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Miami Heat Locker Room Championship Celebration (VIDEO)

We watched the Miami Heat celebrate their second straight NBA championship in front of their adoring fans. They then hit the club to continue the party. The best and most emotionally-charged celebration, however, took place in the Heat’s locker room immediately after Game 7.

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  • http://www.reverbnation.com/savagemuzicgroup T-Ray

    “I’m talking to y’all I’ll see y’all at the podium…get the f*ck out my face.” Lol that was some funny ish.


    In about 15 mins, this video is gonna have about a million ” Lebron is a d!ck” comments

  • dannyb

    It says a lot about your team when the only player to make some classy comments is Chris Anderson

  • Mvp23100


  • Dfrance

    if I was Juwan Howard, I’d be happy, but I wouldn’t be all cocky about it. I’ma call him 2 times, cuz that about how much he saw the court this season.

    And Lebron has been PC in interviews all season, I can let 1 eff you to the media slide.

  • Lloyd

    Rightfully so. Winning a championship isn’t a license to say whatever you want.

  • OfftheWall87

    No, the license to say whatever you want comes from being a grown man which he is. Whether people like it or not doesn’t really matter. People know he’s a good guy. Dude was joking. Relax.

  • OfftheWall87

    Mind you this is their locker room and this is their moment. They can say whatever they want. LeBron has smiled and laughed for 2 years while people wanted him to be gracious and almost ask for forgiveness for 2010. It’s been an incredible run for him since losing in 2011. He owes no one any apologies. Also, if you watch almost any team play, you’ll see F words all over the place from players who are supposed to be “classy” and “quiet”. Don’t get sensitive now.

  • Lloyd

    Oh my fault, I always thought being a grown man is knowing what to say and how to carry yourself. So you’re telling me it’s the ability to say whatever pops up in your head at any given time instead? Thanks.

    No one is questioning his character. It was just an off handed comment said in the midst of celebration, but that doesn’t mean he should’ve said it.

  • OfftheWall87

    It’s saying what you want to say regardless of how people may take it especially when people are coming into your environment. That’s their locker room. He didn’t go to them, they came to him. Who goes into someone else’s house or work space and tries to tell them how they should talk and what not to say?

  • ZOGS



  • ballsohard

    I’m sure Lebron is going to stop celebrating, read this comment section and renounce his lifestyle, retire from the game and disappear into the shadows out of shame for offending his internet critics.

  • berkamore

    I am sure some heaters (hate the heat, LOL) are saving this moment for when LeBron loses a championship, which WILL happen and go:” So you was all puffed up back when you was on top, welcome to earth, Muhfuh.” LOL.

    Seriously, he can celebrate however he chooses to. But I prefer Birdman’s reaction, the series could have gone either way (and I feel that SA let one get away in game 6) and it’s not like the Heat was particularly impressive in the playoffs either. But hey, they are the champs so congrats to them.

  • Enigmatic

    Never understood why they have the media back there while players are celebrating a championship. Let them have their celebration. As a fan, I can do without seeing it or hearing whatever insightful comments reporters actually think they’re gonna get from a player who’s halfway to being three sheets to the wind.

  • Lloyd

    No it’s not. Etiquette and respect is universal. That’s the media’s workspace too. You can say whatever you want at your work place? Every respectable job has a code of proper conduct that regulates behaviour. This is no different.

  • j

    why u gotta be so real?

  • OfftheWall87

    Who did he show disrespect towards? A word that no one has proven is actually a “curse word” gets said and people freak out. People don’t even know how or when that word became so offensive just like the other words that people consider profane. There is no book or law that told everyone what profane words are.

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  • Dfrance

    You’re really using the “f*ck” may or may not be offensive to people excuse?

  • T-man

    Championship DVD content my man haha!

  • Marc

    Y’all too sensitive lol


    They could celebrate and say whatever they want they are champions now!!! They are the last ones standing.

  • Feez_22

    he was just disrespecting the media who have pretty much piled on and disrespected him the past 2-3 yrs (mostly unfairly)… If anyone can take some disrespect, it is the media. They dish it out in droves and would have been full force if LeBron had lost.

  • Lloyd

    That’s weak bro. I wasn’t even saying that it’s disresctful that he said “f*ck”. It is an offensive word, but let’s assume it isn’t since you say it isn’t.

    Telling someone “get the f*ck out of my face” isn’t disrespectful? If your mom was in the way, it’d be cool to say that to her then no? Or your boss? Maybe to your girlfriend/boyfriend?

    And why? Because reporters are doing their jobs by asking questions and covering a big news story! The equivalent would be you going to a store, an employee comes up and asks if they can help you, and you tell them, “get the f*ck out my face”.

    Do you see how ridiculous that is? Don’t make excuses for him.

  • OfftheWall87

    I’m using the “No one knows how or when this word became offensive” fact. Because no one does.

  • danpowers
  • underdog

    Dude deserve his whole salary, only for that one 3-pointer at the end of G6.

  • dirtydizzle

    Get a life. Get the F#ck out of here LMAO!

  • Lloyd

    Well said little buddy! Run along now.