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Michael Jordan’s Rare TV Show From 1989 (VIDEO)

Airwaves aired locally on WLS-TV in the Chicago area.

Michael Jordan’s Airwaves was a local TV show that aired locally in the Chicago area on WLS-TV in 1989. With this look back in time, we get a rare glimpse of Jordan as he evolves into the leader of the Chicago Bulls.

Hosted by sports reporter Jim Rose, the show delves into the Bulls’ aspirations for the upcoming season, the development of Jordan’s game, and even his opinion on the role of new technology in the game of golf.

Check out this rare video and take a look at back in time to 1989—before His Airness became The Greatest.

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    Wtf is going on with his hair?

  • nbahofer

    Hes Lebron’s daddy

  • snasty10

    @ IAL, lol i was about to say the same thing, i think his hairline is worse then lebrons at this age

  • hambone

    seems everyone in the audience had f*ck#d up hair too

  • mhm


  • Slick Ric

    Lebron would be more clutch if thats the case.

  • Ivan

    What about what he’s wearing?

  • brandan evans

    what people dont know is that MJ was goin bald during the 87-88 season and ’88-89 season. thats why if u look at photos from the 89-90 season he went completely bald.
    and set off a hair fashion trend in the process

  • ado

    he wore the jordan 4 fire reds while bowling… G

  • youngrhyzy

    eddy curry at 16:39