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Isiah Thomas Says Beaten Pistons Should Have Shaken Bulls’ Hands in 1991 Playoffs (VIDEO)

And explains how his team lost.

Twenty-two years after the fact, Isiah Thomas says he regrets having orchestrated the Detroit Pistons’ infamous walk-off the floor, after they were swept by the eventual NBA champion Chicago Bulls in the 1991 Eastern Conference Finals. Zeke provides NBATV with details as to why the Bad Boys were angry enough to leave without acknowledging Chicago.

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  • Shooting Guard

    that was a beating for the ages

  • star

    respect for admitting this

  • berkamore

    I LOVE this video because Isiah finally has a chance to explain why the Pistons didn’t shake hands.

    The Bulls badmouthed them, saying that the Pistons were wrong for the game before the two teams played in game 4. That was inelegant.

    You can call the Pistons sore losers if you want but the reply would be a great line from the movie “Django Unchained” :” the Bulls were abysmal winners”. I mean, you are up 3-0 and are probably gonna win, just be gracious, why talk trash about the loser?

    When I say Bulls, I mean specifically Jordan (whom I like) but god, he can be a prick. We all saw his hall of fame speech. LOL. My reaction was: “Sport, you WON. You have the accolades, the championships, the fame, the money, the love. And you are still holding grudges?”. SMH.

    I like Mike but I suspect ( and I’m speculating here) that the real reason Isiah is so disliked is that he kicked MJ’s tail (the NBA darling) over and over again. (And don’t start with the Pistons were dirty argument, the Knicks tried that but they still couldn’t win). Isiah was clearly never in awe of MJ. But I am just speculating here.

  • chyea

    This is the what happens when a rock meets a hard place. Thomas and Jordan are way more alike than people think. It is precisely that they’re so similar (cut-throat, win-at-all-costs mentality) that they hate each other. In fact, Rodman once said that he had never seen anyone as vicious competitively as Isiah, not even Jordan

  • berkamore

    Never thought about it that way but you may be right. They are actually very alike. A lot of things make perfect sense now.

  • melvo

    I actually ran into him a couple months ago. He was genuinely a nice guy. That’s all.

  • spit hot fiyah

    better late than never, props to thomas

  • Anthony Darnello Taylor Jr.

    Michael Jordan: “Isaiah should have been on the Dream Team.”

  • Sean B

    MJ said it best on the NBA TV Special they did about him recently.. “You get your ass kicked you can leave any way you want.”

  • swill

    i feel you regarding mike’s hof speech, but in ’91, the bulls were the long-time victim who were finally able to kick the bully’s a–. thought they had every right to gloat.

  • The Philosopher

    Times I would approach Lord Thomas III: 1-5.
    Times I would approach Jeffrey: Never.

  • jjdpro media production

    Gloating is one thing..Going on national TV and telling the league, the media for (2 days) that The Piston’s were bad for basketball is another. But, we all saw how the Bulls were constructed to win those 6 championships. They had thugs: Cliff Livingston (Former Piston), Scott Williams, And Bill Cartwright. The Second round of Championships, the added ( Former Bad boys( D Rodman, John Salley, James (Budda) Edwards..

    So, for Jordan and Jackson to say that ” The Pistons brand of Basketball was bad for the game” Is was hurtful, disrespectful and diminished all the hard work “those Detroit Pistons’” did to overcome and become back 3 back NBA champions.. I’m from the D, and to this day, there’s no love love for Jordan , Pippen, or Phil Jackson. They are dead to us, no matter what they accomplished..