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Mark Cuban Shares the Mavs’ Pitch to Dwight Howard (VIDEO)

See what Dwight passed on.

Before he elected to sign with the Houston Rockets, Dwight Howard met with a number of teams, including Mark Cuban’s Dallas Mavericks. On Saturday, Cubes took to his blog to talk a little about the team’s direction, and even shared the video pitch his franchise made to Howard in their meeting with him. Check it out above.

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  • spit hot fiyah

    cute, they made a cartoon

  • lannister

    damn …. my heart was thumping all d way tru

  • RKJ92

    That was awesome.. I would have been like.. “Pen and paper NOW..!!” after watching that; LOL Cubes is the man!

  • The Seed

    After that video I would have signed and asked for another superstar to play with.

  • danpowers

    global domination? love it! lol

  • i_ball

    Howard for three???

  • underdog

    I’m sorry but it’s cheesy as f*ck. What were they thinking? They didn’t have to convince a 10 year old, but an NBA star.

  • LLC#12

    I thought it was funny how they used announcer clips of Dwight hitting a 3.. “Please come to Dallas, Dwight! We’ll let you do whatever you want, even shoot threes!!” I thought this was a bit stupid as it would only appeal to a 10 year old, then I remembered what Dwight was like…

  • Ugh

    I agree. I guess it speaks volumes about where they think Howard’s maturity level is.

    I can see now how these pitches must have gone, now.

    Lakers are going, “We have all these banners… and Shaq and Kareem have nothing pleasant to say about us most of the time, which is why they’re not here pitching at you with us. Oh, and Kobe isn’t giving you the ball until he’s retired. But we have all these banners! Also, we refused to hire the winningest coach of all time, despite him having won five championships here with a top grade centre and hired a guy who’s never coached a defensive player in his life, which is what you’re known for.”

    Dallas makes a cute cartoon and offer him a partnership with Dirk and… uh, Vince.

    And then he goes to Houston and one of the greatest low post scorers ever is on the bench, the two guys who lead the lowest regular season record team to the NBA championship are sitting beside him, one of whom is the most sought after low-post teacher in the NBA at age 50 (and who the Rockets later add to staff), Yao is there holding conference calls to companies in China, and Ralph Sampson is telling stories about how big men can go coast to coast and play on the wing if they want to.

    Gee, where would you sign?

  • Seth

    That was the only part of the video that was cheesy in my opinion. If “global domination” was left out, it would’ve been solid.

  • Seth

    Reminds me of the show Archer.

  • bigA

    Holy Schmeckeroly!! Some of those NBA kids sure live in a dream world. Oh well… I guess we all live in some sort of dream at the end of the day.

  • LLC#12

    In fairness, Dwight/Dirk would have been near impossible for most teams to defend. You could have put any 3 half-decent shooters on the court with them and they would have all got close to +10ppg just from kick-outs…

  • Will Lee

    he’s selling the corporate, branding idea to partnership with Cuban. Too difficult for millionaires to understand or else they don’t go broke 50% of the time LOL

  • Max


  • Max

    It’s Dwight bro

  • patrick

    Mavs lineup is/was too weak..

  • Seth

    Didn’t catch it.

  • robb

    Man, that was terrible

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    i donno… the burgeoning cartoon industry in Dallas looks pretty appealing.

  • Ugh


  • sheila752

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