Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013 at 10:25 am  |  13 responses

Celtics Fan Clowned at Raptors Season Ticket Holders Event (VIDEO)

Some poor shmuck showed up to a Town Hall event in Toronto for Raptors season ticket holders, while inexplicably wearing an old Boston Celtics Ray Allen jersey. Things did not end well for him. Per WEEI: “Where’s that guy with the Celtics jersey?’ said Raptors CEO Tim Leiweke. ‘How’s that preseason going for you?’ Toronto, of course, handed the Celtics two of their seven losses so far this preseason. Ouch. You know it’s bad when the Raptors started calling the C’s out. [Insert 'The Raptors have season-ticket holders?' joke here.]“

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  • scottdevices

    17 banners to 0? simple comeback.

  • longtimereaderfirsttimeposter

    Pre-season. Only time raps fans get to chirp other teams….

  • torontoBoiii

    He should’ve told them to bring back the purple

  • Smits#45

    Nice to see this being handled the way it did. That’s why I like U.S.A. basketball. If he would’ve worn a Barcelona shirt to a Real Madrid meeting this would’ve had a different ending.

  • JoeMaMa

    You can make fun of the team and organization, but not the fans. Toronto has great basketball fans. If Toronto wasn’t considered the capital of hockey, many more would be aware of that. Toronto loves hoops BIG TIME.

  • Mahdi Tariq Jaffar

    Lol – that was me at the raps townhall meeting!

  • Elliot

    who are the Toronto Raptors?

  • patrick

    rofl nice

  • spit hot fiyah

    the dress shirt under the jersey is not the business

  • dub

    Even slam has to disrespect the raps by saying (insert raptors have season-ticket holders joke here). Come on I’m sick of the disrespect we get even though in this video clip were the ones joking around and chirping. We get no recognition (I understand that comes with winning but the f#@%ing Sacramento Kings get more Nationally Televised games). Gimme a break. And it’s not like were the Charlotte Bobcats either like seriously. Every TV station and media outlet has to always get their jabs in on the raptors. And like JoeMaMa says, don’t trash talk us fans were probably some of the most loyal fans in the NBA and we come from all across Canada (I am from the west side of Canada). Little bit of a rant but I’m sick of the disrespect, that’s directed at you too SLAM.

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  • underdog

    Yeah, this seems to be staged a little.

  • Max