Monday, May 6th, 2013 at 5:10 pm  |  42 responses

Marco Belinelli Fined $15,000 for Doing ‘Big Balls Dance’ (VIDEO)

After drilling a huge three-pointer in Game 7 against the Brooklyn Nets, Chicago Bulls guard Marco Belinelli busted out the Sam Cassell-inspired “Big Balls Dance” on his way to the bench. The NBA was not amused, and fined Marco a cool $15K: “Chicago Bulls guard Marco Belinelli has been fined $15,000 for making an obscene gesture during the Bulls 99-93 win over the Nets on May 4.”

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  • jmm

    I don’t understand why the NBA is so hellbent on stripping emotion out of the game. Seeing these facets of the players personality is what makes the League so fascinating.

  • Yup

    All-time best dance. Period.

  • http://twitter.com/trueballer4lif1 Melvin flynt

    Very true jmm good point..

  • Lloyd

    Doing an intentional dance depicting yourself holding your gigantic imaginary scrotum is not a reflexive emotional reaction.

  • Josias Johnson

    Knew it was coming. He didn’t do it as well as Cassell or Eddie House, but I guess someone in the league office caught it. Either that, or someone snitched.

  • speedy

    That’s how Europeans look when they want to flex like Nate did. Can’t change who we are and that we look like doing that. Big Balls dance not intented

    NBA please stop discriminating people :-) .

  • MMD

    There are countless times where I’ve seen slo-mo shots of players screaming “F*ck yeah” or “yeah motherf*cker!!” Kinda funny how they fine for gestures that most kids don’t understand

  • Mack

    Amen. Especially the technical fouls for staring someone down; absolute comedy.

  • LakeShow


    Maybe get your career FG% up to 42% before you proclaim XL testis.

  • LakeShow

    Agreed, and well said, lol.

  • RedDragon10

    Sam Cassell

  • Jay Cutler

    Didn’t Kobe used to do this all the time one season?

  • bubblecat

    The NBA thinks it’s an obscene gesture but they put a video of it in right in the news article on their website for everyone to see.

  • Bruce Wayne

    Yes, but he wasn’t fined a single time. Admire what Kobe has done in his career, but to fine one guy and not fine another for the exact same thing, is pure nonsense.

  • makoface

    i think they key to not get fined is to lower your aarms , bend your back, and make it look like a gorilla/bongo/ droopy arm thing- and add rhythm. if you see the cassell original, he makes it look like a ‘dance’. This Mario cat just stands there holding his engorged testicles- like “what”. Fine line. takes experience. takes time.

  • jmm

    Fair point, but it’s part of a leaguewide crackdown on these guys having any personality. I don’t see the point in fining a guy who just made a huge shot and wanted to express himself.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cardiac.is.here Evan Harris

    THAT’S IT??? I thought it was something way more than that. I don’t know what’s worse the KD fine or this one… SMH

  • T dawg

    apparently it offends people….

  • Mariano

    Was thinking the same thing. I saw him do it against the Spurs a few seasons ago and thought it looked cool when he did it… Never thought they’d fine someone for it though

  • Lan

    Right Decision.The Dance wasn’t good enough.

  • Lloyd

    If Belinelli made a shot and started cussing and pumping his fist and throwing up gang signs (a la James Harden), no one is going to fine him, let alone T him up. This isn’t last season. Guys have been expressing themselves just fine. However if you’re on national television pretending to juggle your testicles, someone is going to tell you to stop. They definitely should bring back trash talk though.

  • http://twitter.com/BEdotwater Orlando Coolridge

    I remember Kobe did this, but nobody fined him….

  • pposse

    r u agreeing with lloyd and not jmm on this?! seriously im asking out of curiosity, the “lol” threw me off.

  • pposse

    the fact that you kno cassell did it before is enough; your hating bro. 15k is still 15k!!

  • r13

    they should award him 15k for doing this dance, not fine him.

