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OKC Thunder Fan Hits Halfcourt Shot, Wins $20K for Wife’s Cancer Treatment (VIDEO)

Prize money for a good cause.

We’ve watched a few fans hit halfcourt shots at NBA arenas this season—one got tackled by a deliriously happy LeBron James in the ensuing celebration, another walked away with a brand new whip. One lucky gent in OKC last night nailed the most important and meaningful heave of the season. Heath Kufahl won $20,000 which he will use to help pay for his wife’s battle with cancer. Per the Oklahoman: “Fan Heath Kufahl, the volleyball and boys basketball coach at Christian Heritage Academy in Del City, Okla., made the MidFirst halfcourt shot between the third and fourth quarters of the Thunder-Lakers matchup to win $20,000. It was the fourth fan halfcourt shot made in the Thunder’s Oklahoma City history, and the first since 2011. It’s always cool to see someone make that shot, but for the Kufahls and their seven children, it means a bit more: Heath’s wife, Jenni, was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer in October of 2012. The money will be used for mounting medical bills.”

UPDATE: It turns out that Heath is actually a Los Angeles Lakers fan, who went undercover and snagged himself a cool $20k. Per the OC Register: “I’m actually a Lakers fan. Don’t tell anybody. I had to wear a Thunder shirt.”

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  • Raheem Shabazz

    Hit that shot with EXTREME pressure considering it’s going towards his wife’s cancer treatment. Clutch. Best of luck to him and his family.

  • http://twitter.com/_DFrance DFrance

    Held that gooseneck up there like he knew it was good. Thats dope. They are gonna stop having these halfcourt shot giveaways if folks keep hittin. lol

  • http://twitter.com/RyanDeahn RyanDeahn

    Please the Thunder make 20k in concessions halfway through the first quarter.

  • MightyMouse

    Denver fans are maaaaaaaad

  • http://twitter.com/_DFrance DFrance

    Thats nice, but the contest was by Midfirst Bank, not the Thunder. Anyway, was just making a jokey joke, I know this prize money is just a drop in the bucket for most companies.

  • Redd

    Awesommmmmmme, great to hear.

  • rwhitlock
  • Chukaz

    f*cked up part is the government’s gonna come in and take like 40% of that smh. I’m all for paying taxes when you randomly win money with no real purpose, but the money’s for his wife’s cancer treatment. I hope he gets to keep all of it since i’m sure he can write off all those medical expenses.

  • palo

    good there was no Westbrook there to block it

  • CP3 4 MVP

    damn beat me to it

  • Buck DiNasty

    Way to not tell anybody slam. Dicks


    not in Canada. any type of winnings like lottery is exempt from taxes.

  • Otis

    Kinda f#cked up that in such a well-off country people are left to having to make half-court shots to pay for cancer treatment

  • Ugh

    Everything about this is f$#cked up.
    He’s in a room with at least 30 people who will be paid no less than ten times what they need this year, and the corporate boxes at that game will be filled with people in the same income bracket. There are probably a hundred people in the building who can cover that cost without blinking.
    If every player donated the money he made in the time it takes him to run the floor, the costs of the treatment would be covered.
    What Kobe Bryant pays in tax this year alone would cover thousands of those operations.
    The lighting bill for the game would exceed the cost of treatment. Hell, it probably costs that much to set up and pull down the floor.

    Despite all of this abundant wealth, America has still borrowed $16,506,210,900,000 (which I don’t even know how to *pronounce*) from other countries and the only way a family of nine can pay for their mother’s cancer treatment is by taking a shot at halfcourt.

    This world is so totally stupid.

  • Brownjesus

    Dont forget the free cancer treatment…

  • Max

    Lockout 2013-2014!

  • Max

    This world?

  • Max

    This is pretty damn dope.

  • Chukaz

    They weren’t paying in sh*tty canada.

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