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Karl Towns Jr Junior Year Mixtape (VIDEO)

The 7-1 Towns has big-time potential.


At 7-1, Gatorade New Jersey Player of the Year and Kentucky commit Karl Towns Jr. can do a little bit of everything. The center runs the floor extremely well, can put it on the floor, has range out to 20+ feet, can block shots and rebound with the best of them. After playing for Coach Cal this past summer on the Domincan Republic national team, a lot of noise was being made about the Jersey product and he showed why during his junior season. The versatile center dominated the competition with averages of 21.3 points, 14.3 rebounds, 5.6 blocks, 3.4 dimes and 1.8 steals. Check out the highlights above from our friends at The Mars Reel.

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  • Max

    Looks like he improved alot especially his agility and athleticism.
    Excited to see how he will turn out in the NBA.

  • underdog

    Is that knee brace not worrying, regarding he’s only in HS? Oh, I totally forget Kentucky (and the NCAA) only wants to use his services for couple of years, for free – nothing long term.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    these 7’1″ kids should be developing post games. Not guard skills.

  • 001078790

    Potential draft bust.

  • Max

    What do you expect, he’s freakin 7’1″.
    He probably grew more than 1′ in a year.

  • Max

    You can say that about anybody.

  • Matt

    Why? While a post game is very useful, it doesn’t belong on every team. Besides, there are other ways to create tons of offense in the NBA now. And that’s not to say that he won’t develop a very nice faceup game. His passing as well as his shooting, quickness, and soft touch (assuming they’ll continue to be groomed and improved upon) will make him a dominant player at the high post. The great high post big men (David Lee and Marc Gasol come to mind) all combine the ability to drive past their defenders, shoot, create passing angles and lanes, recognize cutters, and make the pass to become so good at the high post. Karl Towns Jr. already has these abilities and will surely (if he’s looking towards the future) improve on them.

    Of course, I’m not saying that having a post game is a bad thing. However, players with his size, skillset, and quickness have many options that he could pursue. Not everyone can be Roy Hibbert or Al Jefferson. Some guys just can’t consistently get position on the block. And we would have to wait and see, but I’m going to guess that Towns doesn’t have the lower body strength to be able to do that. Of course, he can always alleviate that issue with a faceup game, which I advocate him working on.

  • Name

    Yeah he looks kinda soft for a huge guy… Most of the competition in this video doesn’t even reach 6″6′ lol

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    I don’t mind him developing the ability to do things off the dribble. But why are you developing how to do them from the perimeter? He isn’t going to play there at the next level. Good defenses will eat him up, especially in college where illegal defense doesn’t exist and they can just rush guards at him. .
    Post game and back to the basket game are related but different.
    And the kid looks like an amazing player, I just wish he was developing different skills is all. Also, I am ignorant to the specifics of his game, I’ve only seen highlights. I could be completely ignorant about him.

  • ron

    When you are 7’1″ as a HS kid, your height gives you lot of advantages. It’s still too early to label him anything.

  • Allenp

    The same first thought I had. Not a single jump hook on the video.