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Brandon Jennings, Brad Beal Ejected For Altercation (VIDEO)

Jennings: ‘I was just trying to protect my teammate.’

With 30 seconds left in last night’s Bucks win, Brad Beal sent Monta Ellis flying on his way toward the rim. Beal extended a hand to help Monta up, but Brandon Jennings took exception to the foul and pushed Beal from behind. A tussle ensued, and both Beal and Jennings were ejected.

Jennings explained why he reacted the way he did after the game: “With 30 some seconds left, I know a team never wants to give up an easy basket, but in that type of situation I feel like you should just wrap the guy up instead of just pushing him or fouling him once he’s in the air.

“I was just trying to protect my teammate. I didn’t think I was going to get kicked out for it,” Jennings said. “When you see a nasty fall, your first [instinct] is ‘Watch out, everyone get out of the way.’”

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  • http://twitter.com/RapistOnBail Rapist on BAIL

    Not a Bucks fan but I agree with BJ

  • Redd

    Jennings gets more annoying per newswire. Beal realized it was a hard foul & did what you’d expect a MAN to do. Much respect for the kid.

  • Nelodamus

    Jennings was ready to throw them hands…

  • RedDragon10

    BJ overreacted. Simple as that. Why was Beal ejected though?

  • spit hot fiyah

    bad foul, worse reaction. no need to start felxing those pretzel sticks after u push someone

  • Sonic35

    that’s the type of immaturity that will stop him being an all star .

  • Dymez

    Didn’t really see where Bradley deserved the ejection though. I agree with both sides. Beal, play hard from horn to horn. Jennings, protect your teammate at all costs, you’ll get rewarded for it in locker room chemistry — just make sure it’s not at a time that can cost your team the game. Both sides did what they’re supposed to do; this is basketball,


    I nominate this play for PUNK PLAY of the Year. how long as BJ been in the league? and this fool is still acting like this? Plus, he’s so weak he has to use his hip to help him push Beal over, then as soon as Beal gets up, he wants to grab his shorts and hide behind a ref. what a loser!!! i don’t understand why beal was ejected. he didn’t do anything wrong. beal’s a 19-year old rook and he carries himself better than BJ. shout out to Beal for being a GROWN MAN about the situation. even monta ellis looked at BJ like “i ain’t weak like you, man! i can take a hit!”

  • fruizm

    and he was about to get whooped!

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    Like Charles Barkley says, most of these guys aren’t fighters..they’re basketball players. Bradley reached his hand out to help Monta up after the hard foul. Maybe Brandon didn’t see it or he had already made up his mind that it was an unnecessary foul. The veterans will have more respect for Bradley for the foul.

  • Tweaks

    what a punk… he looked like he had been waiting for an opportunity to play the tough guy for ages. If you play ball i’m sure you’ve seen this type of individual before…especially smaller guys. It’s a mental handicap…in a testosterone-filled sport. I really love his game..but i can’t get over how fake-ass this guy is..

  • davidR

    thank you

  • BossTerry

    Is it mandatory to come out your shirt after a ejection in the NBA? Heres hoping Eddy Curry NEVER gets ejected.. :)

  • dex

    what a punk move of beal…i don t understand how people say BJ was wrong for doing that to beal…why would you foul someone like that in the 4thQ 24 sec to play and you down by nine??? it shows jennings is there for his teammates, it shows he ain t scared….but it s different for some of you guys…in any game if someone fouls your teammate, friend, etc. you would do the same thing…

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Verified Account

    he was looking out for his teammate i can respect that

  • dell

    give me a example of why is jennings a fake ass? just wondering…


    if you view the close up of the foul you’ll see beal had his eye on blocking the ball the whole time. the only reason monta ellis went to the floor is because he had his left arm out and in beal’s attempt to block his shot, he ran into ellis’ left arm. beal is not a dirty player and has never been. he was trying to block his shot like he blocked paul pierce’s. i think bj was intimidated because beal gave him 22 and has a stronger physique than he does!


    well, for starters…don’t take a cheap shot at someone who is not even paying attention to you and then grab your shorts and back up behind a ref when the guy gets up! that spells fake as in “i want to look tough but i don’t want to be tough”.

