Thursday, July 18th, 2013 at 3:35 pm  |  17 responses

Dirk Nowitzki Sings ‘Satisfaction’ With DJ Flula (VIDEO)

…while cruising with cheerleaders.

Disco Dirk and fellow German DJ Flula inexplicably created this music video (of the Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction”) with some Dallas Mavericks cheerleaders. Don’t try to understand it, just enjoy the hilarious madness.

(H/T: TBL)

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  • Lloyd

    What the hell did I just watch…

  • danpowers

    at this point i feel forced to state that people from the state of bavaria are in no way representative for the rest of germany. wtf dirk? lol

  • Max

    Dirk has got so much awesome in him.

  • bike

    I like the chick behind the wheel. She looks very intelligent and would be nice to talk to.

  • Saleem Rainman


  • Darksaber

    “Biggest” free agent signing in two seasons is going to be Monta Ellis. Yeah i’d be trying to upgrade my Org’s internet-meme status too.
    Too bad this clip should have stayed on Flula’s laptop.
    Naja, wenigstens hat Dirk spass dran.

  • LLC#12

    Seemingly every stereotype the rest of the world has about Germany comes from Bavaria. Good old Bavaria.

  • danpowers

    which is pretty ridiculous because it is just one of 16 states and extremely different to the rest of the country in terms of tradition, culture, language, etc…

  • LLC#12

    I know, the other places in Germany I’ve been to are totally different. It’s the same in most countries though I think, people think the whole country is the same, when in most countries you can travel a few hours and everyone speaks differently etc

  • Joshua Maria Peter Bautista

    And that is how a 35-year old man stays healthy.

  • danpowers

    sure. its just extremely annoying for the rest of the country tho when the whole world thinks about you that youre all a bunch of fat leather pants wearing beer drinking conservative hillbillies while thats actually just such a very small and culturally pretty much isolated part of the country. i have no national pride or whatsover, just trying to get the “facts” straight lol

  • LLC#12

    Hahaha, that’s a very interesting description of Bavarians. Whereabouts in Germany are you from, out of curiosity?

  • danpowers

    north west / hannover. you been there too?

  • LLC#12

    Nah, not Hannover, I’ve only been to Hamburg, Berlin, Munich & Augsburg, there’s still a lot of places in Germany I’d like to visit, hopefully I’ll get to them eventually

  • danpowers

    no need to visit hannover if youve been to hamburg. hannover is a smaller uglier dirtieer version of hamburg lol

  • DirkIsTheBest

    Dirk is the best.

  • blachthought

    the guys seem 2 b havin` fun, the girls are lookin` like “wtf did i got into…” dirk doin` dallas..