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Elena Delle Donne Leads Sky Past Dream (VIDEO)

Chicago proves it’s the team to beat in the East.

If you needed any explanation for why the Chicago Sky have gone from second pick in the draft to the best record in the Eastern Conference, watch Elena Delle Donne’s 25-point, 8-rebound, 2-block performance against the Atlanta Dream. Already a clear favorite to win Rookie of the Year, Delle Donne could also pick up the league’s MVP title.

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  • Stepfan Raiford

    “Delle Donne could also pick up the league’s MVP title.” Nah Candice Parker has that on lock. Delle Donne clearly the best out of the “must see three.”

  • RKJ92

    This girl is legit.. she is pretty much the Kevin Durant of the WNBA..

  • http://h2hoops.wordpress.com/ Habeeba Husain

    She’s got game. ROY and MVP in the same year is no joke.

  • berkamore

    She definitely can play.


    parker is taking because she is a much better defender. id rather give it to tina charles myself but her team sucks

  • Stepfan Raiford

    Yeah Tina needs some help.

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    Wish the WNBA had more teams and more games. The season comes and goes before I barely know that it’s happening. The draft is like a month after the NCAA season has ended.

    Anyone else see that Sheryl Swoopes documentary a few weeks ago? Those Comets were a lot of fun to watch. Sad that the team no longer exists.

  • The Seed

    Should have been the number 1 pick.

  • Caboose

    So talented. And to think she’ll probably make around $55k this year. Sad.

  • berkamore

    And to think that NBA bench warmers will feel f…..g disrespected if they get that on a monthly basis. Now I understand it’s market forces but still…………

  • Caboose

    The absolute minimum NBA contract is 450% of the maximum WNBA contract.

  • berkamore

    That’s just crazy.

  • http://triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    Della Donne is actually in my top 3 fav players!! Period.

  • melvo

    I’ve actually played pick up ball with her a few times at one of our local gyms. She smokes us all, of course.

  • Ugh

    Probably, if you were really interested, you’d prioritise watching it and look for the dates and times.

  • Max

    That’s exactly what I was thinking the first time I saw her play.

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    You clearly missed my biggest point which was the season is too short and I wish there were more teams.

  • OneStep

    On the evidence of this game she plays a lot like Dirk. Which is no bad thing. She likes to play on or around the elbow, shoots the 3, shoots jumpers off of one foot and uses her length to get to the rim.

  • SkyHigh

    When they SKY win the WNBA Championship then will it be Sylvia, Epiphany, Delle Donne or Sloot to win the WNBA MVP? I really am hoping to see the Sky and the Lynx in the Finals! It will come down to 1 game as I do not anticipate a SWEEP for the Finals!

  • pposse

    She reminds me of Tim Duncan with better range.

  • Grasshoper Funk

    I still remember the article that SLAM wrote about her, in issue 101. It was 6 or 7 years ago and this issue was just the second SLAM issue i got my hands on. And what really impressed me back then is realizing that SLAM was not just an NBA magazine but a BASKETBALL one, showing respect and recognition to all basketball players, whether male or female, NBA players or players from another leagues around the world. And in this case, this player was a beautiful girl playing extremely good basketball.

    Anyway, I’m really happy watching this girl right in the middle of making her dreams come true.

  • http://www.netstakeover.com/ JetSkiJohnson

    how you come up with that?

  • Caboose

    NBA rookie minimum: $452ish k
    WNBA max: $100ish k

  • tealish

    Yes, but the NBA is not exclusive. Anyone in the WNBA is welcome to the league that pays more if they can make a roster.