Tuesday, October 8th, 2013 at 12:10 pm  |  16 responses

Kevin Love Throws No-Look Bounce Pass (VIDEO)

Love looks sharp in his return.

Minnesota Timberwolves head coach Rick Adelman recently talked about Kevin Love taking his game to the next level by becoming a better passer. Judging by this sweet no-look bounce pass to a cutting Kevin Martin, Adelman’s dreams might come true.

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  • AndyK415

    That’s my boy…although the game went into overtime.

  • 360

    I know it’s just pre-season, but should NBA teams be losing to European clubs at any time?

  • pposse

    damn that announcer got too wild for that play!

  • http://h2hoops.wordpress.com/ Habeeba Husain

    Glad K-Love is back and healthy!

  • LakeShow

    F*cking beautiful.

  • spit hot fiyah

    they have been for a while now

  • spit hot fiyah

    best outlet passer in the L?

  • Shved a Tear

    He’s had those full-court passes in his pocket since UCLA! haha

    I think Tim Duncan is another great outlet passer

  • Dfrance

    He can definitely throw it the furthest. lol

  • spit hot fiyah

    and from any angle it seems like, he doesn’t really need time to get his feet set. and still delivers it on point

  • LLC#12

    There are a few Euroleague teams that are better than a few NBA teams. If you look at this years games, Fenerbahce stayed close to OKC for most of their game, and Bilbao, who aren’t even a Euroleague team (they’re in Eurocup, Europe’s second tier) nearly had the beating of Philly, and of course Moscow won. Of course you have to consider the incentive of playing NBA teams for the European players being a factor, but still, the gulf between the NBA and the Euroleague really isn’t that big anymore.

  • http://triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    Nice… its a set play though… no need to get too worked up. Euro defender (the “other” kevin) didnt keep himself between the basket and his man… and that play wont work twice…. unless the defender is monta in the NBA….

  • berkamore

    They are just trying to get in shape. Training camp is not even two weeks old. Coaches are testing lineups and evaluating players. Nobody is trying to get hurt. The games don’t count towards your W-L totals. And it’s good promotion for the League. Not much at stake really.

    It’s a little bit like the guys who sometimes win against pros in the summer and go home all puffed up thinking they can play in the League. Well, if that makes you feel better, why not?

  • 360

    I feel you, just also feel that these guys do take some kind of pride (even if minimal) in not losing to non-league teams, like “LLC#12″ stated, apparently there are some euro league teams that are better than nba teams? that was news to me. I do know superstars like Durant LBJ or even Melo would turn it on quickly if they thought they were about to lose to one of these clubs.

  • berkamore

    I see your point. I guess the question about losing to lesser competition is :”Does it matter to those guys?” To some, it does, others just don’t care.

    But one thing I know for sure, those guys are far from 100% when playing in those exhibition/promotion games.

    As for the Euroleague being on the NBA level, I will say this. First of all, it’s one thing to play one good game, it’s quite another to go through an 82 game season. (In Europe they play something like 30-40 games a season)

    Furthermore, I know we are talking about teams and not players but I still want to point out that the best players in the world are usually in the NBA. With modern telecommunications, nobody can hide anymore.

    So if you can play, you’ll probably be in the League or be offered a chance to play in it. The days of the undiscovered gems are basically over. So those guys in teams who are supposed to be better than some NBA teams are over there and not in the NBA for a reason.

  • Wings23

    Kevin Rubio