Wednesday, March 27th, 2013 at 9:39 pm  |  12 responses

Jeff Green Puts in Buzzer-Beating, Game-Winning Lay-Up vs Cavs (VIDEO)

The Celtics swingman downs Cleveland.

Sure, the Celtics baaaaarely squeezed out the victory, and sure, it was against the perpetually undermanned Cavs but….a win is a win? Watch Boston forward Jeff Green sink the game-winning lay-up above.

(H/T: @EyeOnBasketball)

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  • The Philosopher

    Again, there is no better feeling in basketball than when your comrades celebrate you after a big shot.

  • Shifty

    Man. About time Boston got out of their post Miami heat loss slump. These last what, 5 straight losses have been terrible to watch. Still feel something is holding Jeff Green back, after his monster game he hasn’t exactly been following that up with much. Something is holding that guy back, hope it’s not PP34.

  • roscoe

    is that walton in the mask?

  • dannyb

    Every time I think Jeff Green can’t play, he plays, and every time I think he can play, he can’t.

  • Name

    LMAO yup

  • http://twitter.com/AdonKay Adnan K

    the guys over at 2K13 studios are laaaaaggin the fck behind on updating Jeff Green’s stats…. he’s rated a lowly 75 or something like that, with no special signature abilities or skills, and his individual attributes like shooting layups, etc…. are all sooo low for him…. he’s absolutely killing it this year

  • http://basketball-performance.com/ Basketball Tips

    so it’s all your fault! I blame you. LOL jk.

  • Max

    Killin’ it to the point of 12 and 4?
    Altho he has been playing better since Rondo went down.

  • Excellent play from Doc to go at Luke Walton on defense. He gets caught sleeping

  • http://twitter.com/AdonKay Adnan K

    Is that what he had last night 12 and 4 ? cool….. you should really look at his stats before you talk….. this season while coming off the bench he’s averaging 15 and 5, BUT he’s really been killin it in the last while when he’s been put into the starting lineup where he’s been averaging 25 and 5, with a steal and a block… not to mention the 43 point game against Miami, and another 38 point outburst prior to that

    so yea go ahead and tell me 25 and 5 isn’t “killin it” ESPECIALLY the way he plays, hard to the rack only settling when his jumper is workin for him….
    tell me a guy who is coming off heart surgery and not playing a whole season, tell me that guy averaging 25 and 5 isn’t killin it….

  • Max

    This season, he’s averaging 11.9 points – 3.7 rebounds – 1.5 assists – 0.7 steals – 0.9 blocks. On 46% shooting. He’s started a total of 7 games.
    He’s scored 25 or more 3 times this season.
    You can’t tell me that’s ‘killin it’. C’mon now.

  • Wayne Robinson

    Jeff Greene is definately holding back and for personal reasons, if he disapoints Doc it is what it is, but if he disapoints Peirce or Garnett it’s a serious problem but he must keep in mind Peirce and Garnette will be dissapointed if he decides not to play just because of them. They need him to play, not just for the but the Celtics