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Lou Williams’ Squad Takes On Trinidad James’ Team in Atlanta (VIDEO)

The Hawks guard talks summer league, the upcoming season and more.


While at the park, NotesFromTheUndergroundTV.com had the chance to speak with Atlanta Hawks guard Lou Williams about his involvement in the Atlanta Entertainment Basketball League, as well as the Hawks’ upcoming season, his relationship with Meek Mill and more. Check out his interview and some footage from his team, Team Lou Will going head-to-head with Trinidad James’ squad, Gold Gang.

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  • spit hot fiyah

    be honest. how many people completely forgot about lou williams?

  • NYG

    Only you

  • LakeShow

    Trinidad sighting, dude with the hoop earrings at 14 seconds… Right?

  • LLC#12

    One word and one word only springs to mind when i see “Trinidad James”….Teeth.

  • Martin Luther Bling

    Good to see Lou back in the communities of Atlanta!!! (AEBL)

  • Arron Hernandez

    DOPE!!! I see Atlanta got the basketball summer league jumping off!!!!! Word to my muvas daddy cousin sister brother B.

  • OfftheWall87

    The Hawks have been keeping up with his recovery with videos on their website.

  • blah

    who sings the song in this video

  • VUnearithe42

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    DOPE!!! I see Atlanta got the basketball summer league jumping off!!!!! Word to my muvas daddy cousin sister brother B.

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  • Dfrance

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