Friday, November 15th, 2013 at 10:15 am  |  10 responses

Charles Barkley Says Matt Barnes Shouldn’t Be Sorry (VIDEO)

As one might expect, the NBA’s decision to fine Matt Barnes $25K for writing the N-word on his Twitter account drew some passionate reactions. On television, Mike Wilbon, Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal jumped to the defense of Matt Barnes.

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  • jmm

    I agree. I don’t understand why these guys aren’t allowed to react and express themselves as human beings. Personality is what makes the game interesting. Let them be who they are.

  • bike

    I agree w/ Charles but the times they are a changin’. Dropping the N-bomb, no matter what the context, is going to get you in trouble. It’s a big reason why the Incognito/Martin fiasco has become such big NFL news. Best not to go there, ever.

  • Anthony

    The thing that is TRULY garbage to me is EVERYONE acts as if they’re SOOOoo sensitive when it comes to this word…then (in all likelihood) use the word in their own personal conversations….fugazi! It’s simple, if you’re black..its quasi acceptable for you to use it…if you’re any other race…you take BIG risk should you choose to use it. (not saying it’s right…just is what it is…we’re grown…we know double standards exist…just act accordingly)


    I hang out with a few different group of friends. One of the groups consists of about 6 black guys and 2 white guys. I am neither. But when we all go out or play video games or whatever we do. The N word gets thrown around a lot and not just by the black guys but also white guys. Life goes on like it it’s not that big of a deal.
    If you are not black you probably shouldn’t go around saying the word. But I can see how it is acceptable in a circle of freinds. I don’t use it, but whenever you are accepted into the brotherhood I don’t see how people could have a problem with it.

  • what

    Right, and there’s a double standard for a good reason. As a white dude, I wish other white people would stop acting like they’re missing out because black people say n*gger/a and it’s not acceptable for whites to use it. Really? Is that so hard to believe?

  • bill

    Context is everything.

  • bill

    Chris Rock had a great bit on that about how white people own everything in the World, but still aren’t happy they can’t use the n-word, too.

  • Dfrance

    But Chucks point is not that you should be able to drop it anywhere. He said that Barnes was wrong for putting it out in public like that. His beef, one that I agree with, is peoples obsession with trying to abolish the word from everyones vocabulary, or trying to justify their use of the word because “black people use it.”

    The Incognito thing because a big fiasco because 1. it was made public and 2. Incognito used the word with someone that obviously was uncomfortable with the use of the word.

  • dannyb

    I like how Chuck names his white friends to prove that he has some. Peace out Joe Klein.

  • Tad

    The League is still a corporation that has to protect its image. Majority of NBA fans are white, while the league is predominantly black, reason why Stern instituted the dress code and cracked down on leaving the bench during fights earlier in the millennium is to not lose those white fans. Cant have the image that the inmates are running the asylum.