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Mike D’Antoni Called Kobe Bryant a ‘Fan’ (VIDEO)

The big story from an otherwise unremarkable Game 1 between the Los Angeles Lakers and San Antonio Spurs, was the relentless stream of tweets from Kobe Bryant. Unable to play due to a torn Achilles, the Black Mamba kept imploring his team from his couch. An annoyed Mike D’Antoni reacted sarcastically when asked about Kobe’s tweets. Per the LA Times: “Bryant responded to the postgame statement by tweeting, ‘A fan?? Lol.’ This snarky exchange leads one to wonder if this sort of public communication is worth it for Bryant or the Lakers. That was the topic of postgame debate with folks lining up on two distinct sides of the issue. With the Lakers losing this one because they did not have Bryant’s shooting or leadership, he remains the story here, even from nearly 1,200 miles away. [...] ‘He’d be saying that same stuff right to our faces if he was here, tell us what to do and when to do it,’ said Steve Blake. ‘I’m sure he’s feeling terrible not being here, and he just wants to stay connected.’”

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  • KevinJohnsonFan

    Man has no business coaching this team. Lakers won’t be paying 3 coaches at the same time though so Lakers fans are stuck with him. Have fun with that.

  • robb

    well, he calls himself a coach, so this doesn’t really surprise me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/devin.williams1 Devin Williams

    Lmao! I wish I could like this a million times

  • LP

    Kobe asked for this, he was basically criticizing coaching and defense live during the game….. I thought his account was hacked after posting the matidore comment…….I would have said much worse, diantoni said the right thing

  • Anthony Dixon

    Lakers would win if Phil Jackson coached. They can’t guard anyone,ANd yea Kobe should stay off twitter.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=509819249 Gaurav P.

    I thought the matador defense comment was hilarious considering Kobe was the biggest culprit of that. However, calling him a “Fan” is a bit disrespectful considering his status in the game and the fact that they are in the playoffs largely because of hi,.

  • LP

    It was a little disrespectful, but i bet Kobe wont tweet during the games anymore…. If he does, it will be all generic positive tweets…..

  • http://www.facebook.com/BroncoNose Andres Caceres

    Kobe was immensely disrespectful with his tweets, i’m sure everyone can agree (I loved them, but only because I was hoping it would cause exactly this to happen or he’d blow up at D’Antoni). On to D’Antoni yeah he was a bit snarky/sarcastic, but when he said the “fan” comment it wasn’t even that big.. I mean he didn’t say it with any negative anything etc… Kobe is exactly just that right now. He’s watching the Lakers from home, like any other fan. Can you disagree? He loves his Lakers so of course hes a fan. People are digging into the word too much. Even D’Antoni would be mad to imagine he’d be where he is now without Kobe. So much respect to Kobe. On another note, D’Antoni in general has NO FILTER, and cannot hold good relationships with players. He’s thrown his whole team under the bus at one point or another. So I can see where the hate for him stems. Still everyone is digging at straws with this particular comment of his.

  • Lloyd

    I don’t see the insult right there. Sitting from his couch, Kobe is literally in the position of a fan, doing what fans do by tweeting their frustrations with the team. This may be the best call D’Antoni has made whilst with the Lakers.

  • spit hot fiyah

    d’antoni might be fan next season

  • Clint Abernathy

    I fail to see why everyone is up in arms about this. Do you think Kobe-thick-skinned-Bryant is offended by any of this? Hell no.

  • kymirkiss

    Soo disrespectful

  • johnn

    ur a faggg

  • laker fan

    I’m a die hard laker fan, and I would like to know what’s wrong with that comment? He is a fan at the moment. Kolby is displaying the fire, and intensity that he has for the game. Kolby is a warrior.

  • Rawtal

    KOBE BRYANT A FAN? WHO THE HELL DO U THINK U ARE? U THINK UR A REAL COACH? HOLY SHIETT GTFO!!! OMG U SUCK.. lol.. kobe is a fan, well then so are u, ur not really making a (+) difference…..

  • Anthony Dixon

    lol thats nice.

  • Deeboii

    who is Kolby?