Saturday, March 2nd, 2013 at 1:29 am  |  19 responses

Ty Lawson Drains Game-Winning Shot vs Thunder (VIDEO)

Then does the Bernie.

Tie game, clock running down at the end of the fourth quarter, Ty Lawson gets the ball in an isolation situation, and… [see above].

[H/T: @cjzero]

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  • Redd

    Amazing, love the Nuggets. Told folks they’re the big NBA sleeper but I was laughed at.


  • fruizm

    What the hell is the bernie?? hahaha!

  • spit hoty fiyah

    a lot people where talking about them as contenders before the season started, that talk coold of after their mediocre start though (they had a tough schedule)

  • Redd

    Said that last year as well, felt they’d come together pretty quick under Karl.

  • Dean27

    All right, great. Another isolation, another shot at the buzzer…

    Would be more exciting to see the same shot after a whole team effort, a few screens or simple cuts. Plays are kind of getting too individual in game-ending situations…

  • spit hot fiyah

    Chandler playing at a high level really give the team another dimension. he looked pretty awfull when he came back from china last year and from injury this year

  • christianbullen

    Ty Lawson movin’ like Bernie.

  • servantofthemosthigh

    It’s from an old school 80′s movie. Couple of employees drag their dead boss around to parties. The reference in this situation is hysterical!

  • Max

    It went in. What’s the problem?

  • Max

    Lot’s a people were expecting them to be where they are right now.

  • Max

    Why doesn’t Thabo put his hand up allready when there’s only 2 seconds or so left?

  • theDankerNuggets

    I was expecting the crowd to rush the court, I guess I’ve been watching too much college hoops

  • Matt

    Because it was an isolation without any movement. That’s literally one of the worst plays in basketball. But let’s not digress…

    @6d1c41af121ea0f7643a0a9ea8dd66a0:disqus This is a generalist basketball site. I don’t think most of the people here care about that. (Although you and I do)

  • 23

    I think this kind of explains LeBron in the clutch. By instinct he always wants a set play, or someone else also involved.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rainman1991 Saleem Rainman

    lol dafuq was that “celebration” there?

  • Lloyd

    The Bernie has to be the stupidest dance yet.

  • Matt

    Because that would be the right basketball play. And let’s not forget that Lebron is one of the best isolation players in the league. In fact, he mainly hurts teams in the post and in isolation (even though he’s a good PNR player, both handling the ball and setting the screen as well as a decent catch-and-shoot option). His isolation and post skills are made even deadlier b/c of Lebron’s ability to see AND make the pass. How often have you seen Lebron isolating at either wing, see the weakside wing or corner defender rotate over to provide help, and then make the skip pass (imo the best player in the league at making this particular pass) to the wing or corner for a three? This is exactly why Lebron is so good.

  • socrates

    @mattroom:disqus you said this is a website for more general fans. what is a site for people like you or @6d1c41af121ea0f7643a0a9ea8dd66a0:disqus who DO care about “that?” i dont know if you mean something like freedarko, but i used to go there until it shut down

  • Darksaber

    Weekend at Bernie’s? That was funné.