3 and the 4 this year. Got a feeling Jeff Green is going to accomplish good things this year.

  • danpowers

    indeed. maybe he wont pick up big numbers but by the way he plays you can tell that he will be a valuable contributer for the celtics right from regular season tip off

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Verified Account

    Lol not bad..

  • Max

    He’s looking good!

  • biggieman

    glad to see green back on the court, he is going to really help the C’s this season.

  • Justsmh

    Now people are saying he will help the team… When he just signed the extension people were ranting and saying he will not contribute.


    They need to turn this clip into an anti-bullying commercial… this just wasnt right at all!

  • shutup

    Thats what you get for going up scared.

  • Lloyd

    I think that was more due to the circumstances of how he got on the C’s. Trading away the starting center and key part of the renowned defense from the team that won a championship in the middle of another championship run is going to have the new guys unfairly scrutinized. Still think that trade was ill-timed, but Green’s nice and most C’s fans can look past it now and look at Green objectively.