Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013 at 9:30 am  |  10 responses

Larry Sanders Accidentally Elbows a Referee in the Face (VIDEO)

That’s gotta hurt.

As we’ve seen of late, being an NBA ref is a contact sport. Bill Kennedy got popped in the grill by an errant elbow from Larry Sanders on the opening tip. (Kennedy collected himself and stayed in the game. Sanders went on to have a career scoring night—24 points, along with 13 rebounds—as he led the Milwaukee Bucks to a 131-102 rout of the Charlotte Bobcats).

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  • Max

    Refs should start wearing protective armour.

  • pposse

    they already too old, missing calls cause they can’t see with their old eye vision. Only thing wearing a mask would do is give them an excuse on why they missed a call.

  • Hursty

    Sneaky payback from Larry to the refs.

  • Max

    And afterwards he was like:
    “You aight?”

  • spit hot fiyah

    i would be comedy if the ref had one of those black kyrie Irving face masks for the rest of the game

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Gilbert/100001749589586 Mike Gilbert

    I’m waiting for one of these “accidental” referee hits to come from MWP…lol watch him get kicked outta the league

  • Cameron

    Lol…”He got smoked”. Made me laugh so hard for some reason, just by the way the announcer said it.

  • Denzo

    Missing calls? Man some of the referees make calls that amaze me all the time.
    Sometimes you see them get a call – and you immediately think “that’s rubbish” only t watch a replay 6 times and conclude they got it right.
    Hardest sport to officiate in the world, and they do pretty good.

    On a side note: Sanders hit the ref that hard its almost hard to belief that is was purely an accident but probably easier to just accept it as an accident.

  • LakeShow

    This guy has a great story. He didn’t even play basketball till 10th or 11th grade, and he is one of the few 6’11″ dudes that are good at skate boarding.
    I’m rooting for him cause his development is inspiring.


    I asked on a different post, who do you take going forward, Ibaka or Sanders?

  • pposse

    i dont think so tim. The refs are too old, there should be a farm system in the league where referees start off as 25 yr olds and graduate into nba refs by 32. Then their reffing career should only last till like 43 at the latest. Thats about the time eye sight and health problems generally rear its head. No need for old joey crawford, dick bavetta, andanyone else over 50 for sure. Too bad the ref union won’t allow for that. The NFL refs are probably the best in the world, having to watch over 20 or 22 men on a huge field in any given play is way way harder.