Monday, June 3rd, 2013 at 10:00 am  |  9 responses

Dwight Howard Loses Free Throw Contest to a Housewife (VIDEO)

He was shooting lefty, for what it’s worth.

OK, fine, so Dwight Howard was shooting the freebies with his left hand (and being pestered by a reporter about his impending free agency). But given his historically poor results from the charity stripe (57.7 percent for his career), we’re not so sure the big fella could’ve won the friendly wager with his strong hand.

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  • Dfrance

    Maybe Dwight would make a free throw if he wasn’t always rocking an extra smedium tee shirt. The blood circulation in his shoulders is restricted.

  • Markus437

    Clearly he shot left handed so as to have an excuse in case he loses….,. If he shot right handed and lost espn would blow this story up

  • jedi420

    I’m definitely of the belief that if he wasn’t so into wearing the purple pantyhose on his arms with the silver glittery lightning bolts that could only distract him as he raises his arms to shoot, maybe his shooting percentage would improve.

  • The Mauve Avenger


  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni D dot Sanchez

    housewife was trash talkin

  • spit hot fiyah

    those really need to go

  • Lloyd

    No ifs! He would’ve lost, and we would’ve all nodded our heads and said, “Yep…sounds about right.”

  • robb


  • makoface

    cant stand howard. alot of 7 footers play the game because theyre meant to rather than they re passionate about it like every other guy in the nba or any other guy on this website. – but few – nah – nobody – has had his combination of athleticism and height- and lack of passion. he makes shaq seem lke kobe in terms of competitveness. its cool, he s a nice guy and all that- but i see him adn i see a guy who se attitude is , who cares, im having fun, its just a game. yeah- all good- but for many- its their lives.