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Chris Paul Crosses Up Kobe Bryant, Sinks Buzzer-Beater to End Half vs Lakers (VIDEO)

A little revenge?

Perhaps a little upset about what took place earlier tonight, Chris Paul left Kobe Bryant with this pretty highlight before the halftime break of tonight’s Clippers-Lakers bout.

(H/T: @Jose3030)

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  • Redd

    Kobe’s dunk was worse.

  • Neighbor Paper

    If that was getting crossed up, then Kobe’s dunk must have been heinous murder.


    C.P. doing his thing. I enjoyed seeing Kobe gettin shook like dat. He ain’t a crook son … HE JUST A SHOOK ONE ! looked like a great game. cant wain to see it laters


    It was a nice play by Mamba no doubt but i would have been more impressed if he dunked on Griffles or Andre 5000 G


    C.Ps steal from Nash and alley to Griffles broke the Lakers back and that was just the start. Griffles reverse And 1 on Pau was nice too but that !sh WAS JUST TOO EASY !!!.

  • Whoareyou

    The dagger was the best. Game…blouses.

  • Max

    This was better IMO.

  • Chronic

    Damn, kobe musta been talking in the first person about being old and stuck in the mud.

  • Epic battle between these 2. Best players at their position going at it! And even though he lost, respect to Kobe for stepping up and guarding CP3…

  • shockexchange

    CP3 put him in the blender. At Ripple and Horry Jr and what you got? (Fred Sanford voice) “Horry Jipple”

  • ratguts


  • roscoe

    the pau-ter, the pau-thetic, the gas-soft is CRAP-TAC-U-LAR.

    in his last 2 games: 53MIN, 3/18FG, 6AST, 3BLK, 2T/O, 4PF, & 13PTS.

    Trade-Winds are howling for the $20MIL per Season Pau-ter.

  • Yesse

    Seems like there is a new sheriff in LA, Kobe.

  • Mackenzie Kerridge

    Lol D’Antoni is stupid coach.. He could play Antawn Jamison who is CLEARLY more suited to play in his offense and with a guy like Nash but for some reason never sees the floor.

  • roscoe

    idk if d’antoni is stupid, but a 5’0” center with the heart of the “cowardly lion” could bring more to LAL than Pau-ter.

  • LobCity

    Pau has the same heart he did when he got the Lakers those 2 rings/3 trips to the finals. He’s never gonna be an enforcer or a tough guy, but he’s a damn good player. He’s their best low post/back-to-the-basket scorer yet he gets sent to shoot J’s. I’ve said this all along, the Lakers most valuable players are Nash and Howard. Steve Nash needs to take control and distribute the ball evenly (i.e. limiting Kobe’s shots regardless of how good he looks). He needs to run more p & r’s w/ Pau. Dwight needs to be that defensive force/rebounder from ORL. Unfortunately, it seems like DH is still recovering and Nash isn’t doing his thing. No doubt Kobe still can score and all, but they added to stars not 2 role players. Make it work.

  • roscoe

    idk about that… i think every time pau-thetic looks at kb24 he is reminded of vbryant blowing up his engagement/marriage and gets broken hearted.

    also, after countless humiliations by bg32 &djordan pau-ter’s heart has changed. i mean he use to pat cp3 on the head like a challenged person and now he is calling LAC neighbors like Jack from three’s company.

  • shutup

    ALL-DEFENSIVE team my arse. This was the play of the night, hands down

  • LobCity

    Well, like Nash mentioned yesterday, Pau was ballin in the Olympics against the US team 6 months ago…..Then again they were playing to his strengths and not relegating him to a jump shooter. No major injury since then so, it appear to be his environment not his heart. We’ll see

  • roscoe

    you talk about olympic play… the level of play in the olympics outside the gold medal game is laughable when compared to the nba.

    pau played great in one damn game and beat scrubs from 3rd world nation countries… give me a break.

    if someone told pau today, if you played great in one game which would immortalize you, he would play out of his mind again.

    look at the body of work LobCity… since the DAL sweep & vbryant busting his bubble his heart for the game has changed.

  • LobCity

    It was good performance based on what he did vs the talent he faced, which of course isn’t top notch. However, his best performance came against the most talented team (USA) that gameplaned to stop him. He was carrying that struggling team which didn’t even have Rubio.

    Since that Dallas sweep he’s been coached by Dumb a** Mike Brown and had to give up his post touches to Bynum. Then D’Antoni relegates him to a jump-shooter. He didn’t lose his post game. I’m simply arguing he is not being utilized correctly the past 2 seasons. Has he slipped since the championship runs, sure, but he’s not a scrub that deserves such blame and criticism, IMO.

    There’s certain players that need to be fed the ball early to get going and set the tone for the game, which is why you see CP3 feeding everyone in the 1st half. Look at every 1st quarter this season and you can see he purposely goes to Caron and DJ to get them going early. Last year Pau and Bynum were begging for the ball. When they got going, they defended well and had overall good games. When they were excluded or Kobe “took over” they trotted along. Is that right? No, they get paid millions and should perform 24/7. Is it a reality? Yes, and if it continues to get ignored then they’ll get the same result.

    Earlier this season Bynum said something along the lines of playing with Kobe can “stunt your growth”.

    Look back at the Game 5 VS OKC and you’ll see EXCATLY what I’m talking about. Within the 1st 5 minutes you can see they will lose that game.

    I just think Pau isn’t being utilized and unless they change the way they use him or trade him, we wont see anything different. But I’d bet money the moment he gets traded he begins to perform again. That’s just my opinion. We’ll see how it plays out.

  • Ugh

    If you’re blaming Pau for Chris Paul crossing Kobe and hitting a shot on him, and for the Lakers problems in general – I can’t imagine why else you’d rag on Pau in a thread about Chris Paul otherwise – you have a severely immature understanding of competitive basketball.

  • roscoe

    i’m not blaming pau for cp3 being a great player… but clearly pau is not playing w/ any effort, pau-ting, which is ridiculous considering he earns $20Mil per season and is tarnishing his HOF career, imo.

  • roscoe

    you make some good points LobCity…

    you and i both know if pau wants the ball he should run his @ss to the block, back down the defense, waive his arm like he is a hailing a cab in NY, and say “black mamba pass me the damn ball now, bc the big spainard is hungry.” but he runs to the coroner.

    you have to take it… you are not given anything.

  • Kiki