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Former NBA Player Renaldo Balkman Chokes Teammate in the Philippines (VIDEO)

After he was infamously drafted by the New York Knicks in 2006-’07, Renaldo Balkman bounced around the NBA for six seasons. He now finds himself hooping in the Philippines, and last night, Balkman choked one of his teammates. SPIN has the details: “Petron import Renaldo Balkman went wild near the end of a 73-83 loss to Alaska on Friday night, confronting referees, defying coaches, and choking teammate Arwind Santos in a chaotic ending that put serious questions on the former NBA player’s stint in the PBA. The game was all but over in the dying seconds when a frustrated Balkman lost the plot after a non-call on an offensive play late in the match at the Smart Araneta Coliseum, confronting the referees and later shoving away Petron coaches and players who tried to pacify him. The 6-6 former New York Knick first have Petron assistant coach Biboy Ravanes a push, then later shoved Ronald Tubid as his teammate tried to get between him and the referees. When Santos stepped in and retaliated after being shoved by the import, Balkman completely lost it. He held the Petron star in a choke, reminiscent of the Latrell Sprewell attack on coach PJ Carlesimo during their chaotic days together at Golden State. Cooler heads finally restored order before Balkman walked to the dugout alone.”

(H/T: @TheArmoTrader)

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  • Max

    Duh hell, I always liked him on 2K.

  • http://twitter.com/niQknacks niQ

    Damn, he is not coming back to the NBA after this…

  • FatboyCy

    too bad, dude was ballin’ since he got here….old habits never die I guess….

  • spit hot fiyah

    i read rolando blackman. no way he is still playing!

  • spit hot fiyah

    u probably also like spreewell

  • rantrave13

    its understandable if the guy was on the opposing team, but doing that to one of your teammates? flatout crazy! haha!

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    this is just constructive constriticism, y’all need to relax.

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/savagemuzicgroup T-Ray

    “You too close man!” – Dylan

  • Saturday

    wow. where was i last night? Renaldo Balkman is being starting to be worshiped here lately because he’s been balling, this is serious and the team’s management might unceremoniously kick him out now, especially that he choke their team’s best local player. cooler head man, cooler head.

  • RayJr

    I thought this guy was on somebody’s bench in the NBA with no playing time and thats why I hadn’t heard anything about him. I was WAY off! Way to get back on the basketball radar Balkman.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk


  • zogs19994


  • bike

    I wonder how they determine fines for this kind of thing in PBA? 407,354.731 pesos for chocking a teammate?

  • Malcolm

    Oh man, he brought his zoo life in that country.

  • bike


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Gilbert/100001749589586 Mike Gilbert

    I thought only Andrew Bynum was playing in the PBA

  • Renaldo Balkman’s evil twin

    “Is Triumph the Insult Dog narrating this?”

    Youtube comments with the goods

  • danpowers

    what a stupid mofo lol

  • nhm

    probably a game suspension. around $40k dollars for him per game

  • LakeShow

    Not a good look. Good luck getting back into the L.
    Get some offense btw. Bet he didn’t even score 10ppg over there…

  • fruizm

    Why? Because theyre in the Phillipines? Youre an idiot!


    Nitch a$$ Bigga !!

  • CrazyMCneal

    If you don’t get that joke….you must be the “idiot”.

  • john lloyd

    he pushin erbody outhere and choke his OWN teammate! his not even the best player in his team he choked the best player on his team. He done he’ll never get another season for that action. Filipinos play dirty i admit but we keep out temper in a heated game

  • nhm

    he averages around 24ppts right now. he’s on a good team.

  • I’m Filipino

    i dunno if i should vote this up for the first 2sentences or vote this down for the last two.

  • Filipino

    i dunno if i should vote this up for the first 2 sentences or vote it down due to the last 2.

  • Mdavke

    you made my day man, I laughed sooo hard

  • LakeShow

    Alright my bad lol. It’s the Philippines though! He’s 6’6″ and was the biggest guy on the court by 6 inches…

  • bill

    I thought Rolando Blackman had retired from all basketball.

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/savagemuzicgroup T-Ray

    We do what we can haha

  • toner

    Crazy, they’re playing Alaska!

  • The Philosopher


  • The Seed

    His career is over and now he will be blackballed. Thank you, anybody he needs to keep frontin, acting like a tough dude, then chokes a teammate needs to be cut. Without basketball I wonder what he will be—a BUM!!

  • palo

    Im from Europe and we have american players here (ok Im not generalizing but it happens more often than not)…and let me tell you that when things aren’t going their way its not uncommon for them to go in their “i should be in the L” moment…not to mention that compared to local players these dudes act straight hood, with the postures and everything, it looks so cartoonish

  • nhm

    average PBA height is 6’4. Balkman is the shortest “import” right now, which we call the the non-local players. he’s not really offensively gifted, but damn, this guy has relentless motor. he’s like a poorman’s faried. he’s running, bouncing and just plain relentless for 48mins (compared to the locals, he’s good)

  • LakeShow

    Which is the average guard height in the NBA.

    I completely agree with the assessment.

    But Faried has a brain in his head. Something Balkman has not yet proved…

  • nhm

    of course. Unfortunately, we don’t sprout vertically as much as we’d want to.

  • Bruce Wayne

    I am an American, and have played pro ball in Europe, seriously. Don’t put us all in the same category dude. There are a lot of good hardworking guys all over the world that are making a living playing the game they love, and they do it the right way. Maybe a few don’t act right, but aren’t there people like that in EVERY culture?

  • davidR

    spot on. balkman was supposed to be faried before faried. just didnt pan out in the nba, and i can see why

  • davidR

    shout outs to the spaniard, wherever he is

  • ATL dynamite

    Didn’t know Dozier is in the PBA now.

  • phamie

    Before this, he is the best import in the PBA and now he is the best LOSER in the PBA.

  • http://www.facebook.com/shooting.guard.319 Shooting Guard

    the announcer does it for me: ”…’we doh noh who dat guy is, but he az no bisness on the flow…”

  • Max


  • bill

    Having played in Europe my teammates would DRESS “straight” ‘hood, and had never, ever even been near one…talk about posturing(posing).

    They also were the only ones to p*ssy to stand up to the owners when they weren’t getting their paychecks. Us Americans had to convince them to stand up for themselves and demand that the owners paid the team. This happened in Turkey and Italy. Slovenia always paid their players on time though.

  • jay

    Hes a lame because u never ever heard of him getting tough with NBA players when he was in the U.S. so why act tough around guys u think u can beat up. Furthermore he better be careful the local hoodlums there are MUCH tougher than a U.S. hoodlum. Lol

  • Yeah

    its Balkman not Blackman

  • Enigmatic

    *facepalm* Rolando Blackman is a retired NBA player from the 80′s and 90s. “bill” was commenting on the similarities in their names.