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Larry Bird Incredible Passing Highlights (VIDEO)

The Legend’s passing skills are put on display.

When you think of the greatest passers in the history of the NBA, you think of guys like John Stockton, Jason Kidd, Magic Johnson, etc. Your mind will drift to those guys for the high number of assists they compiled in their illustrious careers and because, well, they were point guards.

So when someone says that Larry Bird is one of the greatest passers in NBA history, you may laugh at the idea. He was a forward who averaged just over 6 assists per game in his career. When you look at it that way, he isn’t even the greatest passing forward in NBA history (sup, LeBron?).

But in a YouTube video that has been floating around since 2010 titled “Larry Bird Greatest Passer of All Time,” basketball fans see that Larry Legend was a master passer, able to find teammates anywhere on the court with unrivaled skill. Bird’s entire passing arsenal—behind-the-back passes, full-court passes, no-look passes, et al—is on display, and if you’re a basketball fan (my guess is you are since, you know, you’re reading SLAMonline), you’ll find this awesome.

This video is about as close to basketball porn as you can find. Check it out.

(H/T: TBJ)

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  • chris soto

    and these passes show him destroying his back- all these years throwing yourself for steals landing on bodies- back reitirement

  • Blarmac

    He actually hurt his back working on his mom’s house in Indiana.

  • ChosenOne

    True Story…
    In October 2005, a man in Oklahoma City, Eric James Torpy, was convicted of shooting with intent to kill and robbery. He asked that his sentence be changed from 30 years imprisonment to 33 so that it would match Bird’s jersey number. His request was granted.

  • spit hot fiyah

    i remember that, i think he will realize how bad of a decision that was during the last 3 years

  • bike

    Still think Maravich was the greatest passer. Bird ‘aint bad though. Not bad at all.

  • anon

    lol Bird ain’t Pistol Pete but damn…he was a sweet passer for a 3. Maybe the best ever at that position. I still love his overhead and his little fingertip passes. Nobody has really done those moves since Bird.

  • Alex

    Bird was the man.. Wish he could play in the nba now.

  • LakeShow

    That would be awesome. A 56 year old LB gracing the court.

  • Anthony

    Doing the damn drive way….HIRE SOMEONE LARRY…robbed fans of another 2-3 years being cheap….(lol)

  • Lexluther312

    So sick.. for a 90′s baby like me, seeing this gave me a newfound respect for his game. I always knew he was a phenomenal shooter, it’s awesome seeing this aspect of his game as well. For all my older heads: What made Bird one of the best of all time? I know he could shoot it, clearly he can pass, but what made him so dominant, so great? Honest question from a young fan

  • ChosenOne

    That he just made everything seem so effortless…

  • dannyb

    Bird would dive on the floor, get one fingertip on the ball, and it would go flying down the entire court to a teammate that nobody else knew was there. Man he was amazing.

  • LakeShow

    Greatest small forward of all time!

  • Solito

    Great passer… but a big part of that were Mac Hale and Parish, who had a plethora of post moves left and right handed, and could catch any pass thrown within the reach of their arms… that’s why they played for so long productively (parish was 44 when he was with the bulls in ’97).

  • davidR

    dude was smarter than everyone else. he was also relentless. might not overwhelm you physically, but he still found a way to beat you

  • davidR


  • Evan Boland

    Amazing passer, but I’ve seen a Kobe Bryant passing highlight real that was just as impressive..

  • Dr. Dunkenstein

    Pure artistry on the court. Bird was one of a kind.

  • RKJ92

    Lex, Larry was so good offensively not only would he talk ish’ the whole game, but he would literally tell other players what he would do, how he would score on them, and then do it right in front of their face even though they knew it was coming.. Larry could not only shoot effectively (50%+) his whole career, he was in the 50-40-90 club which is a dominant class in it’s own. Aside from what most people perceive Larry could also rebound the ball exceptionally well; it always seemed like he would be in the right spot at the right time (offensively, and defensive rebounding) averaging 10rpg multiple times. Larry could obviously pass as shown in this video, as well as he was literally in a class of his own, the only part that hurts his career is he wasn’t an “elite” defender, but he was a very damn solid one! enough that he wasn’t hurting his team on defense, and he could usually hold his own. All this, together with his rings makes Larry one of the greatest to ever play the game, picture a white LeBron (albeit Larry was worse defensively, not as athletic, and a better free throw shooter) with Michael Jordan’s fire, and Reggie Miller’s mouth and that should perfectly describe Larry Legend for you!

  • RKJ92


  • Ball is Life

    He was tough and gritty which is rare bc he was a superstar,,, he did whatever it took to win, he was unselfish and pretty unstoppable at his position,,, confident against anyone and would scrum it up with you just to prove it.
    Even though there is a Lebron James, I can’t exclude bird from the top 5 all time.
    1- magic
    2- jordan
    3- bird
    4- Lebron
    5- Hakeem
    He was that good.

