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Kyrie Irving Wins Three-Point Contest (VIDEO)


After winning the Three-Point Shootout Saturday, one day after putting on a show in the rookie-sophomore game, it’s safe to say he’s owned All-Star weekend thus far. “This weekend was just basically about earning everybody’s respect and getting a chance for people to see me who don’t usually see me,” Kyrie said.

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  • The Philosopher

    Future Hall of Fame talent.

  • Ben Ireland

    Agreed, two years in and he has a Rookie of the Year trophy, Rookie-Soph MVP, 3 Point contest, an All-Star (should be starting but meh) and likely an All-NBA Second team spot… At 21. Incredibly gifted player, he passes almost as well as Chris Paul and probably shoots better. With D-Rose out, likely my favourite to watch in the L. Future’s bright for Cleveland with the emergence of Tristian Thompson and the fact that Dion seems to be a decent player, if horribly inefficient. I sincerely hope they suck the rest of the way, get a high draft pick and turn into an OKC-type team. Kyrie’s that good. Though I also think that in ten years, we’ll hear similar stories to him as we do of Kobe. Not that he’s a prick like Kobe, just that he’s homocidally competitive. This year’s gotta be killing him.

  • Name

    He’s an amazing player but he is not even close to being as good a passer as Chris Paul. Kyrie’s much more of a scorer than a passer, on a lot of occasions he has tunnel vision and just forces the shot. I think Kyrie will be a lot closer to what AI was than what CP3 is.

  • roscoe

    he might shoot the 3PT better than CP3, but you’re a little too excited Ben.

    calm down. short breaths. think of a happy place.

  • Slick Ric

    I see so many saying he’s a good passer, wth are they watching. Nonetheless, he’s a great player already.

  • The Seed

    Kyrie Irving is top 5 point guard in NBA. He is becoming my second favorite player to watch. I love his old school game mixed in with great dribbling skills. Imagine if the Cavs can get a veteran shooting guard. Cavs should have went after Rudy Gay.

  • The Philosopher


  • http://twitter.com/stepfdelaghetto Stepfan Raiford

    NOBODY saw that coming last night. Congrats Kyrie.

  • marc

    probably says a lot when coach K changed his system just for Kyrie.

  • Dutch Rich

    Not sure what 411 you base that last part on. The personality comparison has no grounds whatsoever. Kobe is a prick all around not just with basketball. I agree with everything else you said though. And yes Kyrie is very competitive but who isn’t at this level.

    Here’s a quote;

    Kyrie Irving would have made a great backcourt duo with Austin Rivers this season, but he had a chance to realize his dreams early and went for it.”My father’s advice to me was to make the best decision for me, “Kyrie told ESPN, “He also knows that I was considering him and my little sister at the time, but make the best decision for me and when I do make the decision don’t have any regrets.”

    “I’m only 19 years old and I was fortunate and blessed enough to be the No. 1 pick. It’s not going to stop recruiters from recruiting. It didn’t stop Coach K from recruiting me. Coach K told me I was a pro right out of high school — hearing that from a great coach, it still didn’t keep him away from recruiting me.”

    And then read this to really get a feel for who this marvelous kid is and can be.


    “He knew that I wanted to go to college and be a part of a great program. It all depends on the kid.”