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Damian Lillard’s ‘License to Lillard’ 2013 Preview (VIDEO)

The ROY’s sensational web-series is back!

Damian Lillard’s hit web series License To Lillard is returning in the coming weeks. The new episodes will follow the Blazers point guard through his Rookie of the Year season and his 2013 offseason.

License to Lillard, Ep. 1 – ‘The Beginning’ (VIDEO)
License To Lillard, Ep. 2 – ‘Building Blocks’ (VIDEO)
License to Lillard, Ep. 3 – ‘The Draft’ (VIDEO)

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  • Max

    Dope, I’m intrested to see how he’ll play this season. I hope he puts more effort in on defense since his minutes will probably drop.

  • Shifty

    Concur, looks sick. Hey he had to shoulder a lot of s&%t last year but if his minutes drop i’m sure he can get better on defense.

  • danpowers

    why should his minutes drop? mo williams can also be used as a two / spot up shooter. why should the blazers slow down lillard’s development?

  • Max

    Because 39 is a bit too much I think, 36 would be good, slight drop I know.
    And they also got that combo guard as a rook and Wes Mathews.
    Their guard rotation is solid.

  • danpowers

    dayum i just checked that and wasnt aware that he played THAT many minutes. for that his numbers dont rlly look that good. a cut to something around 36 mpg shouldnt hurt his numbers that much. im confident that a player of his quality would know how to transform that into a higher efficiency. on the other hand: he is very young and should be able to handle some years of heavy minutes without problems.

  • Max

    Yeah, but his usage rate will also drop a little bit I think and I’m hoping it will increase his efficiency and his defensive effort since he won’t be as tired.

  • danpowers

    given their personell i think that playing off the ball will now translate for him into high % spot up shots and while handling the ball he will be able to dish out more assists. and like you said: he will hopefully have more energy left on D.

  • therichardkirby