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Meet Wally ‘The Shooter’ Alvarez (VIDEO)

If Alvarez gets even the slightest amount of space, he’s firing it up.

Wally Alvarez isn’t taking the ball hard to the rack—or taking the ball anywhere, really. He’s a shooter through and through, liable to sink any open J he gets if his defender provides even the smallest hint of space. The Shooter knows his role and has a low ceiling, but he’ll make a big splash if a lazy defense lets him get going.

Kevin “The Big Dog” Durant
Anton “The Spark Plug” Barrels
Spooner “The Trash-Talker” Dee
Jade “The Over-Dribbler” Yorker
Darrell “The Motivator” Belts
Rack “The Ball Hawk” Parkins

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  • LLC#12

    Everyone knows a guy like this, and when they get an open lay-up, they miss it

  • i_ball

    hahaha, so the white guy is the shooter:)


    His last name is Alvarez lol.
    They need one for cherry pickers too lol.

  • Will Lee

    Thats Dwight Howard out there

  • Taj Johnson

    Lethal with the one dribble pullup but can’t go left if his life depended on it!