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Tony Parker’s Unreal Shot Seals Game 1 Win in Miami (VIDEO)

TP’s time.

With the time running out, having fallen to the floor and LeBron James draped all over him, things didn’t look very promising late in the fourth quarter for Tony Parker. Until he spun in a miracle bank shot, that is. TP’s unbelievable basket gave the San Antonio Spurs a 92-88 Game 1 victory over the stunned Miami Heat in the NBA Finals.

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  • Mike From Spain

    Who has still the Heat in 5?

    For one thing, the Spurs front-court is about as good defensively as the Pacers, but better offensively. And the backcourt… Indiana could not hit a three, the Spurs have three or four role players that can bring it every night, plus Tony Parker, who is just much better than George Hill on the offensive end. Who needs a defensive juggernaut at PG to stop Mario Chalmers?

  • Dfrance

    The play was amazing as a whole, but I don’t think the actual shot was that difficult. He already faked LBJ out and didn’t have shoot over him. At that point it just became a leaning bank shot. Do I sound like a hater? lol

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  • LP @ThisisEther

    derek fisher seals the game..

  • Stepfan Raiford

    TP went through the entire big three on that play. Wow.

  • Vince

    No, you just sound like you don’t appreciate an amazing shot.

  • Vince

    This is going to be a very entertaining series!

  • bike

    If Parker isn’t the best PG in the league, then he’s awfully close. I know that plenty of folks will say he isn’t even close to CP3 but he was the best player on the floor last night on the biggest stage. And ZERO turnovers to boot. Zero. Freakin. Turnovers.

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  • pposse

    Slam needs to put up that spin move Tony Parker pulled off too; man he had Defining Moments in this game! I swear i had no intention to stay up and watch the game, but Duncan with the buzzer beater made me stay to watch the third and then TP with the spin move made me watch till the end; and then finally this play, the rightful way to coronate the King was just too much!! oh man this might just be a very entertaining series!!

  • bike

    I look at it like this: to simulate what he did set up about 20 traffic cones and for 24 seconds dribble constantly in and out of them all the while monitoring a shot clock. Then just as the clock winds down, fall down twice while keeping the dribble alive and then try the shot he made.

  • Dfrance

    Thats why I said the play as a whole was amazing. I’m just talking about the actual shot he took. But I guess you can’t consider one without the other. Kudos to Tony!

  • Max

    The pressure of Lebron going for the block and the shotclock running out makes it difficult.

  • http://www.facebook.com/doe.columbus Doe Columbus

    Tony Parker did a retro Allen Iverson move on Lebron for the win!

  • spit hot fiyah

    one of the closets calls i have ever seen, i thought it was too late at first glance


    ill moves