Friday, August 30th, 2013 at 9:45 am  |  6 responses

Andre Drummond Works on His Game in the Airport (VIDEO)

Nate Robinson, evidently, is a trailblazer. Now, other NBA players are copying him while going through the monotony of air travel — Andre Drummond worked on his game, without a basketball.

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  • speedy

    Yeah I’m so funny and everybody should know it.
    Hmmm let’s post a video of me.

  • Sprewell2000

    now i wont pick him in fantasy league, ill take matt bonner

  • Inceptor

    He acts like a “special” kid. At least Nate Robinson had a ball when doing this.

  • burnt_chicken

    he turns it over to the lady in the black dress

  • TBRK

    My goodness me and my homies would do this all through the halls in middle school….breakin ankles left and right…droppin bags and calculators….HALLWAY KINGS lol…….memories, beautiful

  • Mark Estrada

    damn hella people hating though…lol smh its just comedy