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Vince Carter Dunks on the Washington Wizards (VIDEO)

Vince Carter seems to have found the spring in his once superhuman legs again. He’s been crushing home big dunks of late, and he unleashed two more on the hapless Washington Wizards last night in a 103-94 Dallas Mavericks win. Head coach Rick Carlisle says that VC can still bring it. Per the Star-Telegram: “He shows flashes of those things more frequently than you might think,’ coach Rick Carlisle said. ‘The play that opened the game was a key play for us because it kind of woke our whole team up, and I thought it got us going in the right direction. The play at the end of the game was pivotal because it kind of sealed the game and he opened up and he said to me coming off the court during the timeout, he goes, ‘I bet you didn’t think I could do that?’ I said, ‘I think you could do it.’ He said, ‘Once in a while, right?’ I said, ‘Once in a while, yeah.’ Carter wound up scoring a game-high 23 points while converting 9-of-14 shots. And he also wound up dazzling the New Year’s Day crowd at the Verizon Center. ‘He still has tremendous athleticism, even though he’s an older guy,’ Carlisle said. ‘He’s taken care of himself and he’s worked extremely hard, especially this year. And he’s a real important guy for us.’”

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  • huy

    Wow, this guy is incredible. 35 and still throwing down hard tomahawks.

  • vaz7789

    This make me happy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Gilbert/100001749589586 Mike Gilbert

    I’ve only seen the Mavs play once this year…does anyone know how his defense has been?

  • spit hot fiyah

    seems to be drawing a lot of charges. he actually cares this year, about 10 years too late. but hey, better late then never. ps. i’m not a raptors fan

  • http://www.facebook.com/rainman1991 Saleem Rainman

    So, still interested in Joinging the Raptors? we could use you at the 3.


    i think him missing alot of games back in the day benefited his knees later(now). Part of the reason he in great shape still & can throw down the nasT. kinda like grant hill. Good looking after himself.

  • http://twitter.com/_DFrance DFrance

    Can’t think of a player I was more excited to watch in the early2000s than Vince . I know some people get stuck on “what could have been” but he was a special player as is. More than just a dunker.

  • Max

    3/10th amazing!

  • T-man

    Who Slams harder: ONYX or Vince Carter!?

  • yc

    Wonder if he can do windmill stil… I used to flip out seeing his windmills sigh…

  • Mackenzie Kerridge

    Phoenix revived G-Hill’s career, him missing games did not help in any way

  • Mackenzie Kerridge

    Dallas needs some help in the paint man too many wing players…

  • Ugh


  • Ugh

    You know, at my peak I probably had as much hops as Vince has at 35.
    That’s both depressing (for me) and impressive (for him) at once.

  • Dub

    Mofo can’t do that in 2K, my player is a PG for the Mavs and all he does is miss threes and take bad shots

  • IknowYouknow

    That is a Myth……a good example of how the media brainwashes people. When did Vince miss all these games people reference. I remember only 1 year that he missed some significant time.
    The same way the media ignores all of Vince’s clutch plays through the years, and the fact that he carried severely handicapped teams into the playoffs, almost every year….more than could be said for the likes of Pierce, Allen and KG, before they united in Boston. But they all get a pass.

  • IknowYouknow

    So, where is the first dunk which was the first basket of the game…..he dunked on three Wizards players with that one. That was definitely a better dunk than the two handed put back dunk(which was nice too).

  • IknowYouknow

    Vince has always been a decent 1 on 1 defender, but he used to struggle with team defense in his younger days. Right now he’s a solid defender all around….shared defensive assignment with Marion, to guard Durant. Oh yes, he’s become very adept at drawing charges, and he’s good for some blocks too.