Friday, July 12th, 2013 at 12:25 pm  |  7 responses

Meet Spooner ‘The Trash-Talker’ Dee (VIDEO)

Nobody keeps their mouth moving quite like this dude.

Spooner “The Trash-Talker” Dee can back up his words, sometimes. But even when he can’t, they keep coming. Few can throw around one-liners quite like The Trash-Talker, the guy who will keep his mouth moving up-and-down the court, during a close game or a blow-out. One day, maybe, he’ll learn about adverbs. But probably not.

Kevin “The Big Dog” Durant
Anton “The Spark Plug” Barrels
Jade “The Over-Dribbler” Yorker

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  • Anthony

    Best Nike Commercial Series of the Summer by far!

  • GotHandles?

    This shiz is pretty hilarious…and true

  • underdog

    Only Nike Commercial Series of the Summer by far. (Or isn’t it?)

  • danpowers

    of the summer? for years

  • Ugh

    Aren’t there rules about listing paid advertising as such?

  • Elizabeth M. Lane

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  • Herbsman2OO

    Is that because you suck c0ck all day long?