  • Redd

    You’re an idiot..Nate does this…he copied him.

    Nate does it to flex.

  • solito

    The ones that get it are old enough to laugh about it, and the ones too young don’t get it (“Look daddy, he’s making the Cookie-Monster face!”). A disproportional amount of attention is always an attempt to keep real issues under the radar.


    Call it the Sam Cassell jog back & you won’t get fined .

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Sanchez

    ballsy move marco.


    What a great sentence.

  • playa

    F**k you Stern, f**k you nba,this is not your f**king gulag you f**cking robotic idiots!!

  • http://basketball-performance.com/ Basketball Tips

    I actually LOL’ed at this!

  • lute

    He should have said he was gay and supporting Jason Collins, then he would have been thrown a parade and gotten a call from ol’ Barry

  • jmm

    Watching the games, I see how much these dudes tone themselves down, and I think it’s sad. If you crush one on someone, you should totally be allowed to give them a stare. If you make a big shot and you wanna do the balls dance you should absolutely be entitled to do it. Heck, I even think a little bit of shoving and yelling etc. is fine – it’s an emotional game and people should be allowed to express themselves. Short of whipping your dong out or punching someone in the face, most everything should be ok. I would say gang signs is the one thing that should be LEAST tolerated.

  • LakeShow

    I don’t really care about the fine. If the did or did not fine him I don’t give a crap.

    Doing a “big balls dance” is a pretty pitiful thing to do IMO. Your just being ‘that dude’ with the lifted truck with big rubber testicles hanging from you trailer hitch at that point.

    What would a woman do in the WNBA to illustrate her sex organs as being above average through dance; thus being the reason for making a clutch shot…

    Sorry it’s just a dumb to me.

  • Lloyd

    I agree with everything you said except the big balls thing because it does qualify as an obscene gesture.I think it’s one step short of turning toward the crowd and grabbing your junk as a taunt. And the tight rules against taunting and all that isn’t a ploy to quell guys’ personality. It’s an attempt by the NBA to promote sportsmanship and make the game respected and sophisticated on a wider stage. I understand why they do it, but I don’t like it either for the most part.

  • Lloyd

    I didn’t think proper conduct depended on whether people may or may not “get it”.

  • Lloyd

    Aww you’re adorable. Nate actually flexes. I’m sorry to tell you this little buddy, but if you’re “flexing” like Marco Belinelli, you’re doing it wrong. Run along and play now champ!

  • Redd

    ..he’s flexing you doorknob, he was flexing(again in case you’re that dumb) but enjoy being an idiot lol.

  • jmm

    Fair enough, the balls thing is pretty immature, I’m just frustrated by the blanket censorship. Sportsmanship is important too, but I feel the NBA has just taken it too far in the pursuit of NFL’s “respectability” which is in reality just pursuit of more money by Stern.

  • Lloyd

    Didn’t I tell you to run along and play already you little rascal!?

    This is flexing: http://teamgetrippednow.com/files/2012/06/6940314-a-happy-cartoon-bodybuilder-flexing-and-smiling.jpg

    Note the clenched fists often associated with flexing, and the increase of muscle size/appearance. Marco is just holding open hands by his crotch and spinning in circles.

    Hopefully the picture aid helps since you don’t seem like you know what you’re talking about. I was contemplating getting a black and white one so you could colour it in and get your mommy to put it on your fridge, but I thought I’d give you a chance to save some dignity.

  • Lloyd

    I feel you still and I know what you’re saying. I miss dudes talking trash and getting in each others faces. Takes away some of the fire from the game for sure. I liked it when dudes genuinely didn’t like each other because of the jersey they’d be wearing. Did wonders for rivalries. Rivalries just ain’t the same when the guys on opposing sides are friends.

    That said, there are a lot of kids watching these guys so the NBA tries to regulate their players to not cultivate bad habits in younger fans of the game. It’s definitely a money game at the end of the day, but it’s not hard to see the need for some rules of conduct on the court