  • Gusman

    jennings is a punk. beal fouled him hard, but you just don’t go starting fights like that. beal offered to pick ellis up. thats the right thing to do.

  • Lynx

    The guy is from compton, nothing fake over there, dont come at his character and you dont know if he is “tough” cause of his surroundings, if you watch BJ series online, you can tell its not a fake act


    it don’t matter where’s he from…he’s a professional now and his actions were immature and punkish. that would be like me punching you in the back of your head and before you can react, i back up behind some folks and allow everyone to get in the middle and still run off at the mouth like what i did was so “hard” and gangster. it would be different if he confronted beal face to face like a REAL MAN, but since he settled for a cheap shot…

  • Jerome

    Is this part of your resume Brandon?

  • insaneinthemembrane

    Smart Jennings, tryin to get traded from the bucks

  • Ryan

    Beal was reaching to help Ellis up when Jennings shoved him so in my view that’s a punk move on Ellis’ part. You shouldn’t be hitting someone who ain’t looking and you also shouldn’t hit them when they’re trying to help a guy up.

    As for Beal just a hard, inadvertent foul no big thing.

  • Drig’r

    Punk move on Jennings’ part right?

  • DK

    Shut up man. They may talk all this professional stuff when interviewed but these dudes are just basketball players. Hoopers you find on every block in America they just happen to be good enough to get paid for it. He saw his boy jump up and get knocked down. He reacted to it. That’s how things are settled on the court sometimes I know in my own neighborhood I can only imagine how things are in Cali. That’s what he knows. He didn’t go to college or have some refined upbringing… And he’s all of what?? 23, 24… Everybody shut up. Anybody that’s really played ball competitively has defended a teammate like that or has at least gotten into it with the other team. Ppl want sports to be so diplomatic when at their core one team is trying to dominate the other. I won’t go over your heads but things get heated in competition. I understand what he did. You ride for your teammates. Period. I have to know he’s willing to set a hard screen for me, help me on defense, whatever… and also know he’s willing to squab for me. It is what it is.

  • lex

    Jennings bout to go Chris Childs on him

  • M3H

    RE: Beal reaching a out: players do that all the time so refs think they weren’t fouling a dude hard on purpose. Beal isn’t a dummy and this isn’t his first ball game, he knew what he was doing, which is why monta rejected his help.

  • d

    Brandon Jennings is the new Gilbert Arenas from the end of that video.


    in the midst of your crazy rant, you missed one vital important fact…beal was going for the ball..youtube this foul from a different angle and you can clearly see beal’s eye on blocking the shot. the only reason ellis went to the floor is because he had his left arm out and it collided with beal. it’s not like beal pushed him or smacked him in the face. in was a clean play and an inadvertant foul which happens in basketball. and even if you just watch this clip, you can see there are two wizard jerseys on ellis, not just beal’s. and both went over to help him up because neither one really knew who knocked him down. if bj really wanted to be there for his team mate he should have ran the floor with him, don’t come in after the fact. plus, i don’t know where you’re from but where i’m from if we have a problem with a man, we confront him eye to eye, face to face, toe to toe. we don’t take the punk road and push over a dude that’s not even looking at us and then back up when he gets up. it don’t matter where he’s from..cali, houston, memphis, bronx, wherever. that’s a punk move all day!

  • http://www.facebook.com/shooting.guard.319 Shooting Guard

    lol man, the pretzel sticks is funny

  • http://www.facebook.com/shooting.guard.319 Shooting Guard

    wow, i know the foul is hard, but reactions are really unnecessary, because after the hard foul i see the wizards players immediately to monta’s rescue trying to make sure he’s alright, but the incredible brandon had to do something i guess

  • LakeShow

    Sorry…. but I like Jennings style.