  • lannister

    incredible …. enjoyed tha vid so much

  • Legoat 2306

    Lebron is the goat

  • Junior Taylor

    I have been on the “Magic is better than Bird” train for a long time but I had a change of heart and now lean towards Bird as a slightly better player (if not Magic’s equal). When you look at what Bird did at his absolute peak for about the first 9 seasons of his career before back injuries slowed him down, those are among the greatest all-around seasons of all-time…the guy consistently put up around 25ppg/10rpg/5apg. Only a handful of players have put up similar numbers in a season. I am a huge Larry Legend fan and his court vision is the biggest reason why.

  • BugEyes

    imo he is number one in my book, he could not get off the ground vertically he wasn’t athletic and he still would torch Julius and magic but he wasn’t that good of a defender, if mj or magic had no athletic ability they would be nowhere near the level of Larry

  • PlanetAsia14

    Just to think what a few of these highlights could’ve been with Len Bias..

  • http://slamonline.com/ Ben Osborne


  • iceman

    lol, I’ve seen that to he was passing the ball to the basket, # 1 in assist all time no question

  • iceman

    i have to question that, no one had the fire to compete and win as much as michael, to which we all know extends well beyond the basketball court, even if he didn’t have that athletic ability mj would find a way to get it done no matter what

  • iceman

    he’s got the potential, but he’s not there yet, but I definitely give em shot to get there

  • Lil_Stratboy

    so it’s no coincidence that LB > LBJ

  • Evan Boland

    I’m just illustrating how when you play a decade in the NBA and are a superstar with the ball in your hands most the time.. I chose Kobe because I know everyone on here underrates him and claims him to be one dimensional.

  • str8 from samoa

    he was a mean hustla. never seen a white guy dive for that ball shat man

  • Enigmatic

    I read somewhere that Bird and Kevin Garnett are the only two players to ever average at least 20 ppg,10 rpg and 5 apg for at least 5 consecutive seasons. That’s insane when you think about how many NBA players there have been in the history of the league.

  • shutup

    Thank You

  • BugEyes

    So your saying Jordan wins sixth still with Larrys athleticism? Maybe 2 or 3

  • Brian

    Is that Dave Cowens playing with Bird?!?! These clips are starting to look the same as the ones from the 60′s where everyone say these guys couldn’t play today. I am old.

    Bird was probably the best rebounding SF in the history of the game.

    I was watching McHale’s 55 point game against the Pistons from 1985 a few nights ago. Bird was ridiculous in that game.

  • Junior Taylor

    Yep that is what makes KG slightly underrated in my eyes. A lot of people forget just how dominant his Sota days were. The man was a one-man wrecking crew.

  • Douglas J. Bender

    Not being “cheap” — being a man, and wanting to accomplish things on his own.

  • kljkl

    stfu you racist small d*ck b*tch.
    “white guys” hustle just as much if not WAY MORE than black guys, b/c blacks are lazy as sh*t and try and coast by on their on preconceived notion that they’re better “athletically” when that’s not even close to true.
    the fact that you can’t even spell words right proves you’re just another n*gger with a tiny lil axe to grind.
    watch some dave cowens kid. “meanest hustla” you ever saw.

  • kljkl

    another butthurt d*ckriding bron stan.
    kid, he ain’t even top 8 yet. GTFO HERE. bird is and always will be the goat sf. even MJ said so. not that I take his opinion seriously at all but im sure you do.

  • kljkl

    it was 56 I think, and yes cowens played in 1980, albeit limited and not that well actually.
    bird’s the 2nd greatest rebounding sf after Baylor (although one could just as easily call him a PF).

  • kljkl

    another racist n*gger whose probably never even seen him play
    FIRST OFF DIPSH*T – bird had the same vert as the mailman (38”), was just as athletic (or unathletic if you wanna be an idiot) as magic.
    do you call magic unathletic you toolbag?
    SECOND OFF – he was ABOVE AVERAGE athletically, ABOVE. go watch some tape you lil negro kid.
    bird’s dunked on people, scooped shots in from 8 feet away in mid-air, reversed layups on the dead run, etc.
    guy EMBARASSED people.

  • kljkl

    lmfao nope another n*gger sucking mj’s tiny overrated d*ck.
    bird’s 6-0 vs. MJ in the playoffs. 6………..and………..0.
    He beat MJ in MJ’s building in 87 WITHOUT McHale; Bird put up 15 in the 4th, MJ put up an 0-fer.
    Bird wanted to win just as much as ANYONE that’s EVER played, and Bird proved it by whipping MJ’s ass all over the place in the 80′s…

  • kljkl

    youre retard………….and a n*gger.
    kill yourself and go jerk off to some bron crab dribble or melo chuckball fest.

  • pposse

    Oh damn you larry legends nephew? Nice to meet you too!

  • BugEyes

    Get off your mom’s titties, your to old for it