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Russell Westbrook Has an Outburst on OKC Thunder Bench (VIDEO)

He left for the locker room during the game.

The always-fiery Russell Westbrook got upset with teammate Thabo Sefolosha during a botched play, and briefly lost his mind after head coach Scott Brooks yanked him from the court (Russ headed towards the locker room during the game, before wisely electing to return.) Westbrook was evasive with reporters who questioned him about the outburst. Per the Oklahoman: “There’s no question he was frustrated with himself,’ head coach Scott Brooks said. ‘Russell’s an emotional guy … not trying to downplay that. He has to be able to control his frustration. But that’s part of it.’ [...] Kevin Durant defended Westbrook but also said the squad ‘talked it out’ in the locker room and didn’t let it fester … ‘Russell is such an emotional player,’ Durant said. ‘I knew he’d be back. That’s how he is. We want everybody to be themselves.’”

(H/T: @cjzero)

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  • zogs19994


  • http://www.facebook.com/rainman1991 Saleem Rainman

    wow…dude is legit crazy…

  • Nelly’s band aide

    “If that’s what you say bruh”, just keeps impressing with his maturirty…sigh

  • Solito

    He was trying to back down Bayless for 10 seconds and couldn’t even get a foot into the zone (good 1 on 1 D, btw.). Then Thabo was trying to bail him out with a pick and gets snapped at by this little girl in a man’s body. That whole thing was not emotion, but insecurity at full display.

  • spit hot fiyah

    Barkley was clowning in the studio, saying he was mad because he had to wear such an ugly shirt after the game

  • Redd

    Yeah it was hilarious, I think it was Gundy who was laughing at him needing to get a pick to get his man off him.

    Westbrook, Rondo=same ilk

  • anon

    What’s even funnier is you calling out anyone for throwing a tantrum, my little all caps troll.

  • bike

    How can anyone take someone who wears a getup like that seriously? That shirt and glasses make him look like a loopy fruitcake.

  • Ses

    He was a real “B” the way he handle the interview. People like him need to be brought back to reality

  • RayJr

    Westbrook acting like a diva. Any other players act like that you guys can think of?

  • zogs19994



  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Russell Westbrook is crying in that conversation with Mo Cheeks. He is crying.

  • Smokweed

    what a tripper, this dude is worse than DMC….and yeah was that pajamas he waw wearing?

  • oai9b3

    this play right here was westbrook being very selfish thabo sefolosha was wide open on that play and westbrook would have had an easy assist of thabo making a great basketball play but westbrook wanted to put a shot up and score more points and right now i’m very disappointed in him because i defend him a lot i think he’s the second best point guard in he league but an elite point guard makes that pass and gets the easy assist an elite point guard doesn’t throw a tantrum like russ did after he was the one that made the mistake.

  • LakeShow

    What’s that “brahhhh”???

  • yee

    big baby westbrook

  • Lorne

    That was so awkward I couldn’t help but laugh in embarrassment for him.

    Westbrook has too many me-first tendencies on the court. Not a good way to follow up that performance against the Lakers, where he kept jacking up bricks without a single pass.

  • Guest

    I don’t know, to me, its pretty cool that a player cares to that level.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=509819249 Gaurav P.

    This makes Bosh crying after that regular season loss look tame.

  • Kyle Reese

    That muhfucka is batshit crazy. No one in their right mind throw a tantrum over something so silly.

  • hillbilly

    Well, he DID just make Kendrick Perkins’ All-Diva team, recently. So, there’s that.

  • AiRsMiTh

    Poor Craig Sager. That was awkward to watch; good that he ended it when he did. Hope Westbrook can sort this all out. He has too much talent.

  • respect

    Lmaooo this guy is a baby

  • MasterSplinter

    As soon as I saw that I sent a text to my father “see dad, I told you Westbrook was a punk”…. He replied “If that’s what you say brah” lol…. Westbrook is lucky he is so talented.

  • http://www.facebook.com/doe.columbus Doe Columbus


  • MasterSplinter

    Not everyone on that team is selfish either…when you are up by 25 as a point guard. Then start throwing a temper tantrum towards a role player because he prevented you from scoring 2 more points… to me he verified what a lot of people have been thinking…he hasn’t changed yet, he’s still selfish

  • bill

    Cares about dribbling into oblivion while Durant stands alone reading “War and Peace” twice at the 3 pt line?

  • bill

    Nevermind the shirt, what’s up with the lip gloss?

  • Max

    , and . –> Use it.

  • The Philosopher

    They should get a point guard.
    And let Westbrook run the 2.

  • Gstar

    After Craig asked him the question, was he gonna cry?

  • Ugh

    Insecurity isn’t an emotion?

  • Ugh

    He’s talking to Craig Sager.

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Sanchez

    If thats what you say bruh

  • s2k

    If that’s what you say bruh