Monday, July 29th, 2013 at 11:36 am  |  12 responses

#SummerIsSerious Highlight Reel (VIDEO)

Who’s going to make the cut?

Here’s a look at a variety of the streetballers hoping to get selected to the ultimate pick-up game of the summer, hosted by Nike Basketball and coached by Kevin Durant and James Harden. KD and Harden will be selecting their squads on August 13—after peeping the footage above, who do you think should be drafted?

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  • GotHandles?

    last dude has crazy hops.

  • Anthony

    Ever since Isaiah Rider’s 1994 East Bay Funk Dunk…ppl have been going between the legs on dunks like it’s NOTHING!….geesh!

  • Bletz

    That midget is incredible!

  • Max

    Do you need a 40 inch vertical to participate in this event?

  • spit hot fiyah

    either that or a terrible nickname

  • Dfrance

    Disclaimer: This is gonna sound like hate but dunking, while it…


  • Max


  • bike

    What you don’t need is the ability to play any defense whatsoever.

  • dboss

    The half-man

  • TBRK

    serious fam?

  • tcdn

    White boys can jump!

  • dboss

    its a reference to a game of thrones character lol