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UNDRAFTED, Ep. 1 – Brandon Davies (VIDEO)

The journey begins…

Today, 60 players will fulfill their dream of getting drafted to the NBA. Countless others will remain undrafted and will be forced to find an alternative route to the League. They will fight their way through grueling team workouts and intense summer league games for the few remaining slots on an NBA roster.

UNDRAFTED will follow the journey of six players who began their quest at the historic Portsmouth Invitational Tournament (PIT), whose alumni include: Earl “The Pearl” Monroe, Dave Cowens, John Stockton, Scottie Pippen, Tim Hardaway, Derek Fisher and Jeremy Lin. The series kicks off with Brandon Davies, the tough big from BYU.

This web series—brought to you by Pro Hoop Strength—begins with a profile and game breakdown of six players from the PIT class of 2013, as they pursue their basketball dreams. Who’s the next PIT legend?

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  • OfftheWall87

    Must feel good to know he can have a beard if he wants one now that he’s away from BYU.

  • Bruce Wayne

    And also have sex with his gf..

  • marcus

    That wouldn’t have even been funny if you made that comment right after his honor code violation. Let it go man. The only reason to hang on to stuff like that from the past is because your life is pathetically uninteresting. Davies is a Mormon, so being away from BYU shouldn’t be a ticket to lower his standards.

  • Bruce Wayne

    Yes, because you know me personally right? I have a problem with an institution that among other things doesn’t allow students to drink tea, ingest caffeine, and a bunch of other inane rules. That’s my view on it and don’t give a damn if you have a problem with that.

  • neil cavanaugh

    Can’t be leave Seth curry didn’t get drafted or khlif wyatt

  • neil cavanaugh

    I have a great life and they did that man wrong he was in love he wasn’t out getting wasted being a Malle whore

  • Basketball Fan

    The “institution” is owned and operated by the LDS church and those “inane rules” are part of their religion. I suppose the Jewish devout shouldn’t be expected eat kosher food either. Just because you don’t understand it doesn’t mean you need to fear it or degrade it.

    And I think Marcus doesn’t have a problem with you thinking that. It’s more when you get on forums and say offensive things that a middle school student would have said.

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  • robbietre

    Watched Davies a lot in college. For a long time, I didn’t think he was NBA caliber, but he always came to play against the top talent: Olynyk, SMC, Perry Jones III, Rob Covington, Rob Sacre, Jae Crowder, and SDSU. I think he can prove himself onto an NBA squad.

  • Bruce Wayne

    Don’t try to piggyback on somebody elses comment. And don’t try to bring Jews or any other religion into this. I expressed my points about the controversy that surrounded Davies when he was at byu. BTW, he is not the only person to get caught up in contradictory controversy when he was there.

    I am not even going to get into the racist issues that certain people have had to deal with while attending byu. Do you have a defense for that too?

  • UP man

    It must be nice to know so much about a university you probably have never visited. If it was so bad, why didn’t he transfer after the whole fiasco? He stayed for the next year. Students sign at BYU stating they will keep certain standards. He didn’t and when he started to again he was admitted to play again. It is nice to have an institution that doesn’t change their standards or do something unethical in order to keep or get players. There are more important things then sports and they prioritized honesty and commitment over that. So many other schools are doing the opposite these days.

  • Bruce Wayne

    This is the information age, buddy. You don’t have to visit a place to know a bunch of info about it, and it’s history. I am fully aware of the conduct code. That is actually what I was making reference to if you view my previous comment.

    What you are failing to understand is that I am speaking my opinion from my perspective. How much experience do you have participating in collegiate athletics? I played college basketball, and did transfer during that time, and let me tell you, it’s not a walk in the park. You make it sound like it’s just moving across town.

    Davies is FROM Provo, his whole family and life is there, so maybe that can answer your question of why he didn’t transfer. One issue I see you conveniently avoided was the issue of double standards, and racism in that environment. But hey, let’s just sweep that under the rug right?

  • John

    That’s not why he got suspended. He got a different girl pregnant. The original story was changed a day or two later, but it was too late. The wrong story had already gone everywhere.

  • Bruce Wayne

    Honestly I’ve seen so many conflicting reports, I don’t know what to believe about that case anymore